Spit snake - the best variations for children and adults

zigzag pigtail

Spit snake has been popular for years. Girls with long hair make this hairstyle for weekdays and holiday dates. There is a huge amount of different weaving. One of them is a pigtail snake, which is easily performed at home according to the instructions. Beautiful, well-groomed hair - a business card of a lady and a master class on how to braid a snake braid will help to achieve the desired effect. It exists in different variations and anyone can complement and improve the braiding pattern.

A bit of history

Hairstyles from braids appeared much earlier than clothes. Memories of them are in biblical sources. Samson had all the power in her hair. When the insidious Delilah cut them off, he began to wear seven braids.

a variety of hairstyles

Spit was a kind of symbol of different nationalities. Africans braided many small braids, Egyptians wore braids from wigs, in Russia thick braids were valued. There are references to them in Herodotus, Ovid (on the overhead braids).

Each of the varieties of this hairstyle has its own history and more than one technique of execution. The snake weave is also a species that has many variations.

bulky pigtails

Variations and ways to create "snake pigtails"

Classic option

This is the easiest way without accessories and other difficulties. Start learning to perform this hair at home can be with this method.

  1. On the right, near the temple, take a strand and begin to weave the usual "three spinner".
  2. As you move add one strand taken from the opposite side.
  3. Then change direction, and braid on the right side.
  4. Similarly, continue to the end.

classic version

French snake braid - step by step

First you need to understand the basics. Spit snake is created from three strands, as usual classic version. Algorithm of actions, step by step:

  1. The action starts from the temple to the ear on the opposite side. A strand is separated and divided by another 3.
  2. A French braid turns around.
  3. On top is added 1 strand. Side lie under the central and the one that with pickup.
  4. The action continues similarly to the ear.
  5. Further new strands are picked up from the face.
  6. Behind the ear, the direction changes in the opposite direction, and the strands are picked up from above (it is more convenient to do this with a thin comb, so that there are no cocks).
  7. Then the direction also changes.
  8. Tip to twist in the ring. And you can gently pull the strands. Thus, the braid will be more beautiful and more magnificent.

french variations

Another hairstyle

The next pigtail snake requires prior preparation of the hair. First, you need to moisten it a bit so that the styling looks neater. Further step by step:

  1. All the drip combed back.
  2. Starting from the temple, take one strand and divide by three.
  3. Weaving the French classic braid as in the previous instructions.
  4. Next, you need to bend the direction, while lengthening and loosening the upper strands. If everything is done correctly, the transition will be rounded.
  5. Using rounding strands, again intertwined from above, but now in the other direction.
  6. The ends of the hair can be woven into the tail or left flowing.
  7. Cleave the barrette and the pigtail snake is ready to go.

solemn views

Thin "snake" braid

The following styling looks completely different, it is more laced and tender. Due to the use of fine strands looks great on the hair of any type. Perfect for any celebration.


  1. Hair should be separated by a par. On the left side you need to start weaving a thin braid. At the same time add strands from the face.
  2. As soon as she gets to the ear on the same side, it is necessary to weave a little without adding strands (to the middle of the head).
  3. Then add long strands on the other side.
  4. In order to make a snake successful, you need to control the addition of long strands so that it takes the form of an arc.
  5. Then turn the braid again in the same way.
  6. It is necessary to bend it with the letter S with the help of thin strands.
  7. Continue braiding and repeating all the steps of the French technique until you reach the end.
  8. Only now we take strands from the main body of hair.

Length and tortuosity of styling depends on the length of the curls.

interesting variation

Tail variation

This hairstyle will give the owner of a beautiful sheeljura not only elegance, but also formality. Weaving a snake on the tail:

  1. You need to start by analogy with the classic version and make one turn.
  2. Add it to the middle of the head and collect everything in the horse's tail.
  3. Then separate the curls from one side of the tail to the central part and add thin strands every 2 flights.
  4. To weave diagonally so that it goes around the whole shock of hair.
  5. Reaching the opposite side weave underneath to the right.
  6. And so on to the very end. Laying ready, you can safely wear a business suit and a meeting or work.

But you need to remember one moment, the interlaced strands must be thin enough so as not to weave all the hair. Making this kit yourself is rather difficult, but possible. This requires practice, as the hands quickly become numb and it is not always possible to watch the process in another mirror.

ideas with a tail

Hairstyle accessories

The size of the spit at all times was an indicator of maiden beauty. In our time, the frame widened slightly, but beautiful and neat styling will be the best accessory in any situation. And the snake weaving, which is not difficult to perform, will help achieve the result. And there is a choice among a huge number of variations of execution. In addition, you can successfully use different decorations:

  • tapes;
  • hairpins;
  • elastic bands with beads, metal figures, delicate flowers, etc .;
  • Natural flowers.

option with tape

This will give the image of elegance and grace. Especially properly selected plants, woven into the styling, will make the girl the most beautiful on any occasion. Spit snake will bring success and luck to every lady who learns how to do it. The hairstyle will stick with a small amount of lacquer and will not fail in any way.

Video: Master class on weaving a snake braid

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