Trash haircut

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Increasingly popular with teenagers is getting a trash haircut. It is very unusual and implies the presence of bangs and all sorts of color accents on the strands. Calling themselves a trash, which means garbage in translation, young girls want to show their singularity and unpredictability. With their appearance they challenge the modern foundations of society.

Step-by-step trash haircut instructions for different hair lengths

A trash-style haircut implies the presence of bold, dislodged hair and protruding strands. It is equally suitable for both long and short hair.

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Haircut trash for long hair

Usually, owners of long curls who want to bind themselves to the trash-style, choose cascading hairstyles or haircuts ladder, while maintaining the existing length. At the crown, they create shorter strands, giving the hairstyle extra volume and boldness. The facial ringlets are also cut off more shortly and enter the mass of the bang, which is predominantly long.

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Trash style hairstyles for long hair

  • When you create a haircut thrash for long hair, always left hair cap, from which the volume is subsequently created. To make a trash hairstyle, you need to maximize the hair on the top of your head as much as possible, given that the trimmed hairs give volume to the hairstyle, your styling should be particularly spectacular and unusual.
  • Most adolescents who identify themselves in this direction, paint their hair in bright fantastic colors, and they may not harmonize with each other.
  • If you do not want to risk painting your hair, try varnish sprays, which in addition to fixing give it a variety of colors.

Thresh trash on medium hair

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For hair of medium length as well as for long curls fit haircut cascade. The bottom strands should lie carelessly, and the top overlap them. Of course, you must have bangs. In this case, it can be both quite long and half-length.

Thrash hairstyles for medium length hair

  • Haircuts trash on medium hair provide for the presence of volume, as well as on long curls. Classic volumetric trash hairstyle will always be popular among adherents of this style, but there are other options.
  • The opposite of bulk styling is a smoothed shock. If you stick to the trash - culture and want to look unusual, smooth the hair at the roots and on the crown, fluff the ends on the contrary. They should casually hang around in different directions as if you just forgot to comb. Bangs the same as in any trash hairstyle should be perfectly smooth.
  • Many girls, creating festive trash hairstyles, prefer to weave braids, despite the fact that they are considered classics. Usually, the famous bouffant is created and a braid is already woven from it.

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Short hair trash haircuts

The scheme for creating such a haircut consists in cutting out strands on the back of the head. In this case, the strands of the crown, and the front locks remain longer. Many male teenagers, trash style fans, also prefer a similar haircut.

If haircuts for long and semi-long hair have the opportunity to leave without styling, then short trash haircuts should always be stacked.

Thrash hairstyles for short hair

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Everyone knows that styling for short hair is the simplest and the trash hairstyle is no exception. In order to properly lay it, you can not do without styling.

  • The rear trimmed part must be ruffled and give it a carelessness and insolence. Strands should be located randomly. Strands of the front part are stacked in stages, one on another, thereby giving the volume of hair.
  • Another option for trash styling is to scratch the front strand on one side. In this case, the back of a careless hedgehog remains sticking out in different directions. This trash styling is appropriate to complement your favorite accessory.

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Accessories for trash styling

The use of accessories when creating trash styling at home is very popular. Choose the one that best suits your chosen style. The unpredictability and audacity of the girl does not mean that she should not be feminine. It rims and bandages, as well as a variety of bows and rezinochki are very popular with girls of this style.

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Summarizing, we can say that creating a trash styling on your own is not difficult, it is important to follow the instructions step by step and give your own hands as much extravagance as possible. Watch for trendy trends and experiment with your hair.

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