The secrets of beauty-hair care

The secrets of beauty-hair care

There are many opportunities to make hair beautiful. Every girl wants to know the little secrets that will help keep her hair healthy and strong, and the styling is impeccable. I want to share with you some tricks that will help you with this.

Hair care nuances:

- make strands silky and liven up their color will help champagne: rinse washed hair with champagne diluted with mineral water, after which it should be rinsed under running water.

- if on vacation you use hotel shampoo, then to soften it, you can add a little olive oil to the shampoo.

- So that the cosmetics do not “wash out” with water and do not lose their effectiveness, masks and balms should be applied to well-squeezed hair.

- owners of dry hair should not be too thoroughly rinse conditioner - this will help the hair to get extra power.

- dyed hair Do not wash with shampoo intended for oily (washes pigments) and dry (hair color may change) hair. For dyed hair, you should use special concentrates that combat excessive sebum secretion and special preparations for lifeless tips.

Secrets of styling:

The secrets of beauty-hair care

- If the roots of dyed hair have grown up, and you did not have time to dye them, then a special toning spray or “Blush” for hair (these funds must be processed hair roots).

- To quickly and effectively wash off hair styling products from hair, you can add shampoo baking soda.

- If you overdo it with styling products during styling, then you should sprinkle your hair thermal water and comb a comb with frequent teeth.

- If there are no styling products at hand, and the hair has started to push, for example, because of rain, fog or heat, then you can rub it in your palms. hand cream and smooth their hair.

- Should not be laid too wet hair, in order to avoid their damage: first you need to slightly dry the hair with a hair dryer, after which you can apply a spray or mousse to them and start styling.

Recently, there have been many new products in the range of hair styling products. What are they meant for?

Primer - a tool with a subtle texture: it prepares the hair for styling, making it obedient.

Matting powder - allows you to give your hair a matte effect, and if such a powder to rub into the hair roots, it will facilitate their laying and will provide them with additional volume.

Dry shampoo - it effectively removes dirt, leaving no white residue on the hair (such shampoo needs to be sprayed at the roots, wait a few minutes and comb the hair).

Radical spray - it is able to imitate the combing and fix the styling: the strand needs to be lifted, sprayed and spraying after a few seconds.

Knowing the nuances of care and styling, you can make your hair beautiful and well-groomed.

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