Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions
Tape hair extensions - This technology is cold build. The essence of this technology is that strands of necessary length are attached to their own hair; this happens with the help of a special adhesive tape or, in other words, polymer tape. In a different way, this technology is called tressovaya.

Extension technology

The strands are mounted at a distance of about 2 mm from the roots of their own hair, which eliminates the discomfort when wearing these strands, since the stress on the hair bulb is minimal. You can wear such hair for 2 months, then a correction is needed. During the correction, you can use the same strands, and several times. The adhesive is removed with a special solution and then a new polymer layer is applied. Such a procedure does not spoil the artificial strand.

In our time there are two main technologies of tape hair extensions. it German technology - Hair Talk and Italian - Angelohair. German technology involves sticking tape with a polymer adhesive layer. And the Angelohair technology uses keratin-based strands that are attached using an acrylic composition.

Angelohair Tape Hair Extension Video

Advantages of tape extension:

- Full safety for your own hair. This is achieved by the fact that this technology eliminates the use of high temperatures and substances that can damage the hair. - Speed. The master takes no more than an hour for this procedure .- Wearing time. With timely correction strands are worn for a year! - Versatility. That is, the result does not depend on the type of hair, on the structure and thickness of its own hair.

Cons tape build:

- Restricted hairstyles. Some attachments of strands may be visible in some hairstyles. - Cost. Hair extensions according to this method are somewhat more expensive than extensions using hot technology with the help of capsules.

Care for hair extensions.

Extensive hair should be combed more often, it should be done starting from the tips. When washing your head, do not tilt it forward, and you do not need to rub shampoo into the hair roots. Use the necessary tools designed specifically to care for hair extensions. Read more about hair care here.

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