Sports hairstyles for girls

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Sports hairstyles for girls help them calmly exercise, while remaining beautiful and well-groomed. Not all styling is suitable for sports, because many of them can easily be worn out even with the slightest movement. Therefore, girls usually do something special with their hair that does not prevent them from running, jumping and actively moving. In our article you will find step-by-step diagrams and instructions telling how sports hairstyles are made for short hair, as well as medium and long hair.

Variations of sports hairstyles


The tail is the most popular women's sports hairstyle. It is done in just a few seconds, which is what active girls love. To somehow diversify the tail, it can be done on the crown or side. Also, two tails look very playfully, or one thin, smoothly moving into the other, more massive.

tail on the head for playing sports

Hairstyles for athletes - it is often the tails. The famous "carrier" of the tail - Elena Isinbayeva. This is the optimal styling for pole-vaulter because she has medium-length hair. Making a tail with your own hands at home is easier than ever:

  1. We slightly moisten the hair with mousse;
  2. We collect hair in a ponytail and tighten it with a tight elastic band;
  3. If desired, you can braid the tail in a braid and also secure with a rubber band. Tennis player Anna Chakvetadze prefers this kind of package;
  4. If you have a bang, you can leave it, or stab it invisible, combed back.
  5. If you plan to engage in a very active sport in the wind, then it makes sense to spray the hair with varnish.


braid as a sports styling

Any hairstyles for sports imply that the hair will not crawl into the eyes, close the review, disheveled. Another, no less popular sports hairstyle is a braid. The more braids plaited on the girl's head, the better they will hold. You will not make a braid on very short hair: the length should be at least shoulder length.

Maria Sharapova often goes to court with a French pigtail. The first racket of the world manages to give charm to his image, decorating the braid with a hairpin with a flower, or making the weaving openwork. Sports hairstyles for medium hair with braids weave look feminine. Let's try to braid an asymmetrical pigtail independently, it will allow not only to quietly practice, for example, on simulators in a fitness club, but also to make nice coaches and men in the gym. Follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Divide hair into a side parting;
  2. From the side where there is more hair, we take a small strand and begin to weave a braid, picking up the locks each time. Spit should not go straight down, but a little diagonally;
  3. The spit ends practically in front. That is, you can easily take the tip in hand, secure it with an elastic band and put a braid on your shoulder.


light bundle

Sporting hairstyles for long hair often ends in bunches. That is, all hair is lifted and fixed on the back of the head or on the top with the help of hairpins. Girls involved in sports ballroom dancing, usually make themselves bunches, it is comfortable and beautiful, and also corresponds to the style. Remember how these girls look: tall, stately, graceful and plastic. That girl is the head of the couple, to which attention is usually drawn. However, the styling is necessary so that it does not distract the eyes from the elegant dress of the dancer. But so that the hairstyles for sports dancing are not very boring, they are usually decorated with sparkles, multi-colored nets with rhinestones, etc.

The bundle is very well suited to girls with long hair involved in sports on a hot day. After all, the back and neck at the same time will sweat, and the curls will remain clean, because they will be removed in a bun.

Hairstyle and sporty clothes

girl in dance

Hairstyles in sports style can be done not only for direct exercise, but also just for the appropriate image. If you decide to go for a walk in the park, then you can put on a comfortable sports suit, hang a small backpack behind your back, and create something original and simple on your head. Under the sportswear fit and French braid, and a bun, and even a combination of them. That is, you can first braid the braid, and then twist it into a bun and stab it with studs. Hairstyles for sportswear are the same pigtails, tails and bunches. Depending on the length of your hair, you can choose one or another variant of installation. Very well fit and accessories: dressing, bandana, kerchief.

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