Short hair styling

Short hair styling

Millions of women come to the decision to cut their hair for different reasons: someone wants to get rid of the eternal "confused" problems, someone just wants to change the image. But only now I have to face even more, in my opinion, problems.

Long hair can be left at rest after washing and not wake up with an explosion on the head, which can not be said about the square. It will be about him.

There are many ways of hair styling, including going to the hairdresser. If you can afford daily salon visits, then this article is not for you. We will talk about home methods.

The easiest is as follows: you need to lean forward so that the hair hangs down and begin the procedure. Yes, elementary, but then you will immediately notice the long-awaited volume, there will also be no protruding strands. But, unfortunately, the hair will not cease to push, if that was previously observed.

From the so-called gun will save styling hairdryer and round comb. Comb should be placed under the selected strand and lead in the direction from the roots to the tips, parallel to the same path through the hair dryer. Hair will lie perfectly throughout the day, but the volume from this type of drying is not enough.

If you prefer naturalness, that is, waiting until the hair is dry, but, nevertheless, do not want to go with a terrible hairstyle, then the ironing suit. But, unlike the previous two tips, this one is designed for those women who in principle do not make their hair wavy and even curly. That is, if straight hair does not confuse you a bit, just like the lack of volume, then the method is suitable.

The great advantage is that modern irons are made using the latest technology - this reduces the negative impact. Of course, you cannot call them completely harmless, but in return, you will get shine and smoothness.

Short hair styling

There is also a way that requires nothing but a hair dryer and a narrow barrel attachment for it.

You do not need additional tools, you just need to squeeze the hair, wait a bit and then dry them from root to tip without combing. Even if the curls will be confused, you need to correct them only with your hands. The method is effective, after it the naughty "comrades" are perfect, besides, they become very soft.

All of the above tips are suitable if you use shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Otherwise, the hair is so naughty that you can hardly achieve anything. Also, before the procedure with a hairdryer, you need to comb them, otherwise there can be no smoothness of speech.

Still, experts do not recommend the use of heat treatment more than 2-3 times a week. Think a few times before you start to dry or straighten your hair, because they take all the blows of the environment and deserve rest and care.

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