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The original braids and a variety of weaving are now at the peak of popularity and the most fashionable of them are hairstyles with a scythe on its side. This is not surprising, because such weaving adds to any girl an extraordinary charm, making the image intricate and mysterious. In addition, it is very easy and quick to perform such a haircut at home, so many girls will be interested to know how to weave a braid on its side, using different weaving techniques.

A distinctive feature of this hairstyle is that it suits the fair sex of all ages. With a mischievous pigtail lying on the side, your child will look absolutely charming, flirtatious, cute, slightly disheveled pigtail “fish tail” will suit young girls, and the French braid with its bohemian beauty will emphasize the extraordinary attractiveness of mature young ladies.

Hair braid on its side can serve as a salvation in the morning, because it takes no more than five minutes to complete it, the technique is simple, and braids on one side look just great. Any girl can choose for herself the variation that is ideal for her, you just need to arm yourself with patience and our step-by-step instructions.


Plain side braid

If you want to make a three-spit braid itself, then first you need to wash your hair and dry without combing. Next you need to follow a simple scheme:

  1. Comb the hair on one side;
  2. Weave the usual braid of 3 strands, only from the side;
  3. Fix the tip of the weaving tape or rubber band;
  4. To make the pigtail look more voluminous, you can pull out a few small strands from it.

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Hair braid on the side is ready. This pigtail is created for a slightly casual, romantic and natural look. Suitable for walking with friends, dating, going to the cinema or in a cafe.

"Fishtail" on its side

The fish tail on one side is great for owners of bulky and thick hair. If you can not boast a thick head of hair, you can use a shampoo to give volume to thin hair. There are several options for a fishtail side spit, since it can be braided from two, three or even six strands. Consider the most simple option that you can easily do it yourself.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and dry with a hair dryer, without using a comb;
  2. Collect all the hair in a bun on its side and divide it into two parts;
  3. From two sides take alternately on the order;
  4. Each curl perelazhivay in the opposite direction;
  5. Shift them until you braid the braid to the end;
  6. Secure the hair with a rubber band and fixing varnish.

When braiding such a braid, you need to make sure that there are always only two strands in your hands. A simple and fast laying fish tail on its side would be appropriate at work, walking, and even at special events.

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Spit "rope" on its side

Pigtail rope resembles a tightly twisted spiral. It is made of two strands that need to be woven together.

  1. Before you start to do the hairstyle rope, moisten the hair well, so that it does not unwind;
  2. Weave curls among themselves;
  3. Secure with an elastic band and a means for fixing.

Very effective and unusual version of weaving for long hair, it will help you look elegant and feminine in any situation.

French braid to the side

This type of braids on one side always looks very elegant and festive. Weaving a French braid is not difficult, just follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Wash and dry hair;
  2. Begin to weave a French braid from one temple, slowly, moving to another;
  3. Use strands of hair only from the frontal area;
  4. Attach the tip of the pigtail stealth behind the ear.

The French braid on its side is indispensable for special events and can easily compete with expensive salon hairstyle.

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Kosich on the side volume

Thin and sparse hair are not the reason why it is worth giving up the side braid. For such hair is perfect volume lateral weaving.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo to add volume;
  2. Braid the usual side braid;
  3. Secure with a rubber band;
  4. Loosen the strands by stretching them in opposite directions in the weave, and gently fluff.

This type of weaving will give the desired volume even to the thinnest pigtail. Openwork braid on its side will give confidence and can decorate your head any day.

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Each braid on the side can be made bright and noticeable with the help of bright hair accessories: elastic bands, hairpins, hairpins, clips. A slightly disheveled this hairstyle can be given an image of sensuality and romance.

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