Side bang and all its variations

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Side bangs are universal and, perhaps, the most demanded part of female hairstyle today. With it you can both emphasize the dignity of the face, and hide some flaws. Changing the angle of inclination, length, treatment of the edge of the hair, or using the methods of coloring, you can make a model bang, which is right for you.

What are the bangs on the side?

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Since the shape of the face and the type of hair in each woman are purely individual, therefore stylists offer different bangs options:

  • long bangs on the side: the classic version of the hair, when the cut line bangs falls on the level of the cheekbones or chin;
  • oblique fringe on the side: its cut is formed at an angle, smoothly rounding its edge;
  • short bangs on the side: as a rule, it forms to the level of the eyebrows and is cut off to them at a slight angle;
  • graded or torn bangs to the side: the hem of the slice is worked out with thinning shears, which gives it some carelessness in laying.

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Before you opt for a suitable option, it is best to first consult with a hairdresser, because how well you choose this part of the haircut - your image and style directly depends.

Long bangs on the side

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Long fringe on the side - the option of stylish, self-confident girls.

  • It is universal, does not require a large amount and looks great on both long hair and medium length.
  • It is ideal for young ladies with an oval and rounded face, giving the image a special elegance.
  • Its length can fall below the level of the cheekbones. As recommended by stylists - long bangs to one side for short haircuts should be half the total hair length. The most common option is a bob haircut. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with smooth hair and a triangular face type. In this case, an elongated bang, as if covering the eye and entering the cheek line, helps to correct the angularity of the exterior, and also looks attractive and intriguing.
  • However, haircuts with bangs on the side of an elongated shape are not recommended for women with a rectangular or square face, because they visually make the cheekbones heavier. With this type of face, short bangs look most advantageous.

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You can lay the long bangs on your side at home, following the instructions below.

  1. Prepare a hairdryer, round brush, comb and styling gel.
  2. Moisten hair, apply gel and comb in the right direction.
  3. Dry strands step by step, under a hot stream of air — from root to tip, directing the curls with a brush.
  4. Secure the styling and the desired shape of the bangs with a cold jet of air.

Oblique bangs on the side

With almost any length of hair and the shape of the hair, the oblique fringe on the side looks organic. Its length usually reaches eyebrow level. It can be smooth, and with the addition of volume, it all depends on the thickness of the hair and the styling option.

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  • Oblique chelochka on one side makes the facial features more graceful and lengthens its shape, which is especially important for chubby girls and owners of the square outline.
  • Also, stylists recommend it to women who want to "lose" a few years, since this form of bangs adds to the image of ease and ease.
  • In order to visually add volume to the locks in the forehead area, you can use the technique of coloring, and, on the contrary, make it easier - the thinning of the cut will help.

The scheme of how to lay the bangs on its side in such a case is quite simple and almost does not differ from the laying of its long variation. Only turning the tips of a shortened bang can be done at will - out or inwards.

Short bangs on the side

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Haircuts with bangs on the side of short length give the appearance of romanticism and openness.

  • Due to their clear graphics, they are able to visually correct faces with rectangular cheekbones. However, this is only possible with a high forehead. In the opposite case, you can only exacerbate the situation.
  • Harmoniously short bangs on the side looks on short straight and curly hair, if their owners are young and have perfect proportions of the face. In this case, the shortened bangs on one side makes their appearance even prettier.
  • Short bangs on one side are often used in super-short haircuts: pixie, page, bob.
  • But keep in mind that for women aged hair with bangs on one side on short hair does not always look appropriate, because they open up the face as much as possible, exposing all the flaws in appearance.

Lay short bangs on one side, you need to use fixing tools for styling and a comb with sparse teeth. You need to start with the shortest strands and gradually descend down.

A cropped bang on one side is good because it has a clear pattern, so it does not need to be tattered. The only exception may be extravagant, super-short haircuts, where the overall style implies slight negligence in styling.

Torn bangs on the side

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  • Torn chelok on one side prefer to do the owner of light or blond hair. They have a thinner structure and require volume, which a non-uniform cut perfectly helps to achieve. The randomness of this hairstyle adds a special fragility and slight piquancy to the image.
  • Especially advantageous hairstyles with bangs on the side in combination with the graduation look with "square" or "cascade".

How to make a bang to the side itself: before styling your hair on your hands, apply wax, divide the bangs into separate strands and fix them with hot air in different directions.

Useful tips: how to make bangs on your own

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  • If you want to cut the bangs on your side with your own hands, then do it on dry clean hair, as during drying their length will decrease by several centimeters.
  • Before you start a haircut - the main part of the hair that will not be used, pin down with hairpins or tie in the "tail".
  • Use hairdressing scissors.
  • Cut hair at a 45-degree angle, cutting off strands step by step.
  • Go through thinning scissors through your hair, retreating three centimeters from the edge of the cut.

If you have never cut your hair with a chelok on one side and you do not have the right tools, it is better to contact a professional.

Video: technique bangs cut to the side

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