Sports haircuts for girls

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Women's sports haircut, first of all, should be focused on the convenience and comfort during sports and ease of styling - immediately after them. They should not be different pretentious model forms, which will complicate the task of their self-styling after intense training.

Women's sports haircuts - almost all short, with simple lines that do not require special styling products (gels, waxes, leveling or curling strands). But this does not mean that fashionable sports haircuts are an unattainable dream. Next in our review - sports haircuts 2014 for fashionable girls.

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We select a hairstyle for sports

Fashion trends presented at the podium shows of the current season, more and more actively promote the androgynous style to the masses not only in clothes, but also hairstyles. Distinguished designers offer sports haircuts in 2014 to perform in a frankly boyish manner: poluboks, pixie, shortened bob. In this case, the use of straight, smooth lines is encouraged.

Female box

In order to make a half-box, the master needs to remove the hair from the temporal lobes of the head as much as possible, leaving a characteristic “pad” on top of the head. Bangs, as a rule, ultrashort "hedgehog" or torn texture.

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Pixie haircut is a fashion trend for several seasons. The scheme of its stage-by-stage execution and styling does not differ in particular pretentiousness, which fits perfectly into the concept of sports haircuts. She suggests a classic boyish haircut, but with a long deep oblique bangs. It is such a bang that adds spice to the whole image. To bangs did not interfere with you during sports - pin her on the side or back with the help of invisible women.

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For those who are not ready for cardinal changes of the image, and the “halfbox” hairstyle is too much, then the pixie is a great sports cut for a girl. So that during exercise, elongated bangs do not fall off your eyes - remove it with a hoop or hair bandage.

Bob and Extended Bean

The main criterion for selecting a sports style haircut is the ease of styling at home. This category includes kare or elongated bean. Such hairstyles are not only convenient to be laid with your own hands, so there are no problems with them in order to remove hair from your face with the help of sports dressings, weaving or tails. To do this, comb the hair back, optionally dividing or not, on the parting. And then fix the hair on both sides of the parting clips.

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If your square has grown a bit, then it is convenient to collect it in a high taut tail on the back of the head. Or an alternative styling option may be the standard malvinka. Instructions for creating data hairstyles is quite simple and step-by-step implementation of it will not cause you any difficulties.

What to do with long hair when playing sports

Women's sports haircuts for long hair are also possible, just for this you will need special fixing tools that will help you to safely lay your hair, will not let them get tattered during the workout. Get in the store classic headbands, elastic bands, elastic bands. With such an arsenal on the shoulder you will be any styling that does not hurt you to keep a sporty lifestyle. And for that you don’t have to trim your luxurious curls at all.

casually braided braid

To prevent long hair from interfering, it can be braided into a tight high kosukosok or tie a low tail on the back of the head. If you have a bang, then it can be removed with the help of stealth. So that it does not slip out with active movements, add it a little at the roots. This will allow for more secure bangs.

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As you can see, women's sports haircut is not a sentence to long hair and it does not require you to sacrifice for the sake of sports fashion trends. Choose the most convenient option for yourself and become a fashionable sports girl!

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