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tail hairstyle variations

Almost all girls hairstyle tail of the hair, made with his own hands, is associated with a mischievous childhood. It is at this time that girls often do tails, complementing them with various elements and bows. But the hairstyle with a tail is also relevant for girls and women. Thus, hairstyles from the tail with bangs or without it have no age limit, they are very practical and always look stylish.

Hairstyles with a tail choose for themselves both celebrities and housewives. The classic hairstyle with a tail has recently acquired many variations, for example, high or low, single-level or graded, with or without braids.

How to make fashionable tails at home. Instruction

High tail with braided braids

This stylish hairstyle in various versions is now incredibly popular. Each girl can learn to do it yourself. The hairstyle is performed step by step:

  1. Comb the hair. Separate the parietal part with an even parting.
  2. Strands of the occipital and temporal areas to collect in the tail of the desired height.
  3. From the parietal zone you need to braid one or more braids. This will be the main focus of hair.

weaving with flowers

If the decision is made to make one braid, then it should be braided in the form of a crescent from one side of the forehead to the other. In this case, strands for the French braid can only be taken from the top of the crown, skipping the frontal locking of the fence. As a result, the spit can partly replace the bang. The free edge of the spit should go through the temporal zone to the tail. The remaining hair after weaving can close the gum, securing the tail invisible.

Another variant of this styling includes two braids and a long tail of hair. Parting between the braids is performed at the request of the girl. In this embodiment, the strands for weaving can be taken on both sides. Braids join with a tail stealth or rubber bands.

  1. Pull the ends of the iron.
  2. Too fluffy at the ends of the curls do not look very attractive. Therefore, if possible, they should be straightened.
  3. If you want to give a ponytail volume, it is better to perform a small bouffant at its base.

High tail with pile

This hairstyle on the tail is perfect for relaxing in a cafe or going to the club. If you reduce the height of the pile, then the styling will be appropriate for study. The scheme for the implementation of hairstyles high tail with a pile at home:

girl in white dress

  1. Comb the hair and separate the parietal zone in a circular parting.
  2. Take the remaining curls in the high tail and securely fasten with rubber band.
  3. Hide the gum, separating the thin strand of the tail.
  4. Bend your head forward and comb the curls from the parietal zone. The pile is performed on thin strands. Comb movements go from tips to roots. Each individual strand is slightly fixed with varnish. Strands near the line of the forehead can be left without a pile, as they will close it. In the case when the girl has a special brush to create a pile, you can do it on all the hair. Small bristles can smooth even the largest bouffant.
  5. Bring your head to the normal position and lay the comb in the right direction. Optionally, you can take it to the side or leave in the center.
  6. The loose strands left after the pile should be twisted into a rope and twisted around the gum.

Instructions for creating a tail flashlight do it yourself

The tail flashlight, like any other hairstyle on the tail, is performed in stages:

three hollywood divas

  1. Before you start styling your hair you need to curl on the curlers average diameter.
  2. Curls to collect in the high tail and securely hook with a rubber band.
  3. Close the base of the tail fine strand hair.
  4. Tight tie the hair in the tail with an elastic band in their tone. Repeat the procedure several times over the entire length of the hair.
  5. Curly curls between the rubber bands will create lanterns. If it seems that their volume is insufficient, then always inside them you can make a bouffant to give even greater volume.
  6. Secure the styling varnish.

Spinning hair with a tail

This version of the hairstyle from the tail is suitable for owners of long hair of the same length. In all other cases, it will push hard and create a feeling of untidiness. At home, the implementation of such a tail should start with straightening hair ironing, if necessary. Instructions how to step through the entwined tail of the hair:

blond model

  1. Brush hair. Collect them in a low long tail in the center or to the side. Hide the elastic hair strand, secure them invisible.
  2. Separate two small strands and twist their tails with crossings or twists. The tips of the strands should be fastened together with a rubber band to match the hair and for the time being leave this way.
  3. Repeat this operation again. If necessary, you can make six strands, if the hair is very thick.
  4. When all the strands are fixed, you need to fasten them with one large rubber band or barrette.

The peculiarity of laying is that the strands can be tied together in a knot or even twisted. It is worth remembering that all these elements will be obtained only if the strands twist the tail from different directions.

Bow. Hairstyle on the tail

Even the simplest tail of hair will become more attractive if you add a bow to it. The resulting styling is quite suitable for receiving guests, and for visiting the restaurant. Bow in the tail is best obtained on medium and long hair. Hair setting in a bow is carried out step by step:

bow in packing

  1. Hair need to comb to the side and collect it in a low tail. The rubber in this case should be as thin as possible. In some cases, the most simple clerical gum for money will be appropriate.
  2. From the tail must be separated strand, about a quarter thick hair.
  3. From the resulting strands make a loop at the base of the tail about 7 cm long. Fasten it with an elastic band.
  4. From the further length of the strand, bend another loop of the same size. Secure it with the same rubber band as the previous one. The free edge of the hair should be hidden under the resulting bow.
  5. The core of the bow should be hidden by hair. To do this, from the remaining long curls you need to choose two thin strands and twist around them a place where the elastic on the bow is visible. After performing its function, the strands diverge in different directions and are fixed invisible under the bow.

This operation is easier if you use a special device for threading hair. It is an enlarged needle with an eye many times over. A pin is inserted into this ear and passed through the bow. In this case, hair tail with a bow looks more neat. If necessary, the spinning is hooked on by the invisible in the color of the head of hair. The styling looks great with bangs. On the thick hair of the girl will look beautiful two tails with bows.

Horse tail wrapped

This version of the tail can be used as an independent installation, and as its element. The ponytail curl fits all and can be performed on individual strands or the entire head of hair. Step-by-step execution scheme:

two blonde models

  1. Assemble the tail and fix it with a thin rubber band.
  2. Move the gum a few inches from the base of the tail.
  3. At the head, divide the hair into two equal parts, push them apart.
  4. In the resulting window, thread the entire tail and carefully tighten.

This hairstyle tail perfectly complement the female image for every day.

Video: three beautiful variations of hairstyle tail

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