The life cycle of our hair

Hair in its life cycle goes through several stages:

  • - anagen (growth period);
  • - telogen (dormant period);
  • - catagen (keratinization of cells).
The life cycle of our hair

The hair life cycle begins with the catagen phase, this stage lasts for about a few weeks. In this phase, hair growth stops, as the pigment does not stand out. After it comes the short stage of telogen (the hair begins to fall under the influence of new hairs), which lasts several months and then smoothly passes into the stage of development (anagen).

The anagen phase is the longest of all, it is divided into six periods, and in general this phase lasts an average of 3-6 years. In this phase, intense hair growth occurs. In a healthy person, on average, 80–90% of hairs are in the anagen phase, 10–15% of hairs are in the telogenic stage, and the remainder is in the catagen stage.

In the neighboring hair follicles, these phases occur in a different period, if in all the follicles of the phase were the same, then the person would periodically bald.

Separate hair lives on the head of an average person from one month to five six years. If you notice intense hair loss, then you need to turn to trichologist. But sometimes a strong hair loss is due to the rapid growth of new hair, and they simply replace old ones.

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