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An experienced master is well aware which haircut will suit a square face. Guided by the basic principles of the selection of haircuts for this type of person, a hairdresser professional will help you choose the most successful option. But most often the girls go to the beauty salon already prepared, with ideas and desires. And, unfortunately, not all ideas are successful, but desires are justified. In order not to leave the barbershop with a sad look and a desire to return time back, read a few tips on choosing a haircut for a square face.

The main criteria for selecting a haircut for a square face

Leafing through glossy magazines and pictures on the Internet, you probably pay attention to the girls of your type. The square shape of the face distinguishes its representatives with clear lines and strict features. This protruding cheekbones, straight chin and cheek line, equal to the line of the forehead. These girls have an interesting appearance that men find very sexy. In order to give the image even more charm, choosing the most female haircuts for a square face type, try to make the lines as soft as possible, avoid strict geometric lines that can make your face overly strict and domineering.

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Eliminate smooth bangs, smooth parting and smooth ends, these are the three main criteria that must be followed when selecting a haircut for a square face. Prefer asymmetry, lightness and "fluffy" curls. To do this, allow the master to use scissors for thinning at its discretion. The more multi-layered the result will be, the smoother and more gentle the strands will be. Consider the most successful options.

Cascade or graduated haircut

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If you have long hair and the master offered you a cascade, then you are in the hands of a barber who knows his business. Cascade or graduated hairstyle is considered by experts to be the best option, providing visual smoothing of clear lines of the face. Ask to make the shortest layer of strands at the level of the chin, this will maximize the shape of the face. For short hair, this option is not suitable, as it can emphasize the massiveness of the chin.


If you consider short haircuts for a square face as an option, perhaps because you want to experiment or wear fashionable short haircuts, turn your attention to bob. But the bean must be right. In the case of a square face type, the bob must be asymmetric or elongated. If you have long or medium hair, you can opt for an elongated front and a shortened version of the haircut. If you have short hair, an asymmetrical bob will do for you.


The creativity of the lines will divert attention from the sharp lines of the face, and the lightness of the strands will smooth out even lines. Wearing a haircut is very simple. You can do your own daily styling in a couple of minutes with your own hands at home. For short hair, this may be a volume styling with foam or embossed strands created with the help of fixing means and fingers. For embossed strands, it is enough to apply the agent on your hands to tousle the curls. Individual strands can be smoothed with wax, for greater effect. If you have naturally wavy curls, you can make an elongated bob, you don’t need to stack it at all. Wavy curls and bob haircut as if made for each other. This option will perfectly beat your face type.



Pixie is a perky short-hairstyle flaunted on many Hollywood stars, including Anne Hathaway, Coco Rocha, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman and others. But for a square face, it is important that the pixie had either a slanting elongated bang, or additional volume at the top of the head, or looked more like an asymmetrical bean. Because super short cut pixie in its minimalist version will only emphasize the smooth lines of the face. In laying pixie will not bring trouble. When self-drying with a hairdryer, it suffices to set the correct direction in the hair, pulling out the curls with a comb, and then separate the strands using wax or hair serum.

Lead the result

Haircut for a square face must have at least one of the listed features:

  • oblique bangs;
  • asymmetry;
  • side parting;
  • layering

If you easily go to experiments, you can also ask the master to play with color. Additional volume at the crown can be created using lighter tones of paint on the top and darker shades on the sides and at the temples.

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When discussing the details of the haircut with the master, describe step by step and step by step how you see yourself the final result. You should not focus on a specific image on the Internet, a scheme or a photo of a star, because the final result depends on many points, including the structure and type of hair, their color and obedience in styling. Therefore, seeing before you any one picture, you, most likely, will be disappointed in the result. Remember that not all haircuts equally "sit" on all girls. A good master will be able to create your individual image, emphasizing the advantages of a square face type, without special instructions, based on your experience.

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