Spring haircuts 2015 - we are entering the hair trend

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Spring is ahead, which means it’s time for a change in appearance. To change the usual appearance without effort and special material costs, the girl needs only to have a haircut. This spring encourages experimentation, so if you have long been thinking about a short haircut, it's time to do it. And if you are looking at some bold model with creative forms, why not do it in spring, when you just want to create and change something? This article will help you choose the most trendy version of the haircut spring 2015.

Haircuts for short hair for spring 2015

Short haircuts in this season are particularly relevant and not even just short, but ultra-short. But not every beauty is decided on such an experiment, especially if in order to be in trend, one has to say goodbye to long curls. Fortunately, for each length, there are fashionable haircuts for spring 2015. If you decide on a short length, you can consider one of the following options.

Garson is a bold spring decision


This model is suitable for all types of hair, it looks equally beautiful on smooth, even strands and curly curls. Garson is considered a classic haircut for short hair, but this spring makes its own changes: now the garcon has torn lines, stepped strands, and the styling “I have just woken up” makes this strict, in its traditional version, haircut very cheerful and playful. This version of the haircut spring 2015 will give your image of sexuality and make you look a little younger. Garson is easy to install, you need to "beat up" strands with your own hands, applying wax on your fingertips for styling or mousse.

Pixie is the favorite of spring 2015

This haircut for short hair coming in the spring is also subject to changes in its traditional look.


  • In the pixie, the hair above the ears and the back of the head is of short length, while the bulk of the hair falls on the top of the head.
  • Spring haircuts in 2015 offer a modification of pixies with shaved temples and an extremely short nape. But this option is suitable only for girls with an oval or round face, and preferably with a fragile physique.
  • If you have a triangular or square face, but you have been dreaming of a pixie for a long time, give preference to elongated asymmetrical bangs. She visually balances the proportions of your face and gives her hair smooth lines.

Short bob

Probably, two identical bean is very difficult to find. This model is so multifaceted that each of its execution is individual and unique. Bob is the best option for girls who want to stand out from the crowd and vividly declare themselves. The bean is universal, as it is suitable for any type and structure of strands. The amount of hair is achieved by a multi-stage graduation of curls. If we talk about fashionable haircuts spring 2015, first of all you need to note bob with long bangs. It is a favorite among bean varieties. But you need to choose a bean, first of all, focusing on external data, the shape of the face and the type of girl's hair.

short bob

In order to make the daily styling at home itself, you do not need complex step-by-step schemes, because the curls will go correctly on their own. All you need is to separate the strands with your fingers in order to enhance the effect of graduation and fix the result with varnish.

Fashion models spring 2015 on medium hair

Haircuts for medium hair spring summer 2015 are vividly demonstrated by the models of the leading fashion houses from the catwalks - these are shows of Burberry Prorsum, Donna Karan, Chloe, Roberto Cavalli. Romantic motifs and natural strands dominate here. The main decoration of the hair is a beautiful natural color of curls. If you choose shoulder length, turn your attention to one of the following options.

Four of a Knee-Length for Romantic Natures

If it were possible to hold the nomination “The most romantic haircuts for spring and summer 2015 on medium hair”, the palm would hold the square to the shoulders.

quads to shoulder

  • This season, this haircut will look more advantageous without bangs or with elongated bangs laid on two sides.
  • Beautifully looks square to the shoulders, both on smooth strands and curly. In the latter version, the image will be even more romantic and easy.
  • The combination of smooth roots and curly tips does not lose relevance.

Ask your hairdresser for instructions on how to apply this haircut step by step. This length allows you to perform some simple hairstyles, but above all, suggests loose curls.

Extended bean - the perfect choice for wavy strands

If your curls have a beautiful curl from nature, you need to try to make an elongated bob.

elongated bean

  • For girls with such a hair structure, this haircut looks very feminine, moreover, it is such light negligence in the style of “beach styling” that is achieved on wavy hair that is very relevant this spring.
  • The most successful length is below the chin.
  • It is better to refuse bangs, but if your forehead is too high, you can make oblique bangs to the side. But even bangs for wavy hair are not recommended for practical reasons.
  • To diversify this haircut, you can do the parting part, then even, and each time the elongated bob will look different.

Fashionable haircuts of this spring for long hair

Spring haircuts in 2015 for long hair tend to make their mistress as natural as possible and demonstrate the beauty of healthy curls. And only girls with healthy strands can afford to wear haircuts for long hair.

spectacular blondes

  • The 2015 fashion shows by Thomas Tait, Simone Rocha and Jonathan Saunders clearly demonstrate the relevance of natural-colored strands that lie carelessly on their shoulders.
  • Smooth or wavy, whatever the nature of your hair, this season let them be real.
  • As for haircuts and shapes, the most trendy option is straight ends of the same length in combination with straight or very low side parting without a fringe.
  • If your hair is very thin and you can not do without the additional volume, you can give preference to the cascade. This model has become an eternal classic, with it you will look stylish.

Choose your new image, do not be afraid to experiment, give yourself the joy of change. Remember that the main decoration of any head of hair - healthy curls.

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