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beautiful weaving around it

Spit, on the contrary, will become a worthy alternative to the well-known French Spit, which has already outlived its popularity. The weaving of the French braid, on the contrary, is quite simple, although at first glance it may seem completely different. Just try to repeat the weaving pattern step by step and after a few minutes you will skillfully shift strand by strand, braiding an unusual stylish braid.

Who will spit the opposite way?

Such an original, but at the same time undemanding to the wardrobe hairstyle will suit any girl whose hair is at least a little longer than shoulder level. Speaking about the shape of the face, of course, styling with weaving is best suited for girls with an oval type. But also for a square, elongated, or any other person, a spit inside out will be a good decoration for the hair. Just need to take into account some of the nuances: to find the right bang, parting and volume of hair. Owning this technique, you will be able with your own hands at home to create different styles of styling, the main character of which will be the French braid, on the contrary.

When is a hairstyle with a braid in reverse?

French braid on the contrary, like most hairstyles with weaving, is universal. It is suitable for any occasion, regardless of whether you have a romantic date or morning shopping. Only one beautiful hairpin, a few hairpins or a bezel can turn a regular interlacing of curls into an evening hairstyle.

purl weaving

Weaving a French braid, on the contrary, will not take you more than 5 minutes of time, much longer it will take for regular hair styling with the help of styler. So, the braid hairstyle, on the contrary, is a real find for girls who value their time. Words, words ... let's do ?!

How to braid a braid on the contrary

Weaving scheme is as follows:

  1. Separate a large strand, from which the spit begins to weave on the contrary, for example, on the crown.
  2. Divide the hair into 3 locks: conditionally right, left and middle.
  3. Move the left strand below the middle one.
  4. Now move the right under the middle one.
  5. Make a pickup: attach a thin strand on the left to the main left curl, and then move the thickened left strand under the middle one.
  6. Make a grab on the right: add a thin curl on the right to the main right strand, and then move the curl to pick up the middle one.
  7. Continue weaving on these instructions, repeating step 5 and 6 to the ends of the hair.
  8. Pull curls a little to make them more lush.
  9. Tie a pigtail with a thin elastic band to match your strands or with a beautiful ribbon.

clear hairstyle

Such a simple scheme of how to weave a braid on the contrary, will help you create beautiful styling yourself.

Ideas for laying with the opposite

Having learned to braid such a spectacular braid inside out, you should not stop there. Now apply your skill in more complex hairstyles:

  • Try to braid two braids on the opposite side, and then wrap them behind the wreath. Such styling will not go unnoticed!
  • An ordinary bundle will become a real masterpiece if you complement it with an inside oblique braided from the neck upwards, and the tip of the braid can be neatly laid around the knot.
  • The flat spit in the center is beautiful, and the zigzag made is original. Start weaving the braid backwards just above the right ear, moving diagonally across to the left ear, and then move to the right again. Make a few such twists all over the head, and wrap the loose end in a knot on the side and secure with studs.

styling with curls

Some secrets to improve the result

You already know how to braid a braid on the contrary, but you will not be disturbed by a few more secrets of perfect weaving that will make your styling perfect:

  • If your hair is thin and sparse, pre-apply a texturizing spray on it. You can use the product from ToniandGuy Casual with sea salt. This tool will help to make thin strands dynamic and highlighted: just apply the product on the curls before blow-drying and once again on dry hair. You will be surprised how your hair will change. After that, any hairstyle will be voluminous and spectacular.
  • To make the braid more lush, just pull the curls step by step, making them wider. This technique is used to create any styling with weaving.
  • If you are unable to braid a perfectly flat braid in the center from the back, braid from the side: start from the left ear, moving to the right and down. Such a braid weaving on the contrary will look even more original, and it will be much easier to perform it.
  • So that the hair is not confused and not fluffed, experts recommend performing such styling on the head of hair is not the first freshness. And for those who love the perfect order on the head, a smoothing spray, such as Gliss Kur, is useful for easy combing. After applying the spray on dry strands, it will be much easier to lay oneself.

beautiful styling

Be original and irresistible, creating unusual styling at home. Unleash your imagination, and if unusual ideas do not occur, you can always find many variations of hairstyles on the web with such an unusual braid.

Video: we braid the French braid on the contrary

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