Shading hair foam

Before and after using shading cosmetics

It is difficult to find a creature more inclined to change than a woman. Fashion changes almost every day, and it’s difficult to keep up with innovations. If today in the trend of burning-black hair, then tomorrow the blonde again ascend to the podium. Not every woman is ready to change dramatically in the pursuit of capricious trends. Stay always relevant in this case will help tinted hair foam. This tool has become a worthy alternative to frequent staining.

changing fashion

Benefits of using shading foam

You must remember that the use of any coloring matter is purely individual. We recommend to consult with a hairdresser before use, because on a natural color in the head of hair the expected result may differ from the beautiful curls on the package. Your attention to the rules for the use of shading cosmetics:

simple changes

  • When buying, be sure to look at the date of manufacture and shelf life of the product. Expired goods can cause skin allergies and any unimaginable hair color.
  • Keep cosmetics in need out of reach of children. For short haircuts you will need one bottle, and for long strands two.
  • Read the instructions on the package. Strictly follow the staining scheme. If you use foam for dyeing hair at home, stick to the time frame.
  • If you want to lighten, then before applying the shading composition will certainly need to discolor "mane". If you plan to get a dark shade, then preliminary preparation is not necessary.

before and after the procedure

  • Not recommended cardinal shade change caps. Remember that any woman goes shades that differ by no more than 2-3 tones from the natural color of the curls.
  • You need to wash your hair before staining. Although it may be sufficient only the absence of varnishes and gels on the hair. Natural fatty film protects the scalp from the negative chemical effects of the composition.
  • After changing the color of the caps, try using shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. So you save shine and a healthy type of curls longer.

healthy curls

The most common in the modern beauty industry are foams such as Schwarzkopf, syoss and tinted foam Vella.

Shading means for Igor's hair from Schwarzkopf

Shading foam igora is known worldwide as a universal cosmetics and in the salon, and at home. Thousands of women new schwarzkopf tinted foam has already managed to enjoy the ease of use and absolute security. This substance is not coloring, but shading, so it can be used much more often. Acquired color holds up to eight to nine flushes.

brightness of colors

Advantages of Igora

  • 100% gray hair coloring;
  • long preservation of the received shade;
  • effects on therapeutic strands (igora gives curls smoothness and shine);
  • the bottle is enough for several stains (depending on the length);
  • schwarzkopf tinting foam does not cause harm, but, on the contrary, strengthens curls;
  • You can mix several shades to get a color that suits you;
  • convenient application without brushes and combs;
  • lack of regrowth effect;
  • igora shading foam lasts up to 8–9 shampoos, after which it is gradually and evenly washed off.
  • The palette contains 13 shades that will give your "mane" brightness and brilliance. Note that the palette is quite natural, so the color of the curls will not cut the eyes of poisonous acid shades.


Applying shading foam igora for curls

  1. Shake the bottle several times before use.
  2. Turn the bottle over so that the cap is at the bottom.
  3. Wear gloves to protect your hands (this is necessary, even if the composition is well washed off).
  4. Click on the applicator and squeeze a portion of the composition on the palm.
  5. Hands distribute it evenly across the entire length of the combed hair.
  6. If you use such cosmetics for the first time, then keep it on the curls for 20 minutes, and if you want to refresh the existing color, then you need to wash it off after five minutes.
  7. Rinse off with running water.
  8. Dry hair with hair dryer and make styling.

staining effect

Wella hair dye foam

Wella shading foam is designed to model the desired color of hair. It is quickly activated on the hair. Note that wella is a temporary paint effect and a sparing effect for hair. Keeps on the hair for about a month. In the arsenal of the company Wella there are two options pen: Wella Viva and Wella Color.

spectacular shade

Benefits of using vella

  • shading foam is easy to apply;
  • for a relatively short period of time overlays all the strands and "roots";
  • there is no negative effect on the hair structure;
  • you can buy cosmetics vella in any cosmetic store;
  • You can buy a tinted hair foam for about 200 rubles;
  • the application is very simple and convenient;
  • convenient to use at home.

wella line

Disadvantages shading cosmetics Wella

  • Despite the fact that the composition of the skin is washed off easily, acrylic and ceramic surfaces in the bathroom should be washed immediately. The product quickly paints them.
  • Spray need only once.
  • Washout is uneven. Sometimes there may be brighter areas.

effective remedy

Application scheme

  1. Be sure to put a towel or any other cloak on your shoulders. Cosmetics badly washed off the surface of clothing.
  2. Wear special gloves.
  3. Shake the can thoroughly and squeeze the substance onto the palm.
  4. Apply, evenly distributing it over the entire length of the strands.
  5. After applying do not wrap your head, just leave the composition on the head for 30 minutes.
  6. Wash your head with running water.
  7. Create a styling.

updated view

Shading means are used the same way, it is desirable only after a session to wash your hair using balsams for colored strands.

Syoss color activator

The color activator is suitable for people who systematically color "hairstyle". In the intervals between the colors, the hair loses its brilliance and brightness, and the syoss cosmetics will help to revitalize the hairstyle.

bright color

Benefits syoss

  • ease of use;
  • for the session will not need gloves, brushes and combs;
  • reviving Kohler hairstyle;
  • painting gray hair;
  • before use, you can not use the balm, because softening and regenerating components are already included in the composition of the activator;
  • affordable price. You can buy the product at any cosmetics store for about 190-220 rubles;
  • one bottle will be enough for 5-6 procedures;
  • nutrition and restoration of hair.

revive curls

Syos application

  1. After shampooing your hair, apply the substance to a moist head.
  2. Leave on for 3-7 minutes.
  3. Wash your hands immediately.
  4. Wash your head thoroughly after the exposure period.
  5. Dry and make hair.

shade curls

Reviews real buyers

Customer testimonials that have tried the use of coloring foams on themselves:

Anastasia: I always want to be new and interesting. I am afraid to use dyes, because even without this, the quality of hair leaves much to be desired. At first I was afraid to buy shading foams, I thought that I would be Malvina or an acid-colored Mermaid, or I would remain bald in general. But I recently tried Schartzkopf's tinted foam and was surprised at the result. The tool lasts a long time, and the tone was perfect. I think that I will continue to experiment with color.


Ilona: I will say one thing that I really liked the syoss color activator. I use it directly in the shower, after washing my head. The hairstyle is immediately animated, and the hair itself becomes much more well-groomed and docile.

color activator

Angela: Recently used Vella tint foam. Remained not very happy, hard to rub off the surface, and the forehead with ears had to be rubbed. There are no complaints about the shade. Hair became more beautiful and more obedient.

tone saturation

Shade foam is an excellent tool for those who want to change their image. Manufacturers of dyeing cosmetics have done a great job in order to make the process of changing the color of the hair at home as convenient as possible for each lady. In the rich palette everyone will find their own color, and in the case of unsuccessful staining, you can simply wash off the objectionable shade.

Video: Rich color with schwarzkopf tinting

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