Triangular face haircuts

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Girls with a triangular face look very subtle and cute, but a sharp transition from the cheek to the chin must be visually balanced. This is easy to do, knowing which haircut will suit a triangular face.

How to choose your option

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The purpose of the triangular-shaped haircut is to shift attention from a broad forehead or thin chin to the center of the face. If you contact the salon, an experienced master will help you find the perfect haircut for any hair length. When choosing, be guided by the following selection criteria:

  • Create volume using strand layering.
  • Pick a trapezoidal shape that will expand downwards. Here, styling will play an even greater role.
  • Do not focus on the forehead. Do not choose too lush and thick bangs. A definitive “no” needs to be said for a short bang, this option is not even for every girl with an oval face shape.
  • Choosing a short haircut, do not make it radically short, give lightness to features with the help of asymmetry.
  • If you have a high forehead, do not leave it open at all. You can give preference to oblique bangs.
  • Haircut should be maximized to the chin.
  • The ideal length of the strands is to the middle of the neck, but the choice can be made in favor of short haircuts, and in favor of the maximum length. If you want to keep the length of the hair, but shape your hair, you can make a cascade for long strands and a biowave to give a light wave.

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Trendy haircuts for a triangular face on the examples of stars

Bright representatives of this type of person very much among the star beauties. Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johanson, Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Love Hewitt and many others. Even such beauties with a whole headquarters of stylists are not insured against hairdressing mistakes. But in most cases, their examples can be oriented by selecting fashionable haircuts for a triangular face.

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A typical representative of this type of person is Victoria Beckham. Recently, it is rarely seen with hair length below the middle of the neck. Victoria has already tried on herself, perhaps, all possible short haircuts for a triangular face. Based on the structure of her hair, Victoria Beckham chooses ripped smooth strands, asymmetry, oblique bangs and parting to the side. For a long time, Victoria did not change the caret without a bang with elongated strands in front and a short nape. The elongated curls to the level of the chin emphasize its elegance, and the strands covering part of the face hide a sharp transition from the cheekbones.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, on the contrary, almost never parted with her long hair. Most often, she wears a bang, which is laid on its side. In styling, Jennifer gives her hair playful light curls, parting in the center or to the side, but the maximum volume is always on the line with the chin. This scheme is also guided by Eva Longoria, who is also in the ranks of women of this type of person.

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The most common female haircuts for the triangular face type that you can offer in the beauty salon are bob, square, graduated haircuts, and a shoulder length cascade. Consider the most successful options in more detail.

Bob for a triangular face

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Stylists consider this option most suitable for a triangular face type. If you choose short haircuts for a triangular face, pay attention to the bob. An elongated front bob will help to bring the shape to the oval. Prefer textured strands and soft lines. Bob looks great on strands of any rigidity and structure. If your curls curl, you can easily do the daily styling yourself at home, giving a bit of negligence to your strands, using mousse for styling, and gradually “drawing” the texture with wax.

Shoulder cascade for a triangular face

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This option is good not only for owners of a triangular face type, but also for girls with thin and unruly hair. If you want to give your hair shape, but leave the length - this is your option. The most successful will be the length to the chin and to the shoulders. It is important that the torn ends of the hair make the most massive layer on the line with the chin. To give an aesthetic look to the curls, it is enough to twist the tips inward or outward to yourself, and you can do it in a chaotic manner, adding a little ruffle. Bangs can be made both sideways and even, but combed it to one side.

The car for triangular type

Classic car has one feature - all the tips of the hair have the same level, so the main thing is to choose the right length. As noted above, for a triangular face such a length to the middle of the neck. Caret will suit both owners of smooth and curly hair. If you have even hair, you can vary the caret of the bang. Oblique or even - you choose, based on what effect you want to get. With strict features of the square, even bangs will look quite strictly geometric. Oblique bangs also give lightness. Unusually looks smooth bangs with rounded edges.

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What haircuts you would not prefer, do not forget to consult with the master how to step-by-step to do the daily styling with your own hands. These instructions will help you look your best every day.

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