Solemn hairstyles

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Solemn hairstyles - what could be prettier? Today, hairstyles for special occasions - for a ball, a prom or just for club parties have a wide variety of styles. The rules of decency and prestigious trends, now, allow a lot - avant-garde, classics, elegant curls and retro are also appropriate.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, hairstyles for solemn occasions have become increasingly noticeable to naturalness and emancipated ladies for solemn occasions have introduced the fashion for haircuts, which even now have become equal hair styles forever. But also fashionable bouffant and hairpieces, as well as chic babetty. At the moment, styling for special occasions remains fashionable and in demand, but how they will look and what style they will be held will depend only on you.

Solemn hairstyles for long hair

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Stylists have been warning for a long time; the more natural and simpler the styling on your head looks, the better! Ceremonial hairstyles for long hair should not give the impression of a monument covered with varnish. Solemn hairstyles are considered to be neatly laid on the head hair, which are somewhat different some intricacy and complexity, in contrast to everyday. But, a random curl or curl will give your image more coquetry and femininity.

Bundle - snail from curls

How can you look elegant, elegant and at the same time modest and restrained? Please pay your attention to hair buns. Ceremonial hairstyles for long hair can be in the form of classic buns a la ballerina or variations on the theme of bun with the use of braids and braids. Such styling will be ideal for trouser suits and closed strict dresses.

A true classic for long hair can be called a high hairstyle called bundle-snail. Creating it is easy. In order:

  1. Wash the hair and dry thoroughly, head down. This will add volume;
  2. Screw the strands on the curler or curler;
  3. Shake hands with the finished curls and gently twist into a free snail or bundle, pin-ups with pins;
  4. Long bangs, if any, comb back or lay it slightly to the side. Fix it all with lacquer for fixation.

bundle - snail from curls

Solemn curls and straight strands

Of course, no event or celebration can do without lush curls or loose smooth hair. Despite the seeming difficulties of performing the upcoming manipulations with long hair, they will always attract attention to themselves, as a sign of femininity and charm. Therefore, it is not surprising that any woman, girl or even schoolgirl can straighten or twist her hair at home.

Lush, natural curls

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We start with curls. If you, in your arsenal, have large curlers, a hair dryer or electric tongs, then assume that you have already done half the battle.

  1. Wash, dry your head and start to twist the strands with a styler, not too stretching the strands, because you need lightness and naturalness in your hair;
  2. If you decide to use a hairdryer, then select the diffuser nozzle, it will be useful like no other to create natural curls;
  3. Slightly wet strands put on the nozzle and pressed perpendicular to the head. Dry every single strand, starting from the very roots of the hair and up to their ends;
  4. Fix the result with varnish with a slight degree of fixation;
  5. Lush, natural curls you will be provided.

Do not forget to decorate your curls with fresh flowers or decorative hairpins; this will add charm to your formal styling.

Elegant straight strands

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You will be able to level hair with the same hair dryer or the iron. We hope you understand how to use the iron, but how to make your hair long with a hair dryer?

  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo that adds volume to your hair;
  2. Dry your hair with a dry towel, then start combing it with your head down;
  3. Apply mousse to add volume to the entire length of the hair;
  4. With another, free hand, at the same time, take a hairdryer from the horses to the tips;
  5. At the end, tie the hair on its top in a loose bundle and just untie it before going out.

Shells, baskets and other complex hairstyles on long hair, you can also do it yourself, but it is best to do it in the salon by a professional master. Such styling requires accuracy and perfection in the design, therefore, any strand that has been carelessly dropped out of the styling can be considered an oversight.

Ceremonial hairstyles for average length of hair

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Many women believe that if God did not give them long and luxurious hair, then it will be difficult to make solemn hairstyles for medium hair beautiful and original. Practice suggests that this is not the case! For the hair of medium length provides a huge number of different hairstyles, both for the celebration and for entertainment. Today, the long caret is very popular among movie stars and TV anchors. Just look at Jessica Alba, Natalia Vodianova or Ksenia Borodina. With such hairstyles, mentally you will return to the world of carefree youth and you will be able to look a decade younger.

Piling "Fairy"

Styling with the cute name of the fairy, as a solemn hairstyle for medium hair is not the last place in popularity among modern ladies. Laying is performed in the form of a cascade with curls falling on the shoulders:

  1. On a clean, dried hair, apply a styling agent, for example, you can use a mousse;
  2. Take a styler with an average thickness of the nozzle, start twisting the curls from the top of your head, gradually lowering layer by layer;
  3. Ready curls vzbryknite;
  4. Curls at the crown popolite hairpins on the principle of careless bundle and so layer by layer, but reaching the bottom, leave a little loose curls. In a toga you will have a semblance of Greek styling for young ladies with an average length of hair.

styling in the Greek style

A formal hairstyle for medium hair can look like a creative mess. Hairstyles that do not contain correct and clear lines are becoming more and more fashionable. In this regard, styling and backing, which are performed using hair curlers and a hair dryer, have become very popular. The versatility consists in the fact that it is possible to create experiments, both with size, and with the location of the pile, curls, curls, etc.

Short hairstyles for short hair

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Who said that the solemn hairstyles for short hair can not look feminine? If you have short hair, then this will not in any way prevent you from becoming the most charming and attractive, rather the other way around. After all, since you have already decided to have a short haircut and appear at a solemn reception, then there is nothing to hide for you. A short hairstyle for any special occasion can be done with the help of a gel and the same hair dryer, slightly twisting the tips of the hair upwards. Thanks to the short length of the hair, you have a great opportunity to showcase your jewelry. Try, dream, create !!

Video: version of a luxurious formal hair for long hair

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