Trendy school hairstyles for girls of lower grades

little schoolgirl

In order not to tell moms to their grown-up children, it’s not important what’s on the head, the main thing is not to convince the little fashionistas, it’s very important for the little ones to look and what kind of styling will show off on their heads. Under the onslaught of childish desire, modern mothers are starting to learn such a topic as hairstyles for girls to school, wanting to please their little schoolgirls.

Every morning before schoolwork, fashionistas moms break their heads over the question: what hairstyle to go to school for their child today? After all, school is a serious institution. Children go there as if to work, and thus hairstyles for children from the first to fifth grades should be practical, and most importantly, beautiful and naturally fit the established form of clothing.

What should be a school hairstyle for little girls?

First of all, it should be different from the hairstyle for children of preschool age. Forget about jolly pigtails, flagella, tails with colorful elastics - all this was an ideal option in childhood. Children's hairstyle like a 3-year-old baby is not exactly the right hairstyle for school. Today's hairstyles for first-graders and babies up to the 5th grade are a tribute to modern fashion and they follow her just a little less than adults. Vanity and parental excitement about the appearance of his little child, occurs long before September 1, when children are sent to school.

There are a lot of questions for parents: how long should a school uniform be, what color of bows to it, what hairstyle should a child choose if he has short, medium or long hair? But as for the way to create hairstyles for first-graders and children up to the 5th grade, it is up to you to decide. You can contact the hairdresser in the salon, and you can create it at home. It all depends on your imagination and financial capabilities. If you choose the option of going to the master of weaving, then do not forget to tell him that the hairstyle in school must be consistent with the age of your child, in order to avoid misunderstandings between you and the master!

beautiful styling for the girl

Differences between hairstyles for girls in primary classes and hairstyles to school for older children are of course decorations! White bows, bright ribbons on well-laid hair with elements of weaving and other embellishments, will be a great addition to the hairstyle option for girls to school on September 1 and every day. True, such a hairstyle for a girl will take a long time, so you have to get up half an hour earlier than usual. If you want the hairstyle for a primary school girl to be even more unusual, try to make the original hair weave out of the hair for long hair instead of the traditional braid with a ribbon.

In the case of short hair for your first-graders or babies of junior classes, it is suitable as an option - a hairstyle with bangs that resembles a bob haircut. This option is suitable for every day and will look organically on the children's head. Just go to school, do not forget to slightly adjust it - wear a bezel or hairpin so that the side strands do not climb into the eyes and do not interfere with the look. Medium hair for girls in primary classes also requires careful styling. But at the same time you shouldn’t push them too hard or braid them tightly in braids. For medium hair length, light hairstyles to school will be preferable, which will not fall apart and not be disheveled during active games or sports.

Ideas beautiful and easy hairstyles for little schoolgirls

Option number 1

The easiest hairstyle to school is undoubtedly a tail of any length. To do this, you need to make a smooth thick bangs, and tie the tail with an elastic band decorated on the crown with a magnificent bow with sparkles or a bright flower. It turns out, figuratively speaking, horsetail, which is suitable for any beauty from the lower grades. Also girls from 1st to 5th grade can tie their hair into several tails, connecting them with a cross in a circle or zigzag. Also very nice look long hair tied in a bow. This hairstyle will be relevant not only for school, but also for visiting circles.

girl with two tails

Option number 2

For a quick hairstyle for every day in school, the already well-known braid is very suitable for everyone. It is made mainly for long and medium hair, but not for short hair. It is better to combine one large braid with several braids of slightly shorter length and braid them in the form of a wheel around the head. For a variety of hairstyles for girls in school, a pigtail braided in a spikelet, a dragon, a French braid or a fishtail will suit. As decorations, you can pick up gum with beautiful flowers, barrettes and colorful ribbons.

pigtail around head

Option number 3

There is another quick and easy way to go to school every day at school - a tourniquet, with which you can quickly and beautifully clean your hair. It can be a braid braided from one tail, or you can split your hair into two equal parts, twist the braid from each one and braid them together. This method of installation will require a little more time. But with the help of mousse, gel or wax will last 3 - 4 days.

Option number 4

bundle for schoolgirl

The usual bunch on average and long hair becomes more and more popular before going to school. In primary classes, it is usually made for classes in a dance class or in the gym and closed with a nylon mesh on an elastic band. Such a hairstyle to school as a bun, gathered at the top of the head and decorated with a hairpin or a flower, will make an elegant young lady out of a baby. In the bundle you can braid both a regular tail and pigtails or bundles.

Option number 5

styling with athena tape

Unusually light and air hairstyles are considered for girls to school created with the help of a ribbon - athenki. Afinka is a special bandage or elastic band, it is tied on the head, and then gradually (along the strands) bending the hair under the bandage, it creates neat curls. This school styling is done on slightly oily hair or soaked with a small amount of mousse.

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