Tangle teezer comb - features and types

Tangle Teezer - a comb about which every girl knows. Not so long ago, she won the hearts of long-haired beauties and retains its popularity. Let's see what is the secret of the Tangle Teaser comb and is it really so unique?

Tangle Teezer comb - features and types

The history of the creation of combs Tangle Teezer

Tangle teezer - This is a fashionable hairbrush with a unique design. The product was made in England relatively recently: just a few years ago. But the comb has already managed to gain the trust of customers from around the world. For example, the duchess Kate Middleton claims to enjoy using this comb.

Tangle Teezer was manufactured in 2007. The product is created by the hairdresser. Shaun P. He presented his invention on the well-known television show “Sharks of Business”. Unfortunately, the English businessmen could not appreciate Tangle Teezer. None of the billionaires decided to invest in this invention. Popularity to Tangle Teezer came a little later.

Features of the English comb Tangle Teezer

The product is presented in various color variations. Soft teeth of the product gently massage the scalp, accelerating the process of hair growth. Therefore, after a few weeks you can see positive changes.

Benefits of the Tangle Teaser Comb:

Neat unravels the hair without hurting them. It has a beneficial effect on the scalp, thanks to its massage properties. It can comb wet hair. Compact, comfortable and light. Reduces hair loss. Helps to get rid of split ends. Head massage

Disadvantages of Tangle Teaser: Hairbrush electrifies hair Thick hair is difficult to comb, as the teeth are short In fact, wet hair is also not always possible to comb The lack of a handle turned out to be an inconvenience for many, as the comb can slip out of hands. High Cost The original comb tangle teaser is not commercially available, can only be ordered online. At the same time a lot of fakes.

How does a popular comb work?

The product has special teeth made of elastic material. They have different stiffness and length, which is why unpleasant sensations arise when combing hair. The product quickly unravels naughty strands. Soft teeth do not leave scratches on the scalp. They keep their shape perfectly. The comb teeth smoothly glide through the hair, without tightening the naughty curls into knots. Therefore, the comb can be used immediately after a shower. It gives hair smoothness and extra volume.

Varieties of products

The original

Tangle Teezer comb - features and types

The first version of the comb Tangle Teaser - permanent classics. The comb conveniently lies in a hand and combines all above described functions. The cost of approximately 1000r.

Compact Styler

Tangle Teezer comb - features and types

Compact version of the Tangle Teezer comb. Includes a cover that closes the teeth. It is convenient to take it with you every day or, for example, on a trip. It also has a variety of colors! Such comb is ideal for a female handbag! Price comb Tangle Teezer Compact is 1200r.

Aqua splash

Tangle Teezer comb - features and types

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Comb - for combing wet hair. The cloves are made of flexible material. This model of comb is designed specifically for wet hair care. The main advantage of the comb is that the product has a waterproof coating. It is easy to clean. With this comb you can evenly distribute the balm for the hair along the entire length of the strands. The product has an elongated shape. The comb can be used after taking a bath or undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Salon elite

Tangle Teezer comb - features and types

The hairbrush looks very similar to The Original, but it has a larger size. It also has a semicircular shape. This comb is suitable for thick, curly and unruly hair.

Magic flowerpot

Tangle Teezer comb - features and types

Hairbrush Magic Flowerpot is designed specifically for the care of children's hair. It is made from environmentally friendly material and is safe for the delicate skin of the baby. The approximate cost of the product is 1200 rubles. The comb is made in the shape of a beautiful flower. It is located in a comfortable glass, which easily turns into a small box for storing children's hair ornaments. The hairbrush reduces hair breakage, quickly straightens the disobedient curls of little beauties.

Tangle Teezer Men's Compact Groomer

Tangle Teezer comb - features and types

The fair sex can get a Tangle Teezer Men's Compact Groomer set of two combs as a gift to her life partner. Products made of plastic. They are small in size. Hair brushes easily comb unruly and tough hair. They are suitable for men with thin and weak hair.

How can you distinguish the original from a fake?

The comb should be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer. There you can buy only original products.

Tangle Teezer comb - features and types

Buyer need to pay attention to the following details:

This Tangle Teezer comb is manufactured in the UK. On the seams of the comb should not be cracks, traces of glue and other pronounced defects. On the package with the original product there is a quality mark of the English manufacturer (two small strips). From a distance, you can take such a notch for a scratch. There is no such distinction on the package with low-quality Chinese fake. A woman needs to know that a real hairbrush from an English manufacturer cannot cost too much. The approximate price of the product is 1000 -1200 rubles (depending on the model of the comb). The bristles of the original product should be smooth and neat. By production of a hairbrush flexible plastic is used. It is not deformed or damaged during long-term transportation of the goods. Chinese goods are often made of poor quality plastic. Delivery of goods is quite fast. Buyer can get the original item in the nearest post office. Provided and the possibility of courier delivery. Therefore, there is no need to purchase low-quality goods from unscrupulous manufacturers.

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