Salon styling without leaving home

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In the turbulent pace of our life, not every girl has time to visit beauty salons, but of course the financial side does not always make it possible to make such trips. And to look perfect, I want every girl in spite of all the workload and lack of finance. What to do?! The answer to this question is quite simple, hair styling at home. You say. that she can not be as perfect as in the cabin? Perhaps, but knowing some secrets of how to properly style your hair, you can master this skill no worse than a hairdresser-stylist from the salon.

In order to start mastering the art of hairdressing, you need to stock up on the desire to learn, train, and of course, the necessary tools.

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Tools novice hairdresser

professional styler with lots of tips

Beautiful hair styling with your own hands is impossible without a minimum set of tools and tools:

  • Mousse is an excellent tool for fixing hair, as well as giving a tremendous volume;
  • Lacquer- for hair styling is liquid and in the form of a spray, if you are going to do your hair for any event that is saturated with movement, dancing, then this lacquer will help you to keep styling for the whole day. Varnish in the form of a spray has different degrees of fixation and has a lighter form, with it you can not worry about the condition of your hair. It will be firmly fixed for a long enough time;
  • Gel and wax - these two products are good helpers. If you like wet styling, the gel will help you become the owner of this hairstyle in a matter of minutes. In addition, it is ideal for styling short hair, helps to make the curls perfectly smooth and remove the sticking hairs. As for the wax, it is not replaceable to highlight certain strands in the hairstyle, it firmly fixes their position making the hairstyle flawless. It also does an excellent job with short curls, nail polish and gel;
  • Thermal protective means - these tools will help you protect your hair from the harmful effects of high temperatures, while curling or straightening hair;
  • Invisibles, hairpins, hairpins, rubber bands are great helpers in creating complex styling, horse tail, weaving beautiful braids, and evening styling is almost dependent on these small tools;
  • Barber clip - it is an integral part in creating a complex hairstyle. Clips separate interfering strands and hold curlers;
  • Hair curlers - with the help of hair curlers of all kinds, you can become the owner of large or small curls, as well as beautiful waves;
  • Iron-in our time, it can be called an indispensable friend of every girl. The iron should have a good ceramic coating with several modes of operation, suitable for each type of hair. The most gentle temperature of heating ceramic ironing is 180-200 degrees, girls, if you do not want to ruin your hair, then stop at these temperatures. With the help of an ironing it is possible not only to make curls straight, but also to curl them in an original way;
  • Fen-without this tool is not possible any option laying. Choosing a hair dryer for hair styling, opt for semi-professional models. Such devices are reasonable price and good quality work. Carefully consider the number of modes of operation of the dryer, there should be at least 6. Three modes account for speed and three for the temperature of air supplied from it;
  • Styler-used to be called curling iron. With it, you can make beautiful curls at absolutely any length of hair. A styler, like a hairdryer, must be from a semi-professional series and have an adjustable temperature sensor;
  • A set of combs - there must necessarily be brushes with small and large teeth, a comb for highlighting the part with a thin long stem at the end, a round brush for creating volume, there may be several such brushes and they all have different diameters.

hairdressing clips

Such a simple set of tools should be a girl who decides to learn to style her hair beautifully.

curling bobbin curlers and their effect

The secrets of super styling

  1. On clean, washed hair, the hairstyle is kept for a longer time and looks perfect;
  2. After you have washed the curls, do not try to immediately comb and dry them with a hairdryer, wait 10 minutes, then proceed to these procedures;
  3. Before you put hair, you need to take care of a large mirror and the necessary lighting, so that your hair has no flaws;
  4. Do not apply styling products from the ends of the hair, otherwise they will stick ugly.

girl sitting by the mirror

When we have understood all the nuances, learned about all the necessary tools and tools, we can move on to how to do the styling without leaving the house for hair of different lengths.

Short hair styling

Many hairdressers stylists believe that short hair is an ideal base for quick and easy styling. For such a length of strands do not require a lot of styling tools, hairpins and other gadgets.

Retro waves

retro waves

A very elegant and very beautiful styling for hair, from 40-60 years, it is not very intricate in execution.

  1. To create it, you will need to wash the hair, dry it slightly, and then apply a little mousse over the entire length.
  2. When finished with the application, take a hairdryer, put a hot stream of air on it and start slowly drying the curls, while you need to slightly squeeze them in your hands. As a result of these simple manipulations, you should get a volumetric styling with soft waves.
  3. Wavy bangs you can pin on the side with vintage barrettes.

Rebellious disheveled

disheveled hair

This type of hair styling takes very little time.

