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Spray Ultra Hair Systems

Such a tool as an Ultra Hair System hair spray has literally become overgrown with rumors and mixed opinions on the web. Some real reviews authoritatively say that the spray for hair growth Ultra Hair System not only does not justify the cost of the purchase, but can also harm the weak locks. Another category is customer reviews, insanely happy with a successful purchase. But the presence of a number of banners for the distributor of Ultra Hire systems and the “buy now” buttons can devalue any feedback that is most sincere in appearance.

Taking into account the real proposals to earn on custom comments, you need to treat such opinions with a skepticism. Usually similar "real reviews" placed together with a photo of supposedly own hair, which changes step by step (only for the better, and not more than 2 weeks). These transformations are so striking that they do not cause a sensible person anything but an indulgent smile.

Where is the truth, and what really is an ultra hair system hair oil - let's try to figure it out in stages below.

The official version: the composition of the activator ultra hair system

Spray ultra hair systems, according to the seller, is made by a large company from the USA. This a priori causes respect, and also explains why the price of this product is three times higher than that of its counterparts.

alopecia treatment

The tool is positioned as an activator of hair growth, which adds volume, smoothness and shine and reduces their loss. These comprehensive tasks are the Ultra Hair System hair spray that is solved by its innovative (and almost completely natural) composition. Indeed, the manufacturer’s website lists proven effective components, namely:

  • Burr oil. Activation of “sleeping” hair follicles, restoration of damaged structure - and, as a result, thicker strands with no signs of split ends;
  • Argan oil. It is added to moisturize and care for the scalp;
  • Coconut oil. Coconut contributes to more intensive blood circulation in the epidermis, which means that the hair follicles are provided with nutrients and much more efficient oxygen. Ultra hair system hair oil can make curls more elastic;
  • Squeeze from calamus root. The extract of this plant must fight dandruff and is used to moisturize the scalp;
  • Chamomile flowers have antibacterial properties, reduce the risk of allergies and soothe the skin;
  • Cinnamon oil According to the manufacturer, the spray ultra hair systems not only promotes growth, but also restores the hair in a short time. All this is largely due to the squeeze of this plant.

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As we can see, ultra hair system hair oil is primarily a wonderful blend of natural ingredients that really struggle with the problem of loss and deterioration of the appearance of curls. Using these components, it is almost impossible to harm oneself.

In addition to the above vegetable oils and extracts, the Ultra Hair System hair growth spray includes:

  • Vitamin A. It has a healing effect on the roots and directly on the strands;
  • Vitamin E. Exceptionally effective for restoring the structure and elasticity of not only the hair, but also the skin.

The nature of the effect: how to stop the fallout

A company that advertises and promotes ultra hair systems spray, it is quite logical and smoothly explains why people with “balding hair” and “bald spots” in their hair, after one month of regular use of miracle products, grow a young growth of soft hairs. Here is the scheme by which the Ultra Hair System hair growth spray works:

  1. Natural dietary supplements and oils of plant origin in a short time begin to act on the follicle and lengthen the hair growth phase. Theoretically, they are able to block the mechanism of alopecia for both men and women;
  2. The second principle already known to us in hair care is the presence of keratin particles in the composition of the product. This component significantly strengthens the structure, makes the hair holistic and resistant to damage.

hair growth activator

The undeniable advantage of the miracle oil is the ability to carry out procedures with it at home. On the assurances of online consultants who tell about the tool before the sale, the care will take no more than 5 minutes a day.

Application features and results

It's time to take a look at the instructions that came with the original spray oil package. It states the following:

  1. It is necessary to apply the spray on dry clean curls, carefully distribute;
  2. Perform a few delicate massage movements, gently rubbing the oil into the scalp.

The time of exposure means regulate independently: you can leave it for an hour or all night, covering his head with a hat. As customer reviews show, the procedure, though simple, is unpleasant.

That is, the miracle oil has real drawbacks, and quite a few:

  • Sticky and fatty substance has an intense sweet smell, which will have to put up several hours a day;
  • Before going out to the head, you will definitely need to wash it (perhaps more than once). Otherwise, the hair gets very untidy and simply "dirty" look;
  • Some of the customers are unhappy with the side effects: itching, irritation, increased dandruff.

thick hair

According to customer reviews, most people who did not like the Ultra Hair System hair spray doubt that they have purchased the original product. Packing defects, label inconsistencies to the name, color and texture of the substance different from those stated on the website are sufficient reason to suspect fraud.

A few words about the price

The price of American hair oil at different sites is almost unchanged: 990 rub. plus shipping (from 300r). This is a powerful additional incentive to buy 3 bottles at once - after all, savings on a courier or postal service are obvious. But experienced advise not to rush and order one bottle for starters (per sample).

The cost is not prohibitively high, but it will be a pity for this money: in case the tool does not suit you or it does harm, the money will most likely not be returned. It is easy to buy in one click, and the return procedure is many times more complicated - real stories of lovers of beauty experiments at home speak about it.

However, concerns about the quality of overseas natural mix should not interfere with self-care. It is very easy to buy burdock oil at a pharmacy, which costs about 50 rubles, and make masks with it for the night a couple of times a week. And on other days, try applications from coconut oil (in its natural form, it has a rather pleasant texture), or rinse locks with medicinal decoction of chamomile.

original packaging

Of course, this may take a little more time, but questions about the quality of cosmetics and fakes will disappear by themselves.

If you have tried this wonderful tool and want to share the results of its use with other people, then leave your comments below the article. We will definitely publish them, and it does not matter whether your feedback is positive or negative.

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