Shampoo for oily hair, make the right choice

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Oily hair is a problem of many modern women. In this case, the cost of appearance require not only cash investments, but also a huge amount of free time. Where to take it to the woman in our time? And here comes to the aid shampoo for oily hair, the correct choice of which can solve the most unexpected, unforeseen problems.

Oily hair: where to attack and how not to perish

It turns out that, without damaging the balance of the whole organism, it is almost impossible to achieve changes in respect to the oily hair. Enhanced activity of the sebaceous glands is laid in adolescence, and further it is only necessary to come to terms with what is available: oily hair that has to be washed very often.

On the other hand, not everything is so bad. Oily skin longer retains its youth, clean hair, oily by nature, always look healthier and more natural. The main thing - the right care for them. Unfortunately, often expensive and time consuming.

Shampoo selection

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Deciding which shampoo for oily hair is better to buy, better on your own, carefully examining the market. Each case is individual, it is necessary to take into account the reaction of the skin to the components, and the condition of the hair, and their length. Here are some aspects that you better pay attention to:

  • For daily use it is better to choose a professional shampoo. Conventional inexpensive hair washes often dry out strands and disrupt the microflora of the skin. Expensive ones, firms that do not need advertising, will allow you to wash your hair no more than 3 days a week and at the same time they will carefully care for their hair and scalp. For example, Siberian shampoo for oily hair includes arctic raspberry juice to restore skin balance and cedar elfin extract to restore hair structure. Hair gets the desired volume and natural fluffiness, while shampoo "Siberika" for oily hair does not contain harmful to the skin preservatives and other unwanted substances.
  • Shampoo against greasy hair is not suitable for owners of long strands with dry tips. In this case, it is necessary to use the option for normal hair, in extreme cases, only wash the roots, without applying the agent on the tips.
  • An alternative to expensive products can be homemade shampoos. In addition, at home, you can make masks, rinses, balms, whose care will be soft and gentle, and the cost of ingredients available.
  • Medical shampoos for oily hair or do not give effect, provided the label is used as a publicity stunt, or they can damage the natural balance and should be used under the supervision of a doctor who prescribed you a complete scheme of use in the treatment complex.
  • Dry shampoo for oily hair with a capacity of 50 ml is better to throw in a handbag when traveling. Sometimes after a long move, just washed curls look creepy, and if you quickly publish, dry shampoo can quickly bring your hairstyle to a decent condition.

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Market offers: good or not?

Why do such ambiguous reviews often come to the same goods? There are many developments that can bring both benefit and harm to the consumer. How can this happen? It is necessary to accurately, carefully read all that is written in the instructions. Otherwise, you can hurt yourself with your own hands, for your own money. For example, if the bottle with cosmetics does not have the inscription “For everyday use” or “For frequent use”, it cannot be used more than 2 times a week. It is not designed for another option, hence the possible itching, flaking of the skin and even hair loss.

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The market provides a modern woman to quickly tidy herself up in special situations by offering her dry shampoo for oily hair. However, this option provides clean curls for a short time, and that if the lady follows the instructions written for her step by step. Otherwise, from the head of hair will have to comb this tool for a long time, and the hair will resemble a scroll of icicles.

Home opportunities in the fight against greasy hair

Homemade shampoos for greasy hair can give their owners even more pleasure than their professional counterparts. The fact is that to make such cosmetics is not difficult and pleasant. They smell great, help perfectly and besides you can try a variety of options and choose the best.


The recipe for such a shampoo should be chosen slowly, remembering whether the proposed components of allergies. Even if you just do not like the smell, it is better to give up the sample. What for? There are a lot of other options that can come to you and at the same time bring pleasure, and not mockery of yourself. For example:

  1. Mustard shampoo. To 1 l. warm water 1 large spoon of mustard powder. Mix, put on the hair, after 10 minutes. wash off. Perfectly dry hair.
  2. Pomegranate shampoo. At 1 l. water 3 large spoons of pomegranate sandpaper, carefully ground beforehand. Boil 15 minutes. Store in the refrigerator for no longer than 10 days. It has medicinal properties, suitable for use no more than 1 time in 3 days, prevention once a week.
  3. Oak shampoo. To 1 l. water 3-4 large spoons of crushed oak bark, cook for 5 minutes. on low heat. Apply every other day. Can be used as a rinse for greasy hair.
  4. Tansy shampoo. Half a liter of boiling water 1 large spoonful of tansy. Pour, insist 2 hours, use every 2 days. Side effect - get rid of dandruff.
  5. Rye shampoo. Hog the rye bread in warm water and rub through a sieve. Grub the head for 5-10 minutes, rinse the hair thoroughly with water. Bonus - volume, with regular use increases the density. One problem - if you do not grind thoroughly, combing out the crumbs is very difficult.
  6. Cognac shampoo. 50 g brandy 1 egg yolk. Mix thoroughly, rub into the strands and skin, rinse. Dries, removes oily shine.
  7. Clay shampoo. 2 large spoons of white clay - 1 bpl. horsetail.
  8. Lemon shampoo. Mix 1 large spoonful of vodka, 1 small spoonful of almond oil, juice of half a lemon and egg yolk. Bonus - shine and softness.

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Properly selected shampoo against oily hair will bring you not only beautiful hair, but also health, joy and pleasure from the feeling of a full life.

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