Venetian highlighting or the effect of sun-bleached hair

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Ombre hair dyeing still does not lose its position! Ombre- blackout or shadow, these two words explain the meaning of this coloring. Hair stylists can also call this technique a degradation, balayazh, wearable shatush, the effect of burnt hair, hair dyeing in two colors, dip-dye, venetian bleaching. Coloring on this technology resembles burnt hair under the scorching sun, or just regrown roots.

The benefits of Venetian highlighting on dark hair

The most effective option, which is at the peak of popularity, is the coloring of Ombre on dark hair. The contrast of dark and bleached strands, adds spice to the image. Shades for coloring choose from natural scale: honey, light brown, brown, milk chocolate, coffee, chestnut. Framing the face with such colors can soften its features and make the skin youthful and fresh. The great advantage of Venetian highlighting is the maximum natural effect and a visual increase in volume. In addition, "The effect of sun-faded hair"- this is a fashionable solution in the dyeing industry. To make your look even more spectacular, you can make a haircut cascade or a graduated four of a kind, on such curls the color will play with bright tints.

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Venetian highlighting technique

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To get the effect of burnt hair, the border of the color transition from dark to light should be soft. Therefore, the best option in obtaining such a color is a trip to an experienced colorist, who will correctly select the necessary shades. But if you do not have the opportunity to visit the salon, then you can carry out the procedure yourself.

Before painting it is necessary to cut everything. "dead" hair, so that curls acquired a healthy and well-groomed appearance. Now you can carry out the preparation of materials:

  • Paints of the necessary shades;
  • Brush for applying the composition;
  • Hairbrush;
  • Foil;
  • Gloves and clothes that you can freely smudge.

Procedure progress "Venetian highlighting"

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  1. Pour the oxidizer and paint into a glass bowl, mix them until smooth.
  2. Now distribute the strands into zones, and proceed to applying the dye. Spread the paint vertically in the strands. This application will help you make a soft transition from color to color.
  3. To the boundaries between the shades were not sharp, separate the strands with foil. If you decide to carry out the procedure without using foil, then know that the time of staining will increase.
  4. To create a transition from color to color, it is better to carry out the manipulation in order. Paint in one color, then rinse, dry and so with all the colors. And be sure to put paint on a layer higher than the previous one (of course, taking into account the length of your curls) and reduce the exposure time of the composition on the strands.
  5. At the end of all manipulations, wash your hair with shampoo and apply a nourishing balm on your hair.

Nuances of Venetian highlighting from professionals

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  • If you do not use foil for dyeing, then try to apply the paint as quickly as possible, so that it does not dry.
  • Apply the coloring mixture with the end part of the brush; brush movements should only be vertical.
  • If you decide on Venetian highlighting with a pronounced border, be sure to use foil.
  • "Burned strand effect" for owners of dark and short hair, it looks completely inappropriate.

Video: Venetian highlighting for dark hair

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