Straight straight bang-up selection nuances

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Every girl knows that bangs are an important part of a female hairstyle, which can change the appearance beyond recognition. It is not necessary to change its shape with the help of a haircut, it is enough to have a good aesthetic taste and be able to put it in correctly in order to give your image a new sound. One of the most popular is straight bangs, which allows you to maximize the hidden potential for various reincarnations.

Who is bang straight

Immediately you should make a reservation that direct bangs on long hair is not for everyone. Before you choose a person, you need to consider some of the nuances of appearance:

  • thickness and type of hair;
  • oval face and forehead height;
  • organic whole image.

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So, the owners of curly hair will be fine and without straight bangs. Moreover, the daily straightening of curls is not the best way reflected in their structure. Yes, and elastic curls with straight bangs look unnatural. Undoubtedly, this option is also possible, but it is appropriate in the case when the strands do not curl much.

It is also not necessary to stop your choice on straight bangs for girls who have thin or liquid hair. Smooth bangs only emphasize the lack of volume and density of hair. It is better for such girls to choose a haircut option where it is easier to maintain the volume (oblique or straight torn bangs).

Thick straight bangs go well with long straight curls of medium hardness, and for very hard hair, in order to visually ease the bangs, a “ragged” haircut texture is better suited.

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As for the oval face, smooth bangs are a great option for owners of an oval or round face. For triangular as well as square shapes, straight bangs with “torn” ends are better suited; it will look more harmonious with angular facial features.

Types of straight bangs

According to the technique of cutting, straight bangs are divided into:

  • haircuts in a straight line, with light hair line-up;
  • haircuts in several stages, by layers (the lower layer is shorter, and the upper one is longer).

According to its length, it can also be executed in several versions:

  • short, the edge of which is above the level of the eyebrows;
  • medium length - at the level of the eyebrows;
  • long - below the eyebrows.

Short straight bangs recommended for young ladies who have not very high forehead. She is usually chosen by girls with a cheerful and romantic disposition.

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A smooth bang, which is cut by the level of eyebrows - this is a classic version of the type and form. With undeniable femininity, she gives the appearance of restrained severity.

Long straight bangs - for the mysterious and extravagant ladies. But at any moment it is convenient to transform such a person into a new element of a hairstyle, and thus drastically change the image.

How to lay a straight bang at home

How exactly to put straight bangs to look perfect, because it is not always possible to visit a beauty salon ?! It is enough to learn how to use hair styling devices and apply them yourself.

What may be required for laying at home:

  • hair dryer, hair styling iron, curlers;
  • comb round, flat comb;
  • hairpins, invisible;
  • hoops, ribbons, bandages;
  • varnish, gel or foam.

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Laying short straight bangs

Laying options are entirely dependent on your preferences. You can leave a straight shape by combing it with a comb with large teeth and slightly fixing varnish. Straight bangs on the side fit with a hair dryer. Individual structured strands are fixed in stages by gel or foam.

Medium length bangs

If you have a thick straight bangs, then you need to lay it step by step. Divide the thickness into two halves and first, using a hair dryer and a round comb, tuck in the hair of the first (bottom) layer. Then do the same with the top layer. In this case, arrange the dryer so that the air is blowing from the top down. This will avoid unnecessary "fluff" hair.

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How to make a bang straight with ironing? The scheme is simple. First, apply a thermal protective agent to the hair, a little gel or foam to fix, and stretch the curl through the iron, slightly bending it to the forehead. Manipulate no more than three times so as not to turn the hair into “straw”.

Long bang laying

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Long straight bangs allows you to use several styling options:

  • To open the forehead, you can weave the strands in a braid or arrange them in the "mohawk". For this you need to comb your brow, fold it up and fix it with a decorative hairpin or invisible. Smooth gently to comb your back with a massage brush so that it does not catch the eye.
  • Straight bangs on the side fit with a hair dryer. This is done as follows. Wet strands of gel or wax, combing them in the right direction, fix, directing the flow of air from the roots to the ends with a hair dryer. Then the strand is fastened with the help of stealth or varnish. This type of styling is suitable for any type of person.
  • How to put a straight bang in flagella? The instruction is simple: divide the dry strands of hair of the bang into several parts, roll them into bundles and fasten from above with the help of invisible women. Roll up the protruding ends with a curling iron and carefully lay in accordance with the laying pattern.
  • In addition, you can successfully use for fixing and decoration hoops, ribbons and headbands, picking them up to match the clothes. In this case, the hairstyle will resemble a retro style and harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of a relaxed atmosphere while relaxing at the sea or at a picnic. In this embodiment, straight torn bangs will be securely fixed with a beautiful accessory.

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How to lay an equal bang - decide for yourself. The main condition is to choose an option in which the merits of the person will be emphasized and the disadvantages hidden. Use fantasy and don't be afraid to experiment. Let yourself try on different images, for sure your life will only become brighter!

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