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Some girls, having visited the seaside resorts, bring from there not only souvenirs and good mood, but also pigtails braided on their hair. There are many different types of weaving. One of the most popular are Thai braids. They are allowed to braid, even adolescents, as a special weaving, unlike the African-braids, is not dangerous for hair.

Description of Thai braids

Thai braids are also called ropes differently, in appearance they are not very different from afrokos. But the internal content has significant differences: in the weaving of ropes is not used artificial material. Therefore, strands for Thai braids should be long and thick. Medium hairs are also allowed, but pigtails look less impressive on them. As a rule, braids that are woven on children's hair are thicker. This is done for the purpose of their safe blooming, as in the thick pigtail the curls are less damaged. On average, braided from 100 to 300 braids. The optimal is 150-200 pieces. The ends of the hair are fixed with rubber bands. In the hair, at the request of the client, beads or threads can be included. Weaving the required number of braids will take from an experienced master from 3 to 5 hours. In most cases, Thai braids are combined with French afrokosichkami or Braid. The combination of different types of weaving adds variety to the hairstyle.

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Positive and negative sides of weaving of Thai braids

Braided Thai braids, of course, have their advantages.

  • Ready hairstyle does not require daily styling and adjustments.
  • In Thai braids, medium or long hair is less damaged than in common afrokos.
  • In the latter, the ends are often sealed with fire or boiling water, which undoubtedly harms the hair.
  • You can braid Thai braids at home.
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But Thai braids, unfortunately, have disadvantages. For example:

  • They can not be worn for more than a month.
  • Frequent washing of the head does not prolong the life of the scythe; from this they only get confused and the hairstyle loses its appearance.
  • Shampoo for washing the head should be selected without additives.
  • After washing, spit need to gently blot a towel from top to bottom.
  • The use of a hair dryer is not welcome, because after it the curls become fluffy.
  • It is advisable to wash your hair in the afternoon, so that the hair naturally dried up until the evening.
  • Thai braids can only afford owners of thick hair. Otherwise weaving will look very thin and lifeless.
  • This is not the end of the Thai braid. They can not be braided on short hair, the length should be at least shoulder length.

How to braid Thai braids yourself

The simplest braids easily braid at home. All actions must be performed step by step.

  1. First, clean, dry strands should be divided into small squares.
  2. Then from each select three identical strands of thickness and braid a simple braid.
  3. To shave less fluffed or electrified, you can use smoothing protective sprays.
  4. The advantages of such weaving at home are that it does not require cash expenditures. Every girl can braid such hairstyle.

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Unlike simple, more complex options, it turns out to be done not for all girls. At home, weaving Thai braids can be varied arc partitions or thin French braids on the head. If you want the weaving to be smoother and parting even, then it is better to turn to a professional. He will always tell you the best way to make hair that fits the shape of your face.

Video: Thai braid weaving lessons

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