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Shampoo has become a very popular shampoo with modern beauties. The rich color palette won many girls, and the harmless coloring composition gave one more plus to this type of cosmetics. WITHBy itself, a tinted shampoo betrays a bright saturated color to its hair, or fights against a nasty yellowness, from which half of blond people suffer. The composition of this tool does not include oxidizing agents with harmful coloring pigments.

Terms of use

What is tinted shampoo understandable to every girl. This is a makeup that helps hair get any shade. How to use this miracle cure?

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To get the maximum effect when using this tint, you need to know some of the nuances. We know that the tint shampoo does not contain persistent coloring pigments, so the coloring can be called superficial. The paint covers the hair with a light film. Also, this paint does not incorporate ammonia, so it is necessary to help her soak your curls.

Before a session of staining, you should wash your hair with water, then slightly blot it with a towel. After that, wear gloves to save your manicure.

Secrets of the perfect coloring tinted shampoo

Gently massage movements distribute tint tool over the entire length of hair from crown to tip. Rub tint shampoo into the scalp is not necessary, we only color the hair.

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  • Coloring is best done in 2 stages to get the maximum color from such paint. At the first stage, the toning shampoo is aged for 5 minutes. After this, the dyeing procedure is washed off and then repeated, the dyeing composition is maintained for the same amount of time.
  • On each bottle of high-quality tinting agent there is a detailed instruction, you must act according to it. You should also be aware that the paint from the head is washed off with each wash, gradually dimming. After the seventh shampooing procedure, you will see that the color is completely lost.
  • If you are the owner of melirovannyh or bleached hair, or wear a perm, it is better to abandon the dyeing shampoo coloring, otherwise you risk an unpleasant or even very ugly color.

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Pros and cons of using this tool


  • Very easy to use, any girl who does not have even minimal hairdressing skills can handle it.
  • No harmful effects.
  • Contains beneficial ingredients such as vitamins and essential oils that help restore damaged hair and make it healthier.
  • It emphasizes the beauty of natural hair color, makes it more saturated
  • Popular cosmetics for blondes. With the help of a tinted shampoo, you can remove ugly yellowness and make white hair more vivid
  • Approximately 30% paint over light gray hair


There are no special disadvantages in this tool, you can’t harm your hair. Remember that such paint only gives saturation to color, but does not drastically change it.

  • Brunettes are better not to resort to the use of this tonic, since the effect of its use will be invisible on dark hair.
  • Sometimes you may encounter unscrupulous manufacturers. When using tonics produced by them, you may encounter some unpleasant phenomena - coloration of the scalp or bathroom.
  • Another unpleasant surprise - your hair can flow when walking in the rain.
  • Blondes may experience some difficulties when using tint balm to remove yellow pigment. Perederzhav tint shampoo, your curls can become an unpleasant gray shade.

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Popular brands that produce tinted shampoos

Schwarzkopf tinting cosmetics

Nowadays, many companies produce tinted hair shampoos, they all produce a fairly rich color palette. Now we will present a list of the most popular brands that have won the trust of a large number of girls.

tinted cosmetics from Loreal

  • Loreal. Excellent tool that gives depth and color saturation to your curls. To enhance the effect, the brand Loreal advises to apply a balm to the tinted shampoo, which will also give the hair a silky and healthy shine. One of the most popular shades in the Loreal palette is red, golden, and also copper. For dark-haired girls, L'Oreal has released a series of such colors as chocolate, blackberry, caramel and cherry. Tint shampoo Loreal also fights light gray hair just fine. To do this, apply a tonic to wet hair, lather well and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse.
  • Irida The line of products of this brand has released several products.
  • IRIDA M De Luxe, it contains Color De Luxe - a modern care product, it takes care of hair not only during coloring, but also after it. In its composition does not contain harmful substances. Washed off after 12 sessions of washing the head. With the help of irida you can paint over gray hair.
  • Irida m classic. After staining more stably holds the color. Also perfectly copes with the yellowness of hair in blondes. Most often, this series is used by girls who want to shade their native hair color. Washed off after 13 - 15 shampooing procedures.
  • Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf tinted shampoos are most often used for highlighting hair, as it shades blond hair best and all cool hair colors. It contains silver pigments that fight with yellowing on the hair. Such a tonic is aged on the head for no more than 5 minutes. Schwarzkopf shade shampoos have a gel-like texture and a pleasant smell.
  • Rocolor Many girls affectionately nicknamed this tool sos makeup because of its powerful action. After staining with shampoo tonic rocolor and seeing the undesired color, you can easily get rid of it by washing your head several times. Blondes are advised not to apply this product for more than 2 minutes. Brunettes who want to get rid of the easy "red-haired" are advised to use toning balm rocolor. This remedy has a significant negative - it can stain your hands and surroundings. Therefore, it should be used with caution, and the spots should be immediately washed off.

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Color remover

As we have said, tinted shampoos tend to wash off on their own after several shampooing procedures. Before complete washing it is necessary to conduct about 10 sessions. If you want to urgently get rid of color, then wash your hair daily. These are not tricky rules on how to wash off the shampoo from your hair.

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