Trendy short haircuts 2015


Trendy short haircuts in 2015 represent a variety of interpretations of classic models. This year, stylists and hairdressers offer new modifications of the well-known square, bob, sesson and cascade. Creating a unique image, the masters use different techniques, combining elements of different techniques and innovative hairdressing ideas in one haircut. So young ladies who want to make fashionable haircuts for short hair in 2015 will have a lot to choose from.

The most current in 2015 short haircuts

Textured Short Car - Unconditional Trend

different types of quads

Trendy short haircuts in 2015 seek to overcome existing standards. Similarly, the traditional square, which has existed for more than a dozen years, acquires completely new features. Stylists in 2015 offer fashionable textured women. The longest strand should not be longer than the chin. The layered structure of your hair will look very dynamic and fresh. Such an option car can be differently laid with his own hands, depending on the case. This makes the textured caret a universal model. Creativity and originality will be added to a short textured car by elongated strands located all over the head in a chaotic manner.

Haircut page for short hair

Girls who want to emphasize the line of the neck and chin, making your image sexy, perfect short page. This model vividly represents the trendy short haircuts of 2015, demonstrating the relevance of clear lines and symmetry. Page is a creation of the famous Vidal Sassun.

page types

The page has a smooth bang, sometimes with rounded corners, the length to the eyebrows. This model is ideal for young ladies with thick smooth hair. Laying a page for such girls at home will not cause difficulties, it will be very easy to make to yourself using hair dryer and brushing.

This year, the classical interpretation of the page with a flat bang is most in demand, but young and active girls can also choose more free page variations with oblique or torn bangs and side parting.

Tom-Boy - a bold version of a short haircut

Short fashionable women's haircuts in 2015 is a bold and creative model Tom Boy. Creating Tomboy, the wizard takes as a basis the technique of performing the bean, but adds an elongated ragged fringe to the side. The special chic of this model will give an unusual hair color, for example, bright red. Tomboy perfectly complement the straightened strands, giving the head of hair a visual volume.

variations tombboy

Learn from the master step-by-step scheme for self-styling Tom-Boy on your hair. Usually ragged bangs are placed using wax so that it covers part of the face. And the remaining strands are a little jabbed with their fingers.

Garson is again in trend

An unexpected appearance on the barber shop fashionable arena haircut garcon will be happy lover of elegance and simplicity. Garson is associated with French charm, making his mistress sexy and feminine. Ultrashort haircut with tattered bangs and raised temples creates a smooth neat head outline. The volume at the top is created by short strands in this zone, and the back of the head in this model is as open as possible. Garcon can also be worn for medium lengths, but the maximum effect from a haircut is still achieved with ultrashort strands.

blonde and brunette with garcon

Garson suits beauties with any type and structure of hair. This model, like almost all short haircuts, will emphasize the cheekbones and open the neck. Garson fully reveals the feminine face, so if you have a non-ideal shape, for example, a square, you better not experiment with this model. And, of course, the perfect garcon will look at the fragile slender girls, adding grace to the image.

Pixie– 2015 Fashion Choice

Trendy haircuts for short hair in 2015 can not be imagined without pixies. This current model is characterized by carelessness and ease of strands. It is often confused with garcon because of its ultrashort length. But the pixie is different sticking out in different directions with the tips of the strands. These strands and create the effect of carelessness and ruffled.

types of pixies

Pixie has elongated temples, open ears, and the entire main volume is given to the top and bangs. This haircut is perfect for girls with thin hair. Your wavy strands or even - it does not matter. Pixie looks great on any hair structure. This model is very practical, and for daily styling you will not need complicated step-by-step instructions: just put a fixing emulsion or mousse on the curls and give the head of hair a negligence.

Pixie will suit young energetic girls who love experiments in appearance. But the young ladies at the age of pixie is not contraindicated. She will give the female image coquettishness and enthusiasm.

Bob with elongated side strands: a new life of an old bean

Trendy haircuts for short hair 2015 is a modernized bob. This is a bob with elongated strands on the sides. The nape of such a bean can be very open, the bang is allowed both oblique torn and textured even. The side strands can be both the same length and made in an asymmetric technique. The bob with the extended locks on each side will be suitable for any type of hair. The required volume will create a multi-layered head of hair, and the styling may be different, so this bean is equally good for both wavy and naturally straight hair.

bob with lengthening

Making such a haircut, you can experiment with color. Although the length is rather short, a bob with elongated strands on the sides allows the use of various dyeing techniques, even ombr.

Short cascade for lovers of soft contours

If you are not so desperate to choose garrison minimalism or your facial features will not look the most advantageous with a haircut page, you can give preference to the universal short cascade. Short fashionable women's haircuts in 2015 are so diverse that there will definitely be a place for calm, soft lines. Namely, these lines of your hair will give a short cascade. The volume with a cascade is created all over the head, so this model is suitable for girls with thin hair.

brunette with cascade

Cascade has many options for styling. Therefore, you can change your image every day, even with a short haircut. You can select or slightly lift individual strands using styling tools. You can combine curled tips with smooth roots - this, by the way, is also relevant in 2015.

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