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If you look at the history, it can be noted that short bangs were at the peak of their popularity in the middle of the last century, after the end of the Second World War: short haircuts, short bangs seemed to open their faces to positive changes, and this fashion trend was successfully picked up by women all over the world.

Later in the run were long bangs, then more complex, asymmetrical models. But, as they say, everything new is well forgotten old. Fashionable short bangs are again in demand. In each case, they are perceived differently, but always conquer those around them with their freshness and positivity. This is clearly seen in the examples of Hollywood film stars, who are increasingly turning to retro style.

Types of short bangs

Short are the bangs, the line of cut which is above the line of the eyebrows. They differ in the geometry of the edge contour, the angle of inclination and the technique of processing the thickness of the hair. Four choices of bangs are most commonly used:

  • short straight bangs: the cut line runs parallel to the brow;
  • short oblique bangs: the cut line is formed along an inclined straight line in relation to the eyebrows;
  • short round bangs: the cut line is formed by a convex arc;
  • short fringe on side: a variant of laying, when straight or slanting bangs are trimmed with thinning scissors to make it easier to “stack” in the right direction.

All these types of people are best perceived on a young face, since they open up the forehead as much as possible, which has no obvious defects, wrinkles or pigment spots. And if there are no problems with this, then such a bang will only underline your youth and freshness.

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Among the advantages it is worth noting that this type of bangs does not require volume, which is ideal for thin hair, because it looks more harmonious and smooth and neat. Among the shortcomings - they will not be able to cope with such a bang of the owner of curly hair. They will have to make a lot of effort to lay down and straighten the shortened fringe.

The length of such bangs can be slightly above the line of the eyebrows, and can be very short in combination with pixie haircuts. The latter, by the way, are most popular with representatives of the film and show business. Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Holly Bury and others are among their fans.

Short straight bangs

Beautiful short bangs are a bright accent of any haircut. She actively draws attention to the central part of the face and eyes. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose girls with large or disproportionately small facial features. But, to highlight your features, short straight bangs - what you need!

If you have not very thick hair, then it is better not to make the chelo shortened and straight, it will only emphasize the poverty of the volume. For such cases, oblique bangs or graded ones are suitable, which visually increase hair opulence.

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You need to understand that a short straight bang is good because with its clear graphics it is already an ornament in itself. That is why it looks great with a car, reproducing the Egyptian style or with a bob haircut, where it emphasizes the sharpness of the image. Note that stylists recommend that women with a triangular or oval face shape should have geometric forms of straight bangs.

The forelocks can have not only a flat horizontal cut, but also a creative one, with an unusual graphic edge. Fashionable short bangs were used in their arsenal by bold and extraordinary girls, such as Audrey Tautou and Bjork.

You can put a straight bang yourself with your own hands with the help of an ironing device. Only use a ceramic coated iron to prevent damage to your hair. If you want to change the image for a while, you can hide a person under a decorative bandage or a hoop.

Short slanting bangs

Short slanting bangs are a versatile option that equally goes for girls and women of any age. She can level or emphasize the dignity of her hair, while her edges can be smooth or graduated (ragged).

A cropped bangs obliquely looks harmoniously on straight hair of different lengths. But, as we have already noted: if your hair is curly by nature, it will be very problematic to straighten your bangs daily, therefore it is not recommended to cut curved hair to owners of curly hair.

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The main thing is that the outline of the face is not elongated, because this shape of the bangs visually lengthens the face. For the maximum effect of its weighting or relief, hairdressers use hair coloring in various shades.

Laying short bangs with an oblique direction does not require special professional knowledge. You can make it yourself yourself: you only need a hairdryer and a round brush. Note that the direction of flow of warm air should be directed from the roots to the tips.

Short round bangs

The rounded or oval shape pelosh is suitable only for owners of an oval face shape. This option bang very specific, which can become an ornament, or vice versa, spoil the overall visual impression. It is better to first consult with a stylist or a hairdresser, because a shortened rounded bang in one embodiment will bring in the appearance of tenderness and beauty, and in the other it may look ridiculous.

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In addition, the oval can be made in different directions - down parallel to the outline of the chin and in the opposite (mirror) direction. In any case, it will look stylish and harmonious if the bangs repeat the face contour.

Laying short bangs oval, as in the previous versions, is done using a hair dryer and a round brush.

Short bangs on the side

Short bangs on the side gives the image of romance and openness, which incredibly attracts others. She always looks natural and feminine and that, importantly, without problems gives in to packing.

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A special instruction on the conditions for laying short bangs on one side is not required, but a simple scheme looks like this:

  1. Washed hair should be dried with a hairdryer from the base of the bang to its ends.
  2. Step by step dry first with a warm stream, then cold.
  3. Use a round brush, turning the strands in the right direction step by step.
  4. If the hair is naughty, then use gel or wax.

Trends 2015

In the current 2015 for modern women of fashion is very relevant short bangs in the avant-garde style. This style offers volumetric shrunken cropped chelok. They are suitable for active girls with ultra-short haircuts.

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Smooth, graphic bangs in combination with four of a kind, emphasizing the symmetry of the face and clear lines of the entire hairstyle, are also in line. However, in any case, when choosing hairstyles and bangs, take into account your individual characteristics, if possible, consult with a stylist, so that instead of a creative fashionable image not be considered a “victim of fashion”.

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