Vintage hairstyles

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In order to start a conversation about the vintage hairstyle, let's define the terms. Vintage in the language of fashion is an element of the past that has received a new life in the present tense. In other words, when something popular, and then forgotten, becomes relevant again. Today, vintage style and vintage hairstyle are becoming the most popular and frequently used in fashion shows. Increasingly, world designers present new collections of accessories, shoes and clothes of this extraordinary direction. However, along with wardrobe items, stylish hair-style in vintage style has become fashionable today. How to make vintage hairstyles at home, you ask? The answer to this question is in this article.

Vintage hairstyles for long hair - retro style

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In order to build vintage hairstyles for long hair, you best use the services of a professional stylist, but for those who want to learn everything on their own, we will tell you how to learn to perform such luxurious styling with your own hands at home. Fortunately, today there are a lot of devices, accessories, special cosmetics, as well as our instructions for creating them.

Vintage babette

Babette laying

Babette is an original styling, with a maximum pile, adorns the occipital or parietal zone of the head. Make out babette as follows:

  1. Carefully comb your hair.
  2. Horizontal parting highlight strands on the parietal zone of the head.
  3. Strands on the occipital region temporarily secure the barrette. Work with them will be a little later.
  4. Carefully collect the strands in the tail and well comb them at the very roots.
  5. Hair that lies on top, slightly combed, trying not to break the previously created volume.
  6. We fix the tail with an elastic band and move it in the direction of the forehead, as if lifting it up and putting it into a structure resembling an inverted bird's nest.
  7. Obtained in this way babette, fix in this position with a few studs and lacquer strong fixation.
  8. Let us return to the hair on the occipital region. Comb them and, if desired, either straighten or curl.

Vintage hairstyle for long hair with a roller

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Instructions for creating vintage styling with a roller:

  1. Apply mousse to a large comb and carefully comb your hair with it.
  2. Then we raise them to the top, and grab the clip or rubber band.
  3. Starting from the very ends, we wind the strands on the prepared artificial roller and, putting them in the hair, we gently fasten the roller with pins or stealth.
  4. We give additional shine to the head of hair, for this we spray on the resulting styling spray with glitter.
  5. Fix laying varnish. All is ready!

Note. Hair roller is sold in the shop of accessories for cosmetics, or you can make it to yourself from scrap materials. The roller is an independent element, serves as an addition to the basic design, on which the entire hairstyle is built.

Vintage hairstyles for medium hair

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Chicago Gangster Styling

  • A characteristic feature of Chicago vintage hairstyle for medium hair is an open neck, its smooth and elegant bend. Therefore, vintage hairstyles for medium hair in the style of Chicago for a gangster girl are performed with the hair raised up, and with a light curl that resembles sea waves.
  • To make the styling look smooth and shiny, it is better to create the effect of wet hair using a technique.
  • Parting, be sure to be oblique. This small but spectacular detail will give the image originality and special charm.
  • Another feature of the classic vintage hairstyle for Chicago style is the lack of bangs. If even in her daily life she prefers to wear bangs, then to perform vintage styling she is collected in a general wave, with all her hair together.

The execution scheme of vintage hair Chicago, step by step:

  1. Divide the clean dry hair parting into two equal parts.
  2. Apply a small amount of styling foam to the comb and comb the hair from root to tip.
  3. Wet hair laid waves. Particular attention is paid to the periphery. The waves are fixed with ordinary clips and we do the laying, that is, we give the waves the desired position. Leave to dry.
  4. Remove the clamps and fix the received waves with a lacquer fixer.
  5. We supplement the styling with a stylish hat or a beautiful accessory.

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Vintage hairstyles for short hair - elegant and stylish

All vintage hairstyles for short hair can be called both festive and everyday, but "rank" vintage them best suited. Something is in them and old-fashioned, and at the same time modern, in one word - continuous vintage. Judge for yourself:

  1. The basis for the hairstyle is a uniform square along the entire length of the hair with bangs. To make the hair look fluffy, you first need to wash it with shampoo or other cleanser.
  2. Wet hair, blot gently with a towel and, lifting them with your fingers at the roots, dry with a hairdryer without a nozzle.
  3. First, with hands, and then with a comb evenly apply mousse or foam for laying on the still wet strands.
  4.  Dry completely with a hairdryer, tilting the head down and at the same time combing the hair against their growth.
  5.  Combing dried hair, side parting and slightly combing it at the very roots.
  6. The tips curl with forceps with a spiral of medium diameter.

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To curl on short hair lasted longer, you can sprinkle their hair spray with a weak hold before the winding procedure.

Wedding hairstyles in vintage style - elegance and chic

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Vintage wedding hairstyles are different from the rest of the presence of appropriate attributes for this event. A neat veil, a small hat, large feathers in the head of hair are the additional accessories of a vintage hairstyle for a wedding. Such styling is done more carefully and in stages, in addition, with the addition of creative, unusual weaves, interesting curls, decorations. Bride with a vintage hairstyle is beautiful, extraordinary, and of course incredibly fashionable. It is not even surprising when a young bride, after a long and persistent search, chooses a styling in this fashionable style. Vintage can really create a unique image of a gentle, forgotten old charm.

Video: vintage hair master class

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