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One of the important elements of the image, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern girl, is a hairstyle. A well-chosen hairstyle will make the look complete and elaborate. In order to conquer those around you with its impeccable look, you need information on how the hairstyles of spring 2015 should be. You will find practical tips that will help you in creating everyday and festive hairstyles, as well as learn about the trends in the hairdressing industry this season. No matter how long your hair is, this spring you will be the most stylish, because fashionable hairstyles spring 2015 have successful options for long-haired girls and for beauties with meek haircuts.

Hairstyles for short hair - choose the best spring version

The owners of short haircuts are lucky this season - they are already in trend. Having gained unprecedented popularity at the end of last year, hairstyles for short hair hold a palm this spring. Of course, if you have a short model haircut, you are deprived of such a choice of styling as long-haired girls have. But still on the short hair, you can apply basic trend tricks.

Comb the strands back

This simple technique produces an uneasy effect: you will fully open your face and, with the help of styling, focus on its features. Virtually every model short haircut allows you to take advantage of this trend, with the exception of ultrashort, such as garcon.

stylish styling

Backing yourself back is easy:

  1. Apply super strong fixation to your hands.
  2. Then run your hands through the strands several times, as if you are gathering curls in the tail from behind.
  3. After that you can fix the result with varnish.

Where to go with such styling? Yes, wherever you want, such a licked haircut is universal and does not impose requirements on your wardrobe.

If you have elongated strands at the top and bangs, you can use the example of the singer Pink and create a combed hairstyle in the style of "punk rock." Here it is necessary to comb elongated strands a little to create volume, and only then comb them back. You can go ahead and shave whiskey on the example of the same daring star, such a bold decision is important for the hairstyle spring summer 2015.

Torn bangs on face

If you have a short haircut with asymmetrical bangs, you can be inspired by the Kenzo spring-summer 2015 collection. All models have haircuts for short hair with torn bangs that cover part of the face. A distinctive feature of styling models is smooth, even strands. Moreover, this trend can be seen not only in Kenzo. This hairstyle is combined with elegant dresses and casual wardrobe.

torn bangs on face

If you like this version of the hairstyle for spring 2015, for self-fulfillment at home you will need a hair straightener and a means to make the strands smooth. For girls with even hair it will be even easier: add shine to hair using fluid. You can use the glitter - fluid Kapous Diamond Dews.

Smooth parting is the trend of spring 2015

Gwyneth Paltrow and Riana

If you have one of the short haircuts, which allows you to part, for example, a bob, a cropped short or a short cascade, you can take advantage of such a spring trend as a flat parting in the styling. Keep in mind that he will make the face more severe and contours clearer. Therefore, you should not use this technique for girls with a square and triangular face shape. By making a smooth parting, you can leave the strands smooth or give them a slight wave.

Medium hair styling - the best spring images of 2015

A variety of styling on medium hair is much more extensive than for a short length. Here you can use such techniques as corrugation, which has become relevant again, or the wet effect, which after a decade will please the girls with its appearance on the fashionable barbershop scene. In addition to various hair styling techniques, girls with medium length, choosing spring hairstyles of 2015, can use simple weaving, tails and knots.

Bundles do not lose popularity

beautiful bunch

Bundles are frequent guests on the catwalks at Fendi and Bottega Veneta spring shows and, perhaps, the most fashionable hairstyles for spring 2015. They were relevant last season and remain relevant in the daily life of girls this spring. This hairstyle is done in minutes and is suitable for any occasion. Last year, special donuts and overlays were used to create volumetric bunches. This year, stylists focus on naturalness and recommend collecting careless tufts of strands without additional bulk designs. The step-by-step scheme for creating such a bundle with your own hands is as follows:

  1. Create the desired volume strands, causing them to lay mousse, you can use the tool SYOSS Volume Lift.
  2. If you have wavy hair, to enhance the effect, press the strands with your hands a little.
  3. Girls with smooth hair can be screwed into a curling iron so that the strands look more interesting in the styling.
  4. Gather the curls in a low tail on the back of your head, you can release a couple of strands from the side and bottom to make the beam even more careless.
  5. Twist the loose ends and secure them with studs.

If this instruction seemed too simple to you, you can complicate the styling by creating more complex strand knots.

Wet effect

wet effect

This well-known technique is well suited for styling on medium hair. For nearly a decade, the wet effect did not appear on the heads of fashionistas, but this year it is again relevant. The main condition is not to cross the thin line between shiny strands with a wet effect and hair with a dirty look. Use a minimum of styling products and do not affect the roots when applying them.

Grunge Style Braids

When choosing hairstyles for spring and summer 2015 for active and vibrant girls with medium strands, you need to pay attention to styling with grunge braids. Braids and all kinds of weaving will help in creating both everyday and festive styling. Here you can give free rein to your imagination. Having mastered a couple of weaving techniques, create interesting shapes on your head using shabby grunge-style pigtails.

grunge pigtails

To give the spit such carelessness, gradually pull curls from the base of the spit to the tip. You can combine in the hair with grunge braids the flute technique, inspired by examples of works by Roberto Belazzi, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. If you made a corrugation along the entire length of the strands, one or two braids will suffice as a rim or on the sides.

Hairdressing trends for long-haired girls

Spring hairstyles for long hair in 2015 surprise and delight. From what you see on the podium, you can try a lot on yourself. Fashion moves in a spiral, and confirmation of this is the return of the forgotten Malvinki. A variety of tails that deserve recognition by girls due to their practicality remain relevant. The main decoration of this spring's hairstyle is healthy, well-groomed strands, and you decide whether to curl them or straighten them.



The return of Malvink's hairstyle for long hair is the most unexpected discovery of spring 2015. Celine and Valentino chose this style for their models. In childhood, Malvinka was made to mothers of girls from practical considerations and the desire of young fashionistas to wear loose curls. And this spring Malvinka will be the choice of elegant and elegant beauties. You can use the corrugation technique for loosely lying strands in this styling, or straighten them with a flat iron.

Color experiments

colorful strands

If you are looking for a non-beat styling option for a party or other unofficial event, use the example of Maxime Simoens and create a celebration of colors on your strands. With the help of colored crayons and tinting hair products, you can give any shade to the strands or individual parts of the head. Wavy curls with individual strands of delicate blue or pink flowers look interesting.

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