Rules for styling curly hair

Rules for styling curly hair
If you are the owner curly hair, then you can be congratulated.

First, it is no secret that many men like women with curly hair, this hairstyle emphasizes natural femininity.

Secondly, your hair always looks well-groomed: fluffy and voluminous.

Thirdly, you do not need to use curlers, curling, chemical perm - you already have what for women with straight hair have to make incredible efforts.

Well, in order to further emphasize the natural beauty of your hair, try to follow some simple rules when styling.

1. In rainy weather or when there is high humidity outside, straighten hair with a flat iron - this means wasting time. Since 10 minutes after leaving the house, you will realize that everything is in vain. And to kill a few hours to straighten the curls is a shame, because the hair will very quickly return to its original appearance.

In this case, better emphasize the natural "waviness" and leave the curls loose or gather into a ponytail.

2. If from time to time you need changes, and you want to become the owner of perfect straight hair, use permanent straightening. This procedure is performed on the same principle as the perm, only as a result you will receive not curls, but straight curls. From time to time, to maintain the effect, you still have to use the iron to smooth the hair.

Styler choose according to your hair type, and do not save on it. Good irons straighten curls faster and more efficiently, and most importantly, they have a protective coating (Teflon, ceramics or tourmaline), which will not burn through and damage the hair.

3. Girls with curly hair, especially with their dry type, as anyone knows what are split ends. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, use means against split ends: indelible conditioners, silicone preparations, nourishing oils and hair masks. It is possible to make lamination of hair or cutting with hot scissors from salon procedures.

Care for curls should be as follows.

Use deep conditioner 1-2 times a week. After each shampooing, apply an indelible conditioner or oil on the tips. And when styling hair, especially wet, use products containing silicone.

Rules for styling curly hair

4. Dry curly hair is not as easy as it may seem. To make the curls look neat and not sticking in different directions, try to dry them naturally, without a hair dryer. Or use a hair dryer when the hair is slightly dry themselves.

There is a nozzle for a hairdryer - a diffuser, which will be very convenient to use curly or made a lady perm.

The diffuser has special fingers, due to which the curls do not fly apart in different directions, plus additional volume is attached. To dry curls with a nozzle should be below, while carefully separating the strands with your fingers, and without a diffuser - in the direction of hair growth, above.

5. For combing curly hair is more suitable flat comb, comb. But the brush often tangles curls so that it is worth much effort "release" from her hair strand. With very thick curls, many generally refuse to comb and "combed" with your fingers.

6. And finally: choosing a hairstyle, try not to cut your hair short. Such options are not for you, the hairstyle may look sloppy and chaotic, especially if you are exposed to rain or strong wind.

The ideal length for curly curls is shoulder length or lower. Moreover, as it has long been known, long braids are the best decoration for a woman.

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