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How to make a hair "snail" at home? At first glance, such styling seems too complicated and intricate, but, as you know, the eyes are afraid, and the hands do. A little practice, our step by step instructions and video– and you will definitely succeed!

Preparing for "work"

Immediately, we’ll warn you that it’s unreal to braid the snail braid yourself - you will need an assistant. So master the art of weaving braids with a friend.

  • Start with hair preparation. It is easiest to work with straight hair, but curly ones can also be managed if you apply a special serum or an indelible balm, which are applied after washing to damp hair.
  • So, the hair is washed, dried and combed. To weave the snail braid, we will need two hair ties - thin silicone and thick terry, hair clips and a comb with a sharp tip to separate the total mass of hair into thin strands.

girl combing strands

Step-by-step scheme of weaving "Snails" on the head

A good start is half the success. It is necessary to begin to weave from the top of the head, there will be the center of your snail.

  1. Separate a strand of small thickness and fix it with a terry rubber band, and clasp the hair around it.
  2. Then release the central strand and divide into two parts - one thinner, the other thicker. Begin to braid a simple pigtail from a thin strand, adding a little hair from the rest. The weaving scheme is shown in the photo - note that the “Snail” braid is replenished with new strands all the time on one side, namely, on the outside.
  3. Make a circle, then another ... The pigtail "Snail" in the first round should be pulled together to the top of the head so that an ugly bald spot does not form in the center of the hairstyle. After the full circle is complete, remove one of the clips holding the hair on the sides, and begin to form the second round of the pigtail. The thinner the added strands are, the more coils your snail hairstyle will receive as a result. If the hair is very thick, and even more curly, then the braid will be quite bulky and you do not need to do more than three turns in your hair. But for thin hair, you can create a more dense weaving, so that the snail was not "transparent", without wide partings.
  4. Hair to hair. So, step by step, you are coming to a close hairstyle. After the third turn, it is important to independently control the symmetry about the center - the snail's spit should be located at the same distance from the ears, both on the left and on the right. For a uniform inclusion of new strands in the hair, use this technique: first, put the main strand on the braid, and then pick up an additional strand and attach it to the main one. Do not forget that the strands must be neat, not too wide!
  5. The final touches. The last round of hair can incorporate a bang, if you need to remove the hair from the face. Although the scythe "Snail" looks good and accompanied by bangs, especially if it is fashionable in this season, torn bangs with milled edges or asymmetric bangs on one side.
  6. It is most convenient to complete the weaving of a pigtail from the side behind the ear, right or left, depending on which direction the snail spiral is twisted. The tail is braided in a usual braid, fixed on the end with a thin silicone rubber band. Then this braid should be neatly tucked under the stowage, stretched under the extreme turn of the hairstyle you created.


Enjoy the result!

Now you know how to weave a snail braid with your own hands. For the first time, it may take more than half an hour to weave, but gradually, with experience, you will be able to braid this beautiful braid much faster and more skillfully. If the photo accompanying our instructions was not enough to learn, watch the video and just repeat the movements shown there. We wish you success!

circular braid

We are looking for new options

On the basis of the "Snail" braid, you can create a variety of hairstyles.

  • For example, try to braid a snail not from the whole array of hair, but by separating the part above the ear, you get an elegant little “snail”, in the center of which you can add a decorative element in the form of a living or artificial flower, pearl or elegant butterfly hairpin.
  • Another option is to start weaving a French braid from the temple across the crown diagonally and then braid the snail closer to the neck. This will result in an exquisitely intertwined bundle, which can also be decorated with ribbons or beads for a festive outlet.
  • Spit "Snail" is indispensable in the summer, when you so want to put your hair in your hair, always looking beautiful and spectacular on the beach and in the nightclub. If the weaving is sufficiently dense, then the pigtail can stay on the hair for a week!
  • And finally, if you sprinkle the snail's hair with water, and then dry it, without unwinding, you will get amazing waves on loose hair.

weaving variations

Experiment, try, be charming, spectacular and irresistible with the hair "Snail"!

Video: How to braid "the snail"

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