Very short haircuts

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Very short haircuts from the light hand of eminent designers, who recently showed off on fashion stages, can be called the leading trend of the current season. Androgynous forms, successfully promoted to the masses, touched not only our wardrobe, but also the hairstyles themselves.

Ultrashort haircuts characteristic of the fall-winter 2014 season are characterized by the following accents:

  • boyish forms;
  • graphic silhouette;
  • line clarity;
  • non-trivial forms and styling.

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Very short haircuts for women gained their popularity back in 1914 as a manifestation of emancipation and one of the ways to express their individuality. A lot of time has passed since then, and haircuts for very short hair not only did not lose their relevance, but also became an indispensable experiment for which every woman should decide at least once in her life.

What is worth knowing about short haircuts?

Very short haircuts attract special attention, especially to the girl's face, so you should take into account this nuance before changing the image. The variety of forms of hairstyles allows you to choose fashionable options that emphasize your strengths and help hide minor flaws.

two models with ultrashort haircuts

Ultrashort haircuts are ideal for girls with regular features, well-groomed skin, large expressive eyes. If you do not possess any of the listed elements - do not despair! Nuances of appearance will help to correct the makeup. Just consider this detail when performing a daily beauty ritual.

Choosing the shortest haircuts, do not forget to make allowance for the shape of the face.

Emma Watson, Pink and Charlize Terron

  • Chunky girls are ideally suited for a hairstyle when the volume is created in the area of ​​the crown, and the area of ​​the temples is carefully worked out with thinning scissors. For example, as when performing a pixie hairstyle.
  • Very short variations of haircuts with an emphasis on whiskey will perfectly help to correct the elongated shape of the face. An excellent option in this case would be a hairstyle "under the boy" with any options bangs.
  • The angular shape of the face hide haircuts on very short hair with torn ends. The perfect solution would be a bob or page hairstyle.

The advantages of ultrashort haircuts

The shortest haircuts are increasingly gaining popularity this season. And this is not by chance. Besides the fact that fashion magazines are full of photos of celebrities with short hair, such hairstyles in everyday life have many advantages:

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  • hair care does not require much time and effort at home;
  • the majority of model haircuts are distinguished by their simplicity of laying, which undoubtedly is a plus when they are done by hand;
  • they emphasize all the advantages of a person;
  • with their help it is convenient to hide the nuances of appearance;
  • A variety of styling options allow you to bring newness and shocking to your image every day.

Types of ultrashort haircuts

Fashionable androgynous hairstyles - a choice for brave and stylish girls. The technology of their implementation allows the use of different textures and hair quality. Smooth or curly styling allows you to either emphasize the merits or hide the flaws of the exterior.


hairstyle grunge style

Grunge is back in fashion: classic bob or bob, made in the style of deliberate negligence - the undisputed trend of haircuts for very short hair. Textured hairstyles are gradually worked through styling products (gel, mousse, wax) to give the ends a look of creative disorder.

With a bang

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Hairstyles with an emphasis on bangs allow you to create bright, memorable images. A common option is "pixie", where a long, deep, slanting bang gives the mystery and refinement of a short hairstyle. Having laid a bang, in an unpretentious Mohawk or "cocoon", you can perfectly change the image to "punk rock" or "80s." Haircuts with a short nape and raised bangs - a very popular option for styling among young people.


slight asymmetry in hairstyle

Asymmetrical hairstyles: instructions for the execution of these hairstyles require compliance with the main condition - to follow the clarity of the lines. Such haircuts, both in the manner of execution and in the styling, so as not to lose their chic, should be clear, smooth, with well-developed borders and cuts.


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Cascading haircuts to the ear line allow you to experiment endlessly with your own way. You can add a new look to your hairstyle by step-by-step twisting the strands into loose curls, changing the parting position or putting the bang in an unusual way.

Bob and quads

bob and quads

Perhaps bob and squares can be called classics of the genre! It would seem that a long-awaited trend in each season manages to show its individuality with new details, and 2014 was no exception.

The short hairstyle of a bob is universal and will not cause trouble in self-styling. The main thing is to entrust the process of creating a form to an experienced professional. Your whole look will depend on the quality of the base haircut. Options for its performance can be:

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  • a short hairstyle on a straight hair with bangs;
  • bob with bangs on curly hair: this hairstyle has a special charm due to the natural volume, given by elegant curls;
  • short square without bangs: a great way to correct too wide face or prominent cheekbones;
  • graded car on short hair: allows you to experiment with the image. A variety of styling options focus on certain areas of hair, which allows the girl every day to look differently;
  • extravagant variants of the car: very popular models of hair, when over the clearly defined contour of the haircut hang separate, thin, straight strands.

Bob on short hair looks no less elegant and allows you to perform the following cutting and styling schemes:

bob hairstyle

  • classic bob, decorated with clear lines at the level of the ears looks great on straight, thick hair;
  • Textured bob with soft contours will hide the lack of volume of hair and help give a romantic look;
  • bob with elongated strands on the face - a bright trend for more than one season;
  • graduated bob with long oblique bangs: a great solution for both everyday look and for a festive appearance.

Video: master class on creating a very short female haircut

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