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girl with a sexy hairstyle

Many temptresses are interested in the question, what are the sexiest hairstyles? Undoubtedly, every girl wants to be in the center of attention and catch admiring men's views on herself. There are sexy women's hairstyles that will help achieve this. With a little effort, you can easily learn how to create such masterpieces on your own and you will not go unnoticed.

To create styling, seducing the male gender does not necessarily have the skills of professional hairdressing, they can be done at home. It is worth remembering that in matters relating to appearance, the opinions of men and women diverge quite often. What you consider beautiful may not be appreciated by your beloved. What are the most sexy women's hairstyles, according to the stronger sex?

Sexy hairstyles for long hair

We can say that the owners of the long head of hair were the most fortunate. Most men come to the delight of long-haired beauties. For long hair you can do a lot of hairstyles, but it should be said about the most stunning.

Curls and curls

Long gentle curls or curls, falling on the fragile female shoulders, drive men crazy. To create them you will need hair curlers or curlers. In order to keep the hair for a longer time, use the styling tool, but remember that it should not be too much. The curls filled with varnish will look rather untidy and unnatural.

sexy hair-curls

  1. Bend your head down and blow-dry your hair, directing air to the roots. This will give your styling volume.
  2. Whisk the hair with your hands and comb it.
  3. Curling tongs create light curls along the entire length of the hair. Try to curls look natural.
  4. Spread curls with your fingers and add an accessory if the occasion requires it.

Perfect smoothness

Another styling that drives men crazy is perfectly smooth hair. Sexy hairstyles are considered one of the most simple, and most men, as we all know, love simplicity. To achieve a smooth head of hair, you will definitely need a straightening iron and a thermo-protective agent. It is not recommended to use styling for such hairstyles, they are under the influence of high temperatures adversely affect the structure of the hairline.

perfect smoothness

  1. Thoroughly wash your hair and blow dry your hair.
  2. Divide the shoal into the parting that you are used to.
  3. Step by step, strand by strand straighten hair with a flat iron. Do not forget about thermal protection. Its use, when creating this hairstyle with your own hands, is necessary, otherwise you can damage the structure of the curl.
  4. For additional fixation of smoothness, you can use wax for hair. Apply it is necessary in a minimum amount and only on the ends.

Open tail

The most sexy hairstyles, according to experts, are those that expose the neck and shoulder line. One such style is the high tail. To create it you need a comb and a retainer that will hold the tail.

open tail

  1. Comb your hair and collect them in the tail on the back of your head. This installation can have absolutely any structure. It can be smooth and strict tail or volumetric with the addition of curls.
  2. Secure the tail with a barrette or rubber band. If you have chosen smoothness, then it is worth walking along the curls in the tail with an ironing, and if this is a casual naturalness, then use the curling tongs to twist the ends of the resulting styling.
  3. Fix the result with varnish.

Sexy hairstyles for medium hair

Owners of medium-length hair are in no way inferior to long-haired ladies. On the contrary, sexy hairstyles for medium hair are created much easier, and men are driven no less. There is a so-called definite pattern for giving sexuality through styling.

Careless lightness

Seductive light hair will help you create a comb, round brush, hair dryer and styling tool.

sexy hairstyle careless ease

  1. Apply styling on the head of hair with a hairdryer, lifting with a round brush at the roots. The ends should be directed outwards with a comb.
  2. After the hair is laid, select a few strands near the face and, after applying a little styling, direct them towards the face.
  3. Beat up the roots, giving it lightness and carelessness.
  4. In conclusion, you can apply a tool that gives a natural glow.


Any sexual hairstyle, of course, cause a lot of associations with the stronger sex. This hairstyle to most men seems frivolous, but it only adds to her charm and sexuality.


  1. Collect the hair on the back of the head.
  2. From the tail, step by step, select strand by strand, twisting them into a tight rope and fixing them at the base of the tail.
  3. After the careless bundle is ready, it is necessary to select a few strands near the face and pull them out. The whole scheme is pretty simple.
  4. Sprinkle styling with a small amount of varnish. Light strands falling on the shoulders will give you charm and seduction.

Shiny waves

This hairstyle will not leave indifferent any man, she will bring special sensuality to your image.

shiny waves

  1. Apply volume to your hair.
  2. Divide the pile into pieces and dry them one by one, slightly changing the direction of the comb. As a result, you get gentle waves flowing along the shoulders.
  3. If the hair is pushed, use the iron to straighten, but only for the upper part of the hair.
  4. Record the result with a reflective sheen.

Sexy hairstyles for short hair

One of the most extravagant hairstyles are hairstyles for short hair. Instructions for creating them are quite easy to remember. Having tried to create such a masterpiece once, you can easily repeat your skills without any prompts.

Flighty curls

flighty curls

Curls could always turn the head of a man and this hairstyle will not be an exception. To create it you will need a tool for creating curls and hair dryer.

  1. Apply styling product to wet hair. With your own hands, whisk and tousle the hair.
  2. Having bent a head down, dry the received weight with the hair dryer with a diffuser.
  3. If such a nozzle is not available, you can dry it with a regular stream of air, crushing periodically with your hand a pile of hair.

As a result, you will get mischievous curls that will attract to you all the admiring male looks.

Feminine volume

Bulky hair is always not only beautiful, but also sexy. With a similar hairstyle you will become the queen of the evening. You will need a hair dryer, a round brush, styling for volume and a bandage or headband suitable for your outfit.

feminine volume

  1. Apply styling product and dry hair. While drying, lift the strands on the top of the head, directing a stream of air at the roots.
  2. If the resulting volume is not enough, lightly comb the hair at the back of the head.
  3. Comb the hair, carefully laid and without damaging the bouffant.
  4. From the forehead with a little effort put on the bezel or bandage, it will add visually even more pomp.
  5. Please fix the style with hair spray.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that each woman can look sexy, choosing the right clothes and makeup, but it is important to choose a matching hairstyle to complement your image and make it as attractive as possible.

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