The secrets of creating wedding hairstyles in greek

bride with hairstyle in greek style
Wedding hairstyles in the Greek style for many years remain one of the leaders for decorating hair for the holidays in honor of the marriage. This choice of brides is justified by the fact that the beauty of the goddesses of ancient Greece, depicted in numerous sculptures, has been tireless for several centuries to excite minds and remain a symbol of tenderness, femininity and purity.

However, with the passage of time and the appearance of various styling products, the process of creating styling imitating antiques has greatly simplified and expanded the range of hair lengths from which they can be constructed. Skillful stylists can put even a short head of hair in the Greek style. Dexterous hands, as well as the talent and imagination of specialists create, on the basis of braids, voluminous curls and decorative elements, masterpieces that are no less inferior in beauty and elegance to classic designs.

Greek Style Wedding Hair - Secrets to Creation

Greek style wedding hairstyle is often created using decorative elements.. They add a head of hair elegance, tenderness, softness and a sense of innocence of the girl. Modern stylists widely use the following decorations for styling in this style:

bride with a bouquet of white flowers

  • Bandages. This jewelry can have a different look, however for a wedding celebration satin and lace ribbons look most appropriate. They can be of different widths and colors, which is largely determined by the style and color of the wedding dress and veil of the bride.
  • Tiaras. The undisputed leader for the decoration of wedding hairstyles, as they can replace the veil. At the same time, the bride’s appearance remains festive, elegant, and the image of the most important person at the celebration is preserved.
  • Flowers Especially gently look live flowers. With the help of them you can even make the shortest haircut feminine.
  • Hair bands. Metal or satin, simple or made up of several rings, as well as decorated with artificial flowers - the choice of the bride provided plenty of options. This simple decorative element allows you to create Greek wedding hairstyles quickly and easily.
  • Hairpins. Greek-style wedding hairstyles for long hair are often created using hairpins, which can be both regular and decorated rhinestones, stones, plastic or fabric flowers, etc.

Greek style wedding hairstyles for different hair lengths

In the traditional view, Greek women look like women with luxurious long and curly hair, collected with ribbons or other accessories. The modern solution of the Greek style suggests the presence of braids of various weaving options, hair harnesses or just loose curls decorated with ribbons and rims. Select a specific solution for wedding styling should be in advance, taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the face and shape, as well as the cut of the wedding dress.

Wedding decoration for long hair

There are many options for the design of long curls in Greek wedding hairstyles. The most common options are based on such simple styling methods as braids, loose strands and knot.

long-haired bride

  1. Laying-knot. Separate wet clean curls with a simple parting, wind curls into large curlers and blow-dry. Collect most of the hair on top and twist it into a knot. The rest of the strands remain free. This type of installation will perfectly complement any of the above listed accessories.
  2. Laying with mesh rim. Lay strands in loose order or braid in a loose braid.
  3. Laying with a scythe. This type of hairstyle is a great option not only for weddings and other holidays, but also for everyday wear. Weaving a braid can be made in different styles, but the traditional solution is free weaving. Spit while wrapping around his head. The finished styling can be decorated with hairpins or flowers.

Hairstyles in the Greek style for medium hair length

Making hair of medium length for weddings is for the most part much easier than styling for long ones. It is easier to work with such a length and it keeps the shape easier. The average size of the hair permits braiding and styling as a knot, but loose and decorated with ribbons and flowers they will look very solemn and elegant.

The main rule that must be observed when creating styling is to create the effect of loose hair. Greek-style styling does not imply smoothly combed strands and tight tufts or braids.

Simple wedding styling in the Greek style is created with the help of curlers and

greek hairstyle for short curls
means of strong fixation.

  • Wet hair process mousse strong fixation, wind on hair curlers and dry with a hair dryer.
  • To comb the dried hair back with your fingers, without using a comb. Secure the main body of hair using stealth at the back.
  • Treat strands with lacquer strong fixation.

This hairstyle is well complemented by a tiara or natural medium-sized flowers.

You can put your hair and with the help of a light pile in the side of the neck. In this way, you can create a volumetric bundle or decorate it with satin or lace ribbons, thin laces or even beads. Look great and large fresh flowers. Before creating hairstyles directly for the celebration, you can practice beforehand, using various options for decoration.

Hair can be simply curled slightly and left to fall free towards the shoulders. You can decorate the hair with rim, ribbons or flowers.

Greek wedding hairstyles for short hair
greek styling for the bride with short hair

There are several ways to create a styling look in style for small hair lengths.

A simple but very attractive option is to twist all the strands into small curls. Finished styling must be processed by means of a strong fixation. Decorate the finished hairstyle with a rim or wide satin ribbon.

Instead of curls, you can create light waves. Perfectly complement the styling tiara or headbands.

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