The best masks for fast hair growth at home

The best masks for fast hair growth at home
As for the maintenance of healthy skin, and for the hair need constant care and preventive procedures. Many are faced with the problem of slow hair growth, which can be caused both by hormonal disruption, as well as by numerous stressful situations and the negative influence of chemical agents that cannot be excluded from everyday life. To help solve this dilemma, masks arise for rapid hair growth. So what procedures can accelerate the growth of strands at home?

We make hair masks for rapid growth and strengthening

Such masks can bring unpleasant sensations, as they contain components that irritate the scalp. The mixture can be obtained from pepper, mustard, Luke, honey and other substances. The question arises, what benefits can they bring? Their secret lies in the fact that this kind of stimuli form a blood flow to the hair follicles and, as a result, induce inactive follicles to grow.

Red Pepper Hair Mask

The best masks for fast hair growth at home

In order to make a mask you will need red pepper, tincture of red pepper, honey and castor oil. Components can be purchased at any grocery stores and pharmacy chain.

Of all the above components, you can make two masks. Will consider the first. So, for the preparation of the consistency will require:

1. Tablespoon ground red pepper; 2. Four tablespoons of natural liquid honey.

Honey mix with pepper, if necessary, you can melt a little in a water bath. We apply shampoo on the head, rub it in and wash it abundantly. Next, directly on the scalp we put the finished mask. The entire treated area should be placed in a plastic bag and wrapped with a towel on top. We notice on the timer for 40 minutes and after the occurrence of abundant burning we wash off with warm water. Carefully ensure that the mask does not hit the face. Otherwise, you will not forget such a procedure for a long time. This is a mask for very fast hair growth. According to eyewitnesses, the rapid growth of the hair was noticed by as much as 6 cm in two months. Even expensive cosmetics cannot achieve this effect. Make a mask twice a week and compare your result!

For cooking second mask would need:

1. One tablespoon of red pepper tincture; 2. One tablespoon of castor oil; 3. Two tablespoons of hair balm.

Note that if your scalp is bold, then dilute the mixture with five spoons of drinking water. There is no need to wash the head before the procedure. Apply the finished solution with a brush or swab on the scalp. Make sure that each site has been processed. Further, by analogy with the previous recipe, use a plastic bag and a towel. Wait for the moment when you can not tolerate a burning sensation and then rinse with warm water. The estimated waiting time is about 1 hour, but since our bodies are strictly individual, it may take more time. This mask for the rapid growth of hair at home allows you to achieve growth in just 2 months. And the result is colossal. With frequent repetition of the procedure, namely, every other day, the hair will grow approximately by 7 cm for the estimated period.

Mustard mask for hair growth - a recipe

The best masks for fast hair growth at home
This recipe not only allows you to accelerate hair growth, but also fights fat. To implement it you will need:

• two tablespoons of mustard (dry powder can be purchased at any hypermarket and culinary stores); • egg yolk; • two tablespoons of vegetable oil; • two tea spoons of sugar; • Two tablespoons of hot water.

We mix all components, except for liquid, we add it in the last turn. Apply the mask on the hair and wrap, as indicated in previous recipes. Keep the mask on your head for up to 1 hour and wash off with shampoo with water. If you have dry hair, then it is recommended to apply a mask once in 10 days, and for normal - once in 5 days. What do you think will be the effect of this mask? About 3 cm monthly increase in length.

Oil masks for quick hair growth

The best masks for fast hair growth at home
Masks for the rapid growth of hair, made on the basis of oil - an old recipe. The fastest mix is sunflower oil mask, hot applied to the hair. Next, put on a plastic bag and a towel on his head. With such a consistency it is best to go to bed. In the morning, wash off the oil with shampoo and water.

Also, there is a more complicated mask for hair density and rapid growth. It will require:

• two tablespoons of olive oil; • two tablespoons of burdock oil; • 10 drops of vitamins A and E.

All the ingredients are available, without difficulties, they can be found on the shelves. Mix all the described components, heat in a water bath, apply to hair and hold for at least an hour. Oils should be alternated, that is, in one procedure, use olive oil, and in the second - burdock oil. Combining two oils at the same time is not recommended. The order of application is every other day. The result - up to 4 cm monthly.

Hair Mask with Cognac and Onion

Most do not tolerate the smell of onions, but imagine if it blows over your head? Here you have to choose: either an excellent result or the absence of an unpleasant smell!

The mask will require:

• one tablespoon of brandy; • one teaspoon of lemon juice; • one tablespoon of honey; • one onion, crushed on a grater or its juice.

The best masks for fast hair growth at home
The mixture is applied to the hair, with the help of a package and a towel the necessary temperature is maintained, and the mask is worn for an hour. Then it is just washed off with warm water, and 2 cm per month provided.

Hair mask with dimexidum

The best masks for fast hair growth at home
The basis of this mask includes the drug - dimexide. It is sold in pharmacies and serves both for the healing of burns and for hair growth. To create a mixture you need:

• two teaspoons of Dimexidum; • 2 teaspoons of vitamin A and E in oil; • two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

All the ingredients are mixed, put it on the hair roots, envelop as indicated in the above recipes and wait about an hour. The course is held once a week, and the effect is 1.5 cm per month.

Applying the masks described for rapid hair growth, it is important to understand how much hair grows per month under normal conditions. On average, curls reach a height of 1-2 cm. Again, this feature is purely individual. Who has hair grows pretty bad, you should use the recipes for homemade hair masks. In no case will they be harmful, but, on the contrary, in addition to good length they will add brilliance and pomp. Before the procedure, you need to understand what your result is aimed at. After all, the choice of mask will depend on it.

Useful fact

Washing your hair is a simple matter. But, it should also be done correctly. Every time before taking a bath, comb your hair well. After washing, do not twist or squeeze them. Gently touch the water with a towel, and then tie it on the head for a while. If you use the conditioner, then it is applied strictly on the ends, and shampoo - on the roots. You can apply shampoo several times in one wash and then rinse it off well. Never wash your hair with hot water. The optimum temperature should be up to 37.2 degrees Celsius.

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