Types and shape of hair

Hair can be divided into three types: bristly hair, gun and long.

Vellus hair - short, soft hair, which is located on the face, arms, legs and torso. Such hairs are called primary because they appear in a child before birth and the first 2 to 3 years of a child’s life may be present. Then the hair on the head is renewed and begins to grow thicker, they can change their color. During puberty, hair is replaced by thermal hair, it is denser and may have a different color.

Bristling hair: these include eyelashes, eyebrows, nose and ears hair. This hair is tight and well pigmented. Present in a person throughout life. Often, men in old age begin to grow rapidly.

Long hair grow on the head, in the armpits, external genital organs, as well as in men on the chest and chin. Hair on the head undergoes various stages, finally forming during puberty. In the same period, hair is finally formed on intimate places and in the armpits, it darkens, coarsens and becomes more curly.

The distribution of hair on a person’s body depends on their gender, age and nationality.

Hair shape

Types and shape of hair

The shape of the hair depends on many factors, which include: the location of the follicle, the distribution of keratin in the hair shaft, race, and other highly individual characteristics.

The figure shows various forms of hair: 1-3 smooth hair, 4-6 wavy hair, 7-9 curly hair (usually in people of the Negroid race).

Smooth hair is divided into: tight, flat wavy and smooth.

Wavy hair is divided into: broadly wavy, narrowly wavy, curly.

Curly are: curly, slightly curly and strongly curly, low-spiral and high-spiral. In a section, straight hair forms an even circle, wavy hair forms an oval and curly hair looks like a flattened oval.

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