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Previously, women in Russia knew only one type of hair styling - this is a Russian braid hairstyle. Russian folk braid was considered a symbol of honor for a woman, her pride. It was not customary to cut hair in Russia, and girls, whom nature rewarded with long thick curls, were the first brides. Today, the Russian Spit hairstyle no longer has the symbolism that it used to have, but it is still relevant today. Simple weaving technique, accuracy and practicality of this styling make Russian braids popular with modern girls. And variations of performance, such as the French braids, fish tail, spikelets, plaits, vanilla and openwork braids, allow you to create incredible masterpieces on the head.

What did the braids in Russia

The Russian people's braid could tell a lot about its owner: one pigtail was worn by girls “in active search”, and two in marriage. If a ribbon was tangled into a pigtail, it means that the girl is for marriage, and as soon as 2 ribbons appeared in it, this meant that the official groom was found. Our ancestors believed that the pigtail filled the woman with force, therefore she was woven strictly downward in the direction of the spine. When a woman married, the two braids symbolized sources of strength for her and her family.

Russian beauty

Special ritual of combing and care of the strands

“Grow a braid to the waist, do not lose a hair” - women even took care of the beauty of their hair in Ancient Russia. To make the curls healthy and strong, the Russian girls knew many secrets. For the beauty of the strands used the power of herbs, even then they knew about the benefits of improving the blood circulation of the head, doing massage with a comb. So, comb along the strands needed to be held at least 40 times. This helped to restore the lost strength to the woman, improving blood circulation. To unravel a pigtail and to comb it each girl had to do it herself with her own hands. It was permissible to touch the strands only to the husband or the groom.

How to spit braids in Russia

girl in kokoshnik
The weaving of the Russian braid in Russia has traditionally been this:

  1. strands were combed with a comb and parted in the middle;
  2. so that the hairs do not stick out, but gently lay one to one, the curls were moistened with kvass or salt water;
  3. all the hairs were divided into 3 strands, and then they were woven in the traditional step-by-step pattern: the rightmost strand was intertwined between the middle and the leftmost strand, and then vice versa, the leftmost one was moved between the central and the rightmost one;
  4. the braid trudged to the very ends of the strands, and at the bottom it was tied with a ribbon or decorated with a kosnik.

The secret of thick Russian braids

Weaving Russian braids had their tricks. Not all beauties had thick strands, but everyone wanted to wear a braid as thick as a hand. Of course, women could not use the service of building up strands in Russia. There were no beauty salons, I had to invent something at home. So, to increase the volume she wove herself into a pigtail horse tails.

Decorations of Russian girl's hair

The main property of the girl, of course, was considered a Russian braid, but every Russian girl with a scythe, naturally, wanted to decorate it with something. The main accessories for the hair of the time were:

  • Kosnik. A triangle of birch bark, which was trimmed with fabric, decorated with beads, beads and fastened to the ends of the hair.
  • Tapes. They were woven into braids, tied with a bow at the end, tied around the head.
  • Kokoshnik. Traditional decoration of the head of the Russian woman. He wore the principle of a comb or hoop around his head, could be decorated with precious stones, beads, ribbons, pearls, beads, lace.
  • Whisk with ribbons. It could be made of thin metal ribbons, leather and fabric, decorated with pearls and worn on the forehead.

girls with different decorations on their heads

Spit in modern styling

Braids were worn and worn by women from all countries of the world, but for us this element of hairstyle will always be associated with Russian gold-haired women. Today the weaving of three strands is not as popular as before, but this element of hairstyle remains a frequent guest on the heads of beauties. Weaving styling has become the main trend of recent years. Taking as a basis the step-by-step instruction of weaving from three strands and having mastered some more simple techniques, you will be able to create beautiful and unusual styling, and every day new ones:

bright model

  • Pigtail waterfall. It is created on loose strands in the French weaving technique, the upper strand is not interwoven into the main “spike”, but lies on top of the loose curls.
  • Afrokosichki They are weaved most often across the head from thin strands. Weaving technique is traditional, of three curls.
  • Greek rim. Circular weaving in the French technique, which results in a “bezel” of hair.
  • Fish tail. It is woven by shifting strands from one part to another. The result is a fish skeleton effect.
  • Little Dragon Having tucked locks at the roots, the French braid from a fringe downward braids.

dragon weaving

You can braid one of the above options, or you can simply assemble a neat braid of three strands and decorate it with ribbon. Such styling is very practical, it will ensure order on your head throughout the day, and any beauty can make it to itself.

Video: creating hairstyles "Russian braid"

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