Spit waterfall

weaving scheme

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a braid a waterfall to yourself? In this photo and text tutorial, we will explain step by step how you can create a braid weaving a French waterfall from your own hair with your own hands.

Such a poetic and beautiful name of this hairstyle did not appear by chance, but due to the falling strands, reminiscent of the effect of a cascade of water flowing downward, like a waterfall. And French - from the involved technology of weaving braids, close to the head and when only one of the strands is released outside. The hair of a braid waterfall in the French manner is woven very easily and simply, although it looks very tricky from the outside, but a detailed scheme of braiding the braid waterfall will help you to get a stunning image yourself.

Spit French waterfall for long hair is the main patience.

So, the challenge: how to weave a braid waterfall yourself on your own hair? Before you begin to master weaving in stages, you will need:

detailed action instructions

  • Hairbrush. Rather, two - one massage, the other - ordinary, it is possible for convenience with a thin tail. It will be convenient to separate even strands.
  • Elastic band, decorative hairpin or hairpin.
  • The most important thing is a detailed instruction, weaving scheme (see photo below) and a lot of free time to learn. Then, you will spend no more than 5 minutes on the waterfall girlish braids.

Weaving scheme

  1. Using a comb with a handle, we make a side parting in order to separate the hair strand from it. We divide it into three equal parts.
  2. We begin to weave like an ordinary pigtail: first we comb the hair with a massage brush and gently weave the upper strands to the center, then the lower ones.
  3. The middle strands, which are supposed to be entered into braids, leave and weave them with other middle strands, selected from the new parting, located next door.
  4. After all the upper and middle strands are neatly woven, with the capture of the same nearby curls, the lower ones remain outside the pigtail zone, creating an imitation of a cascade of jets of water. Spit French waterfall for long hair is ready. We fix it with a decorative hairpin on top and Voila!

long blond hair

Spit on short hair - is it possible?

Quite often we hear from women who have not too long curls that this pigtail - this does not apply to them and make it too difficult. Such a belief can easily be challenged. There are many ways to weave braids for short hair, for example - braid waterfall on short hair cutting bob, bob or something similar to them. The above scheme of weaving the spit waterfall will be for you just a magic wand. In the same way, only a short hair falls over a short hair is corrected for an unwritten law that says: unruly short hair, before dressing in a braid, you need to lightly treat with mousse - this will give them additional fixation and then they will not fall out of the pigtail.

girl with short hair

Variation of hairstyle for medium hair - braid a pigtail and show beauty

Those who believe that a beautiful hairstyle can be made only on the basis of long hair are deeply mistaken. Today, there are a lot of options and opportunities, as it is demonstrated at an average length. And this is a long hair not lower than the shoulders. Hair braid falls on medium hair requires no less patience in the performance than short, but the result is worth the wait. You just need a little training and French braids, as well as braids - boho or weaving around your head will give you a lot of pleasure.

detailed instructions for braiding

Phased weaving scheme for medium hair

  1. Make a sideways, deep parting and divide the curls at the temples into 3 equal parts.
  2. We begin to weave the usual classic pigtail. In this case, leave the lower strand in a free position.
  3. In place of the released curl take a new strand from the top, free part of the hair.
  4. For secure fixation, we grab some curls over the ear.
  5. We move further in the same way, alternately releasing the strands, to the other ear.
  6. The same braid weave on this side, also from the temple to the opposite ear.
  7. We connect both pigtails and fix them with an inconspicuous, thin elastic band.

double weaving

Spit waterfall on medium hair is suitable for both everyday hairstyles, and for the evening version. Also, you can collect the falling strands in a bun - this option also looks original and interesting.

Video: instructions for weaving braids waterfall at home

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