Types of problems with hair and their solution

Types of problems with hair and their solution

Permanent effects of hair dryers, styling and washing products, as well as natural factors, have a negative impact on strands. Even more hair is affected during chemical perm or dyeing. The created beauty and brilliance do not last long, and then the struggle with falling out and dryness begins. In order for the hair to become healthy and beautiful again, it is necessary to carry out restorative procedures.

Types of hair problems

1. Dryness. Recognize dry hair can be due to the fact that they begin to stick out in different directions, almost can not be styled, and feel like a sponge to the touch. This problem can be solved by moisturizing masks, as well as masks with vegetable oils (olive, flax, burdock, etc.).

2. Increased greasiness or oily hair. If you have washed your hair, and the next day the hair already looks untidy and dirty, then it means that they have high fat content or greasiness. With such a problem, you need to pay attention to hair care products, you can try using essential oils that will help regulate the work of the sebaceous glands.

3. Hair loss. If you get out of bed in the morning, you notice that there are a few dozen hairs left on her pillow, then this suggests that urgent action should be taken. To begin treatment for hair loss, first of all it is necessary to determine the cause of hair loss.

4. Split ends. This problem is typical for girls with both long hair and medium-length hair. Split ends indicate that the hair is damaged and broken, they lack nutrition and elasticity. Pay attention to the regenerating mask, you can try cutting with hot scissors or lamination hair.

We solve problems with hair

Types of problems with hair and their solution

Once you have decided on the problem, you need to go to the recovery process. To achieve a quick result, you will have to use various means, such as conditioners, rinses, masks, restoring shampoos, serums.

If the problem is brittle and dry hair, then you need to use moisturizing and nourishing masks. The composition of the masks should include ingredients such as egg yolk, vegetable oils, honey, kefir.

For the treatment of scalp need to apply herbal decoctions. They need to rinse hair after each shampooing. In addition, herbal decoctions cope with hair problems such as brittleness, split ends, dryness, loss, oily shine, dandruff, itching.

For example, in order to get rid of brittle hair and split ends, it is necessary to use herbs such as dandelion, plantain sage.

Dry hair and hair loss are excellent. plantain, chamomile, burdock root, linden, hop cones, calamus, sage, nettle.

To combat the greasiness of the hair, decoctions of herbs such as coltsfoot, calamus, calendula, oak bark.

With itching and dandruff sage, nettle and calamus.

To prepare herbal decoction, a couple of large spoons of essential herbs are poured with a glass of boiling water, covered and left for twenty minutes. Then the broth is filtered and used for its intended purpose.

Homemade masks will also help in solving any problem with hair, be it dandruff or brittleness. It is important to choose a mask for your hair type and problem.

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