  1. A bit of modeling wax is applied to clean and dried hair, highlighting some of the strands from the entire stack.
  2. They are given different directions, you can alternate left and right side, direct them down or up.
  3. Bangs in this style can be left straight or give it a crazy direction. Only 5-7 minutes and beautiful styling is ready!

Mirror smoothness

sleek bean

If you have bob haircut or a bob cut, then you will be perfect hair styling with absolutely smooth, smooth strands. Make this styling at home, you can help a hair dryer or iron.

  1. So that you can perfectly lay your hair, first wash them, apply a heat-shielding spray, and only then proceed to styling.
  2. If you decide to stack them with a hair dryer, then take a round comb and use it to set the necessary direction for the strands.

Styling for medium length

Wet effect

wet effect on blond hair

For owners of medium-length hair, this simple but very nice wet styling will do.

  1. To create it, you must wash your hair and then apply gel on them. The gel is applied along the entire length of the strands, after which a small part of the hair will come off, it will be compressed in the hand and dried with a hair dryer.
  2. This manipulation is carried out all over the head.
  3. Finishing her hair sprayed with varnish for better fixation.
  4. If in the set with your hair dryer was such a nozzle as a diffuser, then this installation becomes even easier. Strands impregnated with gel are lowered onto the diffuser, from which a jet of air flows, voila and the styling is ready.

wet effect with a diffuser

Wet styling of curly hair is an even simpler option if you have curly hair by nature, then you simply apply the gel or mousse and wait for your curls to dry. Laying curly hair usually takes a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes.

Soft curls

soft curls at Megan Fox

Girls, owners of medium length can make romantic, flowing curls with the help of styler. In a set with a semi-professional styler, there should be nozzles of different diameters that will help you to make curls of different shapes. Becoming the owner of curls will also help hair styling on curlers.

  1. The first thing you need to do is wash your head, dry it, apply a mousse for volume, and then divide the head into 4 zones: the forehead, the two side parts and the back of the head.
  2. These zones are wound alternately, as when using curlers and styler.
  3. You can lift the bangs to the top and stab them, or you can screw them up and put them on the sides.
  4. Having finished laying we spray it with varnish.

Most often, these techniques are applicable girls, creating evening styling.

Rock style

hairstyle with fleece

At home, you can make styling with a pile, out of the era of popularity of rock culture. For her, you will need a lacquer, with a strong fixation, so as not to deform your fleece and invisibility.

  1. Washed and dried curls are divided into 2 parts, the part from which the pile will be made and the rest will be covered with hair.
  2. Selected on the frontal zone of the part, we begin to fill the comb, forming a pile, after splashing it with varnish.
  3. The resulting pile is laid on the top, too protruding hairs smoothed with wax, and then we slaughter invisible.
  4. The resulting rock styling sprinkle varnish.

how to make a hair with a fleece

Long hair styling

Owners of long hair is the most real "canvas" for fantasy. At this length, you can make completely different variations of hairstyles. Good for long hair evening styling.

Elegant horse tail

elegant horse tail

This is a simple, but very original way of how to do styling on long hair.

  1. A heat protection spray is applied to a clean head of hair, and then with an iron straighten strands and collect them in a strict high tail.
  2. The tail can be made exactly in the center of the neck, on the top of the head or tied on the side of the head, just above the ear. Gum to create a horse tail should be thin, almost invisible. Tying her hair, pull out a thin strand from the tail and wrap the elastic around it, masking it.
  3. Then we fix all this with invisible hairpins.
  4. No less important detail in this hairstyle is the laying of bangs. Bangs should be perfectly straight or strictly licked back to the total mass of hair.
  5. Spray over the styling with varnish to make it smooth throughout the day.

how to make a beautiful tail

Romantic braids

romantic braids

Another version of the original hair styling is all sorts of braid weaving variations: French, fishtail, spikelet, French waterfall, openwork braids of 4 or 5 strands and many others. Possessing the skill of weaving braids, you can easily make beautiful everyday, evening and even wedding styling at home.

Chic curls

chic long curls

With the task, how to style your hair with a styler or a set of curlers you have already done. And if you have mastered the skill of winding curls on the iron, then you can safely create styling using it. In order to keep your curls voluminous throughout the day, before starting the curling procedure, apply mousse to the entire length of the hair, dry your head with a hair dryer, and then start the curl. Finishing styling sprinkle it with varnish.

Video: styling long hair at home

We hope that after reading this article, you understand that hair styling at home is a pleasant and uncomplicated work. Whatever hairstyle you had, square, bob or just long hair, you can easily come up with beautiful styling and many other interesting hairstyle solutions.

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