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Continuing the theme of naturalness and naturalness, as the main trend of recent years, we hasten to share with you another innovation in the hair industry. They became tortoise hair coloring. Having appeared in France, slowly but surely, the tortoiseshell hair has reached the Russian fashionistas. We will tell you about this new product of 2015 and what features and advantages tortoise hair dye has.

What is turtle coloring?

Tortoise dyeing of hair or, as it is also called, dyeing with ikayin is not a cardinally new technique, and a branch from the much-loved technique balayazh, but the color of the strands is much more multifaceted and looks more natural. The author of this innovation is London colorist Jack Howard, who works in one of the most famous salons in England, Neville Hair and Beauty Salon. He set a goal to make the transition a softer color than in the balayazh technique; for this, a wider palette of colors from blond and honey tones to chocolate and wine-red is used for dyeing.

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Who is the tortoise coloring?

Tortoiseshell hair can try on themselves and brunettes and blondes. To do this, you need to add bright highlights and make the shade more deep due to the darkening of individual strands. Both for brunettes and blondes the coloring scheme will be identical. The master will select light and dark tones, focusing on the natural color of your strands. Tortoise hair will be an ideal solution for those who have long dreamed of changing their image, but do not dare to too bold experiments. However, the technique is not applicable for girls with short haircuts, here the master will have nowhere to roam.

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The main trend of 2015 is not pretentious to the style of its mistress. It will be equally harmoniously combined with the wardrobe in the Chebbi-chic style and business suit of a business woman. Both young and bright girls, and mature women can become his fans.

What is good technique of tortoise coloring?

So far, among our compatriots this trend has not become mainstream, and therefore you should certainly take the opportunity to stand out from the crowd of beauties, whose heads are still adorned with ombra or Venetian highlighting. Models of world size and film actress have already managed to appreciate the method of dyeing hair of Ikaya and on the red carpet more often began to flash head of hair painted in the color of the shell of a turtle. And it is not surprising, because the technology has many advantages:

  • When hair regrowth, the result looks decent, than other popular techniques cannot boast. You do not have to visit the master every month.
  • Tortoiseshell hair gives a visual volume of hair and makes curls dynamic.
  • Due to the special principle of selection of shades for adjacent strands, curls shine and shine in daylight.
  • The technique involves changing the color of only individual strands, so the harm to the hair is minimal.

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How is the turtle colouration done?

Coloring ikayi is a rather complicated technique and before you trust your hair to one or another master, it is worth a while to make sure of its professionalism. The whole process is carried out without the use of foil. Icaya dyeing allows the use of 3-4 related shades.

  1. Paint is applied by brush strokes from the roots to the tips. First, there are curls that should be darker.
  2. Then the highlights are placed in light paint.
  3. The curls of the face should be light, it will create the effect of a soft frame around it. The size of light and dark strands should not be the same; the greater the variation in thickness, the more natural the result.

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Turtle hair styling tips

The Ikaya hair coloring method focuses precisely on the beauty of your hair. And because the most successful solution is to wear loose hair. You can find lots of videos online and learn how to lay strands in the grunge style or create Hollywood curls. Such styling is most beneficial underlined tortoise hair color. If you are faced with the need to wear collected hairstyles, for the hairs, painted based on the shell of the turtles, a good solution would be openwork braids in which the overflow of strands will look no less interesting.

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