Undercut haircut

undercut haircut

Haircut underkat first appeared in the UK, spreading almost throughout Europe. Yielding to the cyclical nature of the fashion world, a similar method of hair care sometimes rose to the top of honor among the population, then remained unjustly forgotten and fell down with dust. Recently, happy owners of underwrites are looking at us from the pages of glossy magazines, besides they are walking along the streets of cities and villages. Let us see what features of the new fashion season should be taken into account when choosing your hairstyle "Anderkat" women and men.

Varieties "Undercard"

Initially, the strange hairstyle was chosen by the warriors, because they did not like short-cropped hair, but the long head of hair significantly interfered with the fight. Hair Undercard combined in itself all the wishes of the warlike men. Even now, this option is most noticeable, because it includes the most shaved whiskey and lush head of hair on the back of the head and the top of the head + thick bangs. At the same time there is no smooth transition. All transitions are clear and noticeable. There are such variations hairstyles:

interesting view

  • Retro haircut undercut. Differs in the presence of short smooth strands on the temples and long hair at the crown. Her hair was usually combed back, creating the image of an Italian gangster. In the female version, the effect of stylish antiquity is emphasized by retro makeup. and twisted strands.


  • Creative design. It differs in that it shaves the area of ​​only one temple, while the second one preserves the maximum length of the hair. If you are a brave and open person, you can put a tattoo on the shaved area or additionally choose patterns.
  • Hare Laying on the type of Elvis Presley. Includes shaved lobules + medium length hair. Strands are laid by combing back. With this method of filing, unevenness in the length of the hair is achieved.


  • Punk. The most courageous version of anderkat. Most often, it is chosen by young and liberated people. It includes the shortest hair at the temples with the maximum length of the top. Dissonance in the length of hair is necessary in order to build a mohawk from long curls.


Who would suit the undercut

Before you rush to the nearest hairdresser, decide whether the bold style will suit you in everyday life, whether you will get out of the working dress-code and whether your appearance type is appropriate for this style. Undercut hairstyle goes:

Fashionable style

  • If you are the owner of elastic smooth and not particularly soft hair. Most shown to men with thick and tight hair. Remember that this type of haircut requires daily styling.
  • The most spectacular for boys and men of athletic build, will look a little worse on thin guys, and you should completely refuse from this choice.

tail version

  • Men's undercut style has a special masculinity and brutality on dark hair, because on light blond there is a sharp transition and the contrast in length is not so noticeable.
  • If you have a narrow or heart-shaped face, you should not cut it that way. Ideally emphasize the undercut features of a square face and visually lengthen the round.
  • And although the hairstyle was originally intended for men, the fair sex has long erased boundaries. Female hairstyle is performed in the same way as men. It gives a special charm and chic to its owner.

freedom of choice

Many stars of world cinema chose for themselves precisely undercut (literal translation from English “clipping”, “bottom + cut”). Asymmetrical curls cut with a clear transition, the technique is completely identical to the male.

Who should not choose undercut

In order not to be disappointed in the effect on others, remember some recommended restrictions.

  • If your curls are excessively wavy and disobedient. In this case, the styling process will turn into a complete hell.
  • If the style of clothing is far from free. The dress code plays an important role in the formation of a solid image. An undercut will look ridiculous with a classic costume.
  • Age. Recommended haircut for young and fast-moving people. But we note that many gray-haired old men successfully try on this type of hairstyle.

fashionable brutality

Useful tips for self-confident women

Regular haircuts, as a template, are suitable for one or another type of appearance. But the underkat is universal. One has only to clarify some points on which the final appearance will depend.

  • Triangular face and high growth suggest laying hair on its side. In the female version of the "tuft" should be left flowing or collect it in a low tail, be sure to leave the bangs free.
  • For mouth-watering ladies with a round face, you need to choose stacking “back” with a raised head area. We recommend to choose a hairstyle according to the type of face.
  • Shave the head and temples can be both symmetrical and in unusual forms. Remember that sometimes styling will look informal, and even defiant.

new look

Features create a fashionable female image

  • You can shave both temples and the back of the head.
  • "Under zero" shave only one of the temples or one nape.
  • "Hair tattoo" is created by curly hair in short zones.
  • California highlights perfectly fit for the correct placement of color accents.
  • The upper section of the strands remains long, it is trimmed with one line, and you can create a “torn” effect.
  • The bangs are sometimes left flat, but more often they are sheared with an oblique or asymmetrical one.

brutal guys

Undercut leaves room for creativity, where any courageous and confident woman can realize herself. An alternative to this type can be an elongated car.

Performance technique "Undercard"

To achieve the perfect look of hair, it is better to contact the salon to a professional master, who will select the most successful combination of length and color strands. To help yourself, you can choose any favorite video of the kind of hairstyle that you like. The technology of undercut haircut is quite simple, if you decide to do it yourself, you will need:

  • sharp scissors;
  • clamps;
  • razor.

for blondes

Armed with accuracy and responsibility, start the process:

  1. If you are not a stylist, then you should not excel, shaving oblique, averaged and triangular temples. For beginners, it is enough to achieve a straight line in the temple area.
  2. Wash your head. Need to work with wet hair. First you need to separate the bulk of the hair, starting from the forehead to the back of the head, capturing strands of the entire upper part of the head.
  3. Having separated the hair, be sure to pin them with clips so that they do not get out of the hair during the process of cutting. If the hair is short, carefully pin it with clips or stealth.
  4. Place a 7 mm tip on the machine, and cut off the temporal area and the area near the ear. Move confidently, shaving the entire mass of hair until parting.
  5. Repeat the same manipulations on the other side. It is necessary to cut confidently and clearly.
  6. To add elegance to your hair, make a “digging” movement at the base of the ear and temple on all sides with a typewriter.
  7. With a nozzle with a minimum distance of the blades, go through the edging and align the whiskers.

option for women

Hair, previously separated, you need to lay with the help of special tools for styling.

Ways of laying undercut

With your hairdo you are free to do whatever you want. Variations depend on mood and situation. We offer basic styling techniques:


  • If you have long curls, then comb them to one side, thereby showing the shaved temple.
  • Strands of impressive length can be left flowing to hide the cleanliness.
  • If you want to demonstrate a well-cropped nape, collect long curls in a high tail or Japanese bun. Photos of such styling are in the arsenal of famous actors and athletes, such as David Beckham.


  • Women's and men's short haircuts are best laid using specialized tools. Suitable mousse or foam for styling. Apply the product to your hand, rub it between two palms and apply hair over the entire length of the upper part. After that, flatten all the hairbrush and gently lay on one of the sides.
  • To create a mohawk, stop your choice on wax for modeling strands. To keep the tuft as long as possible, he needs additional fixation.

shaved whiskey

Modern fashion confidently and assertively moves towards unisex. Haircut undercut for a long time holds the leading position among similar haircuts. If you decide to choose for yourself this type of hair, you will get a lot of advantages. First, you can get a haircut at home, in addition, you will demonstrate your confidence and attractive external data.

Video: Men's Underkat haircut step by step at home

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