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A hairstyle that never goes out of fashion is a braid. Today, simple braids at the peak of their popularity, and from this woman of fashion only benefit, because owning simple weaving technique, you can always look your best. We will tell you how to braid a simple braid and how, on the basis of this element, to perform a quick but spectacular hairstyle. We have prepared for you the diagrams and photos of the best ideas for an evening look, a universal styling for an everyday look-and and an option that blends in well with a business suit.

How to weave a simple braid

In our article we will not tell you the complex schemes of creating braids from 5, 6 or more strands, we will introduce you to hairstyles, based on the most simple braids.

3 strand pigtail creation scheme

The simplest weaving of a braid is of course the well-known braid of three strands. It is woven according to this scheme:

  1. Divide hair into 3 equal parts.
  2. Put the rightmost strand on the middle one.
  3. Place the leftmost curl on the middle one.
  4. Continue repeating step 2 and 3 until the ends of the hair.

beautiful weaving

The performance of the French braids

This is the easiest way to weave braids, but based on it you can master the following, no less easy. The French braid is woven according to the same instructions as a regular braid of 3 strands, but an additional strand, the so-called pickup, is added to each extreme curl. The diagram looks like this:

  1. Separate the hair, divide it into 3 equal parts.
  2. Begin to weave a regular braid: shift the rightmost strand to the middle one so that it is between the left and the middle one. Then put the leftmost one on the middle one so that it becomes between the middle and the right one.
  3. Now add a grab: separate the thin curl from the free hair on the right, add it to the right extreme strand and move the thickened curl between the middle and left.
  4. Add a grab on the left: separate the thin strand from the left hair from the left, thicken the left extreme strand and move it between the middle and the right one.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 to the tips.

long hair weave

These two most simple braids will allow you to create interesting styling. About them further.

3 strand weaving

Quick and easy styling with braids for any occasion.

Having mastered the weaving of simple braids, you will be able to create interesting styling with your own hands. Having a little stuffed hand you will not need diagrams and instructions anymore, you will be able to skillfully twist curls, creating your own styling options. Let's pick up beautiful and simple braids for any image and consider inspirational photos.

weaving variations

Casual hairstyle with simple weaving

Simple braids for every day is not just practical, but also beautiful. This hairstyle looks very feminine. But it will seem too easy for many to braid one braid or spikelet today. The execution of our idea will take 2 minutes longer, but the result is worth it:

  1. Divide the curls on a parted part.
  2. Braid 2 not tight pigtails of 3 strands so that they are located as low as possible behind the ears.
  3. Take the pigtail on the left and lay it around the head, slightly lowering on the forehead.
  4. Fasten its end near the base of the second braid by the invisible, hide the free edge in the hair.

everyday styling

Laying ready. It will suit girls with medium and long and thin hair, but for beauties with thick heavy strands it will be more difficult to fasten the upper pigtail securely.

Evening styling with easy weaving

We will create a wreath on the head, the components of which are beautiful and simple braids. This hairstyle has a slight negligence effect, and therefore looks very relevant. It will suit almost any evening dress from luxurious floor-length dresses to flirty cocktails. It uses a simple spit scheme of three strands, as you will need a pair of invisible women. Step by step diagram looks like this:

  1. Separate the hair on the head on the even parting.
  2. Weaving begins at the back of the head: separate 3 locks approximately 2 cm thick and begin to weave a French braid, moving from the back of the head to the left ear and then to the forehead, lifting the strand after the strand into a wreath.
  3. When you reach the forehead, lay the braid just below the hairline, and then move to the right ear and back to the back of the head.
  4. Having made a full circle around the head, simply braid the loose curls into a three-lobed pigtail and fix its end under a wreath of hair.
  5. After that, pull the curls around the wreath to make them more voluminous and give styling negligence.

evening styling

According to this scheme, you can braid simple braids on medium hair, the main thing is that your strands should not be shorter than the shoulder line.

evening styling

Classic styling with weaving

For business women gulka has become a universal version of the hairstyle. But the usual bunch looks very simple; simple braids for long hair will save the situation. Having executed a bunch of braids in 5 minutes, you will be irresistible in any classic costume. Phased instruction is as follows:

  1. Comb the curls. Divide them into 4 approximately equal parts and from each braid simple braids from 3 strands. Tie the ends with rubber bands.
  2. We take one of the two central braids and turn it into a bun, securely fix the studs. This is the base of our hairstyle.
  3. Now take the second central pigtail and wrap it around the received bun, securing it with invisible bells.
  4. After that, take the pigtail at the right ear and in the same way, add it to the hairstyle, securing it around the bun with invisible hair.
  5. The left braid fastens in the same way. It remains to hide the tips of the hair and release a couple of strands on the face for natural and soft styling.

bundle with weaving

By choosing this simple way of weaving braids, you will be able to independently perform a beautiful styling that is relevant today. Simple braids for every day will be an easy way to always have a stunning look. We hope you will learn how to weave simple braids thanks to our prompts.

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