Sulfate-free hair shampoos - choose the best

Sulfate-free shampoos become megapopular. And this is not just another fashion trend. Such tools are actually effective and safe. Let us see what exactly their advantages are, and whether there are any weak points. And also learn how to choose and use such products. But first, let's decide whether it is scary sulfates and what they are.

Sulfate-free hair shampoos - choose the best

SLS sulfates in shampoos: what it is and how it works

Such an abbreviation means the presence of salts of sulfuric acid. Manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals have been widely used by these additives since the beginning of the last century.

There are two main reasons for this:Minimum investment; Maximum effect.

Interacting with water, sulphate oxidizes and forms abundant foam. Sulfuric acid minerals do an excellent job with any pollution. Therefore, such compounds are added to the composition of cleaning products, toothpaste, gels, etc.

What are these substances bad? The problem is that the active components, cleansing the scalp and curls, destroy the hair structure and the protective layer of the skin. Experts have come to the unequivocal conclusion that prolonged use of sulfates is harmful. The remains of substances cannot be completely washed off, they have a detrimental effect on the epidermis and thin the follicles.

The negative effects of sulphate on hair are as follows:

- Irritation, peeling; - Allergic reactions; - Dryness, weakening of the cuticle, keratin fibers; - Increased electrification of the hairstyle; - Enhanced dandruff; - Split ends; - Dye washing; - Rapid contamination of hair.

Innovative cosmetics are complemented by ingredients that neutralize the harmful effects of sulfates. However, this is not the best alternative. If you care about the health of the scalp and curls, use sulfate free hair shampoos.

About them a little more below, but for now let's finish with the salts. When choosing hair care formulations, avoid the following labels on packages: SLES; ALS; ALES; SLS.

Sulphate-free shampoos: principle of operation

A natural question arises: if the function of salts is in cleansing the skin and hair, then how are compositions without such substances coping with this? Sulfate-free shampoos contain natural cleansing ingredients.. Such a replacement acts softer, more delicate. The most common types of organics include:

Betaine - herbal supplement that enhances the protective properties of hair. The source is sugar beet.

Lauryl sulfoacetate - organic matter derived from coconut or palm oil. It is a soap agent.

Monosodium glutamate - natural antioxidant.

Lauryl Sulfo Betaine - the natural component forming foam.

Cocamidopropyl betaine - natural antiseptic and antistatic.

Decyl glucoside. The source is corn starch and coconut oil. Promotes gentle cleansing of the scalp and hair.

These and other natural ingredients provide gentle care. But before choosing one or another option, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the specific advantages and disadvantages of such products. The individual approach is important. Consider the features of your hair, skin type, lifestyle, frequency of gels and varnishes, and other nuances.

Sulfate-free shampoos: the pros and cons

First, let's talk about what you lose, giving preference to natural ingredients in the shampoo.

Sulfate-free hair shampoos - choose the best

Disadvantages of a sulphate-free shampoo

Less foam.Let us recall what we said at the beginning: minerals foam well, and shampoos without such active elements, on the contrary, form a minimum of foam.

The inability to wash the silicone without residue. If you are intensively using gels and varnishes, then be prepared that the sulfate-free remedy will not cope with 100% cleansing.

The disappearance of the volume.A pile will no longer be as fluffy as when using sulphate detergent cosmetics.

Failure to fight dandruff.The soft action of organic matter is not able to destroy the fungus. In such situations, you need a comprehensive treatment.

Speaking about the shortcomings of non-sulfate shampoos, it is necessary to mention such a thing as financial and temporary spending. Natural remedies are always more expensive than chemistry, it is well known. The consumption of such a product is also higher, and more time is required for washing the head, especially when it comes to thick and long hair.

The gentle effect of organic shampoos will not be immediately noticeable. You will notice that the artificial shine will disappear, the volume of hair. This can be called an adaptation. The restoration of curls and scalp is a long process. Have patience, and after a month or two after applying a sulfate-free shampoo, enjoy a healthy and beautiful hairdo.

Advantages of sulfate-free hair shampoo:

Fully washed off, does not cause irritation, allergies; Do not destroy the protective layer of the skin, follicles and cuticles; Nourish and strengthen the skin, hair follicles; Do not wash off coloring pigments; Restore acid balance and generally heal curls and skin, Improve hair growth; Render a long-lasting cleansing effect - the curls do not get clogged for a long time, they become less polluted; They have no contraindications; they are distinguished by the absence of sharp aromas.

Highly recommended sulphate-free keratin shampoos. Since the products containing minerals of sulfuric acid, wash out the elements necessary for straightening hair. If you wash your head with a sulphate-containing compound, the effect after the procedure will simply disappear.

Features of the use of shampoos without sulfates

So you decided to switch to organic detergents. What you need to know about use? We have already mentioned a rather long recovery period. Since the natural ingredients act gently and gradually, it takes some time to see and feel the effect. But this is not the momentary beauty of hair, and the health of the skin and hair.

If you often use gels or lacquers, in order to completely wash them in combination with sulfate-free shampoos, use additional tools.

