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The easiest way to make your own beautiful styling, which is suitable for any occasion, is to curl the curls, and this will help the hair curlers. Of course, you can use the classic curlers, curling iron or ironing, but heated hair rollers, unlike the above-mentioned alternatives, will cause minimal harm to the health of your strands. It is important to know how to use heated hair rollers, to create persistent curls with them, some tips on choosing this beauty assistant and how to create curls in the article.

What are hair rollers and what are their advantages?

Every girl at least once in her life curled her hair with regular hair curlers. Heat curlers have a similar principle, but differ in appearance. They have a wax core inside, and the principle of the work of these “curl makers” is based on this: when heated the curlers, the wax inside them also heats up. Having rolled hair, wax will give it heat until it cools. Such a gradual return of heat with wax does not spoil the curls, in contrast to irons.

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The advantages of this beauty tool are:

  • minimal time to create the styling itself;
  • relatively low price (when compared with high-quality curling iron);
  • simple cheating scheme, available for every girl to perform at home;
  • lack of special care for the tool;
  • universality: thermal curlers can be used for any type of hair;
  • your curls will stay healthy and not dry out when heated.

How to buy the best product

It is quite difficult to choose the best heated hair rollers, because the market is full of goods from various manufacturers. When buying a product it is worth knowing that you can buy one of two types of heating curlers:

  1. Electric heated hair rollers. They are sold in a special box in which they heat up from the network. This type is much more convenient and safer, since you do not need to contact with boiling water. But the price of such a product, of course, will be more expensive. For example, Remington heated hair curlers cost an average of 2,500 rubles.
  2. Conventional heated hair rollers. They need to be heated in boiling water, lowering these devices into it for 4-5 minutes before heating the wax. The cost of this type will be significantly lower than the electrical counterparts, approximately from 200 rubles.

thermal curlers remington

What to look for when buying

  • You should pay attention to the diameter of the roller. You need to choose the diameter in accordance with your hair length, as well as with the desired curls size: for small spirals, small hair curlers are needed, and for large curls - large ones. Diameter of a size range from 8 to 30 mm. There are options with different diameter of rollers in one set, for example, Babyliss 3021E thermo-curlers.
  • It is also important material manufacturing and coating rollers. The material can be aluminum and ceramics, and they are covered with teflon, tourmaline, velor. Aluminum will be cheaper, and ceramics will more carefully influence strands. For example, Remington KF20i heated hair rollers have velvety coating, the average price is 2400 rubles, and Vitek VT - 2231 from aluminum will cost about 1600 rubles.
  • The function of protection against overheating and the presence of a temperature indicator on the base for heating, such as, for example, the Babyliss heated hair curler model Pro BAB3-21E, will not interfere.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the clamps: they should fix the roller well, but not be too tight so as not to pinch the strand and not injure the hair.

Instructions for use

set of hair curlers

Not every modern girl knows how to wind her hair on thermal rollers. Some consider them a relic of the past, because our grandmothers used them, and some beauties simply do not know about such an assistant in creating curls. Our grandmothers did not have electric hair rollers, they created waves and curls on the head, heating these tools in boiling water and winding strands on them. Modern hairdressing devices greatly simplify the process of laying: having bought electric heated hair curlers, it is enough to turn on the device in the network, and in the meantime you can prepare everything you need for the procedure. The rest of the wrap strands on electric and conventional thermal curlers is no different. Perform the following steps:

  1. For dry hair, apply styling agent or sprinkle with varnish.
  2. Divide all strands into 3 parts by side parting.
  3. Step by step, start the winding up from the upper section, then go to the side section, winding the strands on heated curlers, fixing them with clips.
  4. Sprinkle varnished hair and wait about 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the hair curlers, split the hair with your fingers, slightly "whipping" them.

Now you know the basic scheme, how to wind the hair curlers. There are several secrets of proper cheating.

hair wrapping process

Subtleties and little secrets

If you want to create perfect curls with your own hands, the little secrets of experienced beauties will be useful to you:

  • the width of the strand should not exceed 1 cm, otherwise not the whole curl will warm up evenly;
  • wind only dry hair;
  • for a more lasting effect, before wrapping, treat all hair with a strong hold lacquer or styling mousse;
  • to make the curls as natural as possible, wind the curls in different directions;
  • after removing the curlers do not comb the curls, it can negate all your efforts;
  • for different size curls can be purchased in different size curlers.

Create persistent and playful curls, or simply add volume to your hair using thermal rollers. You will no doubt enjoy the ease of cheating and the result after the procedure.

Video: how to use heated hair rollers

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