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Russian hairstyles are recognizable and original. Russian beauties never pursued a hairdresser's fashion, their hairstyles were always independent in their development. Simple Russian-style hairstyles with neat-looking hairstyles favorably emphasized the natural beauty of Slavic women. Today, Russian hairstyle is more than just beautifully styled hair. This is history, traditions and culture, woven together into a tight braid of three strands on the head of a Russian girl.

What is it, Russian hairstyle?

Do you know the expression “Do not go crazy”? Did you have to ponder its meaning? This phrase has deep roots: in Russia, with the flowing “simple” hair, according to the rules of propriety, only children could walk. A woman had to collect her hair in braids and lay them on herself on her head, decorating with ribbons. Spit was considered the most common, if not the only hairstyle. One braid was plaited by young girls, and two women were married. The braids were decorated with accessories of that time and always had a neat, well-groomed appearance.

The loose curls, falling on the shoulders, at that time were considered something of a kind beyond the mark, and even indecent, immoral. In Russia, hair was tied up with the sexual energy of a woman, and the locks collected in braids and covered head meant chastity and purity of thoughts.

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Distinctive features of Russian beauties hairstyles

The hairstyle of the Russian beauty had the following specific features:

  • The hair was almost never cut, the longer they were, the more beautiful the woman was considered.
  • The main variant of laying is a three-strand braid.
  • Married women could pick up hair by making a bundle from a braid.
  • Outside the house, girls and women were rarely seen without a headscarf or headdress.

Beauty secrets strands of Russian women

Russian women at all times were considered the first beauties. The secret of their beauty is simple to ugliness: fresh air, natural food and constant physical activity. As for the beauty of the hair of Slavic women, here are actively used the secrets of nature:

girl with a wreath on her head

  • Beauties in Russia could spend hours combing strands with a wooden comb from an apple or pear tree, thereby increasing blood flow to the roots of the hair.
  • Hair rinses for that time were infusions of lovage, oregano, and poplar buds. Such a natural make-up allowed to accelerate the growth of curls and make them healthy.
  • In order not to know the problems with dandruff and hair loss, women in Russia actively used the decoction of burdock and nettle.
  • To give the curls a shade, not characteristic of the natural hair color, the beauties used a decoction of onion peel, chamomile, barberry, and alder bark. These natural dyes already in those days allowed the young ladies to experiment with appearance.

Russian hairstyles on the heads of modern beauties

Today, Russian folk hairstyles in their original form have almost completely lost their relevance. If before the heads of Slavic women were decorated with the same type of styling from braids, today every beauty tries to stand out from the crowd, making something unusual on the head or paying tribute to fashion, following the advice of leading stylists.

Today there are so many beauty helpers in the girls' arsenal that they can create real hairdressing masterpieces at home, and every day new ones. Curling, straightening, brightening, building up, lamination, carving ... Today, in addition to weaving braids with ribbons, women have plenty of ways to express their individuality and show the beauty of their hair.

If the hair Russian braid appears on the heads of women, it can not be overlooked. This is used by star beauties, attracting even more attention to their personalities. So, for example, the singer Rihanna, having appeared on the red carpet with a red slant to the waist, could not help but arouse interest in her image. And the image of the woman-politician Yulia Tymoshenko, already on a subconscious level, is often associated with the scythe.

weave around the head

Create a "braid on the contrary" on your head

Such a Russian hairstyle, like a three-strand braid, has a very simple weaving pattern: all hairs are divided into 3 strands and interlaced with each other step by step. Each one will be able to create such a package without instructions. But the "scythe on the contrary" can not braid each. Gradually weaving looks like this:

  1. Divide hair into 3 equal parts.
  2. Place the leftmost strand between the second and the third, passing it under the second curl.
  3. Now move the rightmost strand below the middle one so that it is between the first and the third.
  4. Move the leftmost strand below the middle one so that it lies between the second and the third.
  5. Repeat the pattern to the ends of the hair.
  6. Secure the tip with a rubber band or tie a ribbon.
  7. Pull curls of the braid slightly to give it volume.

braid on the contrary

Hair in the Russian style with a modern twist is ready. The weave is very simple and differs from the traditional one only in that the strands are shifted not under the adjacent curl, but under it.

A woman at all times remains a woman, and even in Russia beauties worried about the appearance and health of her hair. It is well-groomed healthy strands considered the dignity of Russian beauties. A hairstyle in the Russian folk style was more practical than beautiful, because at that time the young ladies did not only do homework, but also worked independently in the fields and in the barn. Modern beauties have thousands of possibilities to look your best. Let Russian hairstyles inspire you and help you look even better!

Video: weaving Russian braid of three strands

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