Simple hairstyle - a bunch of braids

Hairstyle bun I did not leave any girl indifferent, because this hairstyle will suit almost everyone and for any image. There are a lot of varieties of the beam, and this time we will learn how to make an original bunch of braids.

This hairstyle is perfect for dancing, playing sports, and decorating it with beautiful accessories, you can safely go to a special event, wedding or graduation.

Simple hairstyle - a bunch of braids

We will need:

♥ Comb; ♥ Eraser for hair; ♥ Special roller for the beam (bagel); ♥ Hairpins; ♥ Hairspray; ♥ Decoration for the hairstyle, if desired.

Despite the fact that the hairstyle is quite simple, it will take an average of 10-15 minutes.

one. Comb your hair and make a high tail, firmly tighten it with a rubber band. This will be the basis of our hairstyle, and it will depend on it how long you go with it.2 Now we need a special roller, pass through his hair so that the roller is at the base of the tail.

3 We separate a small strand of hair from the hair (it should not be too large or too thin) and begin to weave a braid. It should not be too tight.

four. After you have braided about 10-15 cm of the braid, you need to wrap it around the “donut” once and remove it from the middle.

five. We still have a small portion of non-braided hair. Now we add a little more loose hair to the rest, so that we get the same length of the strand as in the first case, and we begin to weave the braid again. At the same time carefully mix the hair so that shorter hair does not stick out of the bun.

6 We make the same with the second braid, it is necessary to weave the braid until the last part of the loose hair is involved.

7 The last braid is necessary to weave to the end and secure it with an elastic band. Then we wrap it around the donut 1 or 2 times and hide the tip of the braid in the middle of the beam.

eight. Now you need to give the beam a texture look. To do this, take each braid and slightly pull the strands out of it so that it turns out to be more voluminous. Thus, the roller will not be visible from under the braid.9. Fasten your hair with hairpins and hair spray, decorate with accessories if desired.

Simple hairstyle - a bunch of braids
Simple hairstyle - a bunch of braids

Hairstyles video "bundle with braids"

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