You are the owner of long hair, then every time you wash your hair, wash your hair several times and rinse thoroughly. Safe shampoo has such a delicate effect that at the beginning of the application it does not cope with excess sebum. But, feeding and strengthening, hair and skin are gradually restored, and the work of the sebaceous glands is stabilized. The absence of toxins and the beneficial effects of natural ingredients eventually normalize any type of hair.

Attention! Many sulfate-free products must be stored at low temperatures. Therefore, before using the liquid you need to warm up a little in the palms.

Sulfate-free shampoos: list

More modern manufacturers are refusing to use toxic substances, offering consumers natural products. Of the most reliable, proven firms producing non-sulfate shampoos, companies stand out Johnson Baby, Nature Siberika, Vichy, Sёss, Vella, Estelle, L'Oreal.

In order to choose a safe and effective headwashing product, we offer a rating of the best formulations without sulfates.

Sulfate-free hair shampoos - choose the best
1. Line Natura Siberika.

This Russian company offers several varieties of shampoos. There are shampoos for weakened and colored curls, for sensitive skin, for hair care after salon procedures. The compositions are characterized by a high content of natural beneficial elements: raspberry and mountain ash, fir and yarrow, essential oils and glycerin will take care of your hair. In addition, products under this brand will be cheaper than many other similar products.

Sulfate-free hair shampoos - choose the best
2. Remedy for Loreal for colored hair.

Delicate color - shampoo, which will retain a rich color after dyeing. Taurine will take care of the lipid layer of each hair, and the action of panthenol will give the locks extra strength and elasticity. Thanks to magnesium, vitamin E, special filters from UV radiation, the hair will be reliably protected from the negative effects of external factors. Chamupne Loreal Delicate Color is well established among the fair sex, many women noted that the hair became softer.

Sulfate-free hair shampoos - choose the best
3. Estelle Moisturizing Shampoo without sulfates.

Estel Aqua Otium contains amino acids, nicotinic acid, proteins, lactose. Thanks to these components, the hair is intensively moisturized, without becoming heavy, becoming soft, but strong. While maintaining the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, additionally nourishing with beneficial microelements and vitamins, this composition is intended for long-term and frequent use. Great for hair after the procedure of keratin straightening and other salon procedures.

Sulfate-free hair shampoos - choose the best

It is worth mentioning the products of the Russian firm "Grandmother Agafi's Recipes". In addition to the absence of sulphates, shampoos of this brand are extremely valued by buyers due to the affordable cost and unique composition of Siberian herbs.

List of sulfate free shampoos

Sulfate-free shampoo up to 500r.

ESTEL PROFESSIONAL, Intensive Moisturizing Shampoo / OTIUM AQUA. Price for 250ml - 450r. KAPOUS, Shampoo "Keratin" / Magic Keratin. Price 300ml - 430R.SYOSS Supreme Selection Revive, Price 250ml - 250R. Recipes grandmother Agafi, Shampoo "Tonic". Price 360 ​​ml - 70r. Natura Siberica, Sea-buckthorn shampoo for normal and dry hair "Intense moisturizing". The price is 400 ml - 350 rub. NATURA SIBERICA, Neutral Shampoo, The price 400 ml - 370 rubles.

Up to 1000r.

KAARAL, Repairing Shampoo for Damaged Hair / Reale Intense Nutrition Shampoo. Price 250ml - 800R. MATRIX, Shampoo for badly damaged hair / BIOLAZH KERATINDOZ. Price 250ml - 820r.BAREX, Shampoo to add volume with sea buckthorn oil and cucumber oil / CONTEMPORA. Price 1000ml - 900W.WELLA, Renewing Shampoo / ELEMENTS. Price 250ml - 825r.CocoChoco, INTENSIVE Shampoo, Price 250ml - 850r. L'Oreal Professionnel Delicate Color. Price 250ml - 850r.

Shampoos over 1000r.

KAARAL, Shampoo with hydrolyzed silk and keratin / Colorpro Shampoo. Price 1000 ml - 1700.KAARAL, Nourishing Shampoo / Color Nourishing Shampoo MARAES. Price 250ml - 1300 rub. KERASTASE, Shampoo bath for hair / AURA BOTANIC. Price 250ml - 2050r.KERASTASE, Shampoo bath for smoothness and ease of hair in motion "Fluidist" / DISCIPLINES. Price 250ml - 2050r. OLLIN PROFESSIONAL, shampoo for hair and scalp with bamboo extract / FULL FORCE. Price 300ml - 570R. REDKEN, Shampoo sulfate-free, restoring pH balance for hair blond / BLONDE IDOL. Price 1000ml - 3100R.JOICO, Shampoo sulfate-free for curly hair / CURL CLEANSING SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO. The price of 1000 ml - 3900 rubles. HEMPZ, shampoo vegetable "Garnet" mild moisturizing / Daily Herbal Moisturizing. Price 265ml - 1350r.

Sulfate Free Shampoo Review - Video

The abundance of products based on natural ingredients will allow everyone to make a good choice. Remember that effectiveness depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and hair. Try it, do not be afraid to experiment, because such a sulfate-free cosmetics is harmless, and you will find the best option.

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