Rules for hair care in the fall season

Rules for hair care in the fall season

There is not much time left until autumn. This is the most overcast and not very joyful period of time. Many women in the fall are in a depressed state. And this is not surprising, because at this time of the year there is so little sunlight and natural vitamins from seasonal fruits and vegetables. As a result, not only mood but also immunity is reduced.

Stress, depression and an insufficient amount of vitamins have a negative effect on the condition of the hair, which begins to fall off like autumn leaves.

However, there are certain rules for hair care in the fall, which will help preserve the health and beauty of hair.


Soothing pills and syrups on a natural basis will help from bad mood, depression and stress. Instead, you can take motherwort tincture or herbal teas, which not only soothe, but also improve immunity.


Autumn is not the time when diets should be followed. Meals should be complete. The menu should include the following products: lean meat, fresh and steamed vegetables, sea fatty fish, lots of fresh greens, fruit and berry compotes and homemade fruit drinks, honey, various nuts, cereals, dairy products.

All these products will not only strengthen the hair and make it strong, but also improve their condition. For example, meat contains a lot of protein, which is a kind of building material for hair, as well as iron to strengthen curls.

Regular consumption of dairy products and sea fish will help restore hair shine. Nuts and cereals contain vitamins of group B, which have a positive effect on the growth of hair.


Than autumn is closer to winter, the days become more frosty and windy. You should not follow the example of your girlfriends and walk without a headdress. Hair from such torture begin to actively leave the head. The fact is that the cold wind and frost contribute to the narrowing of the vessels of the head, because of this, a sufficient amount of nutrients does not flow to the hair.

In addition, blood circulation is impaired, which adversely affects not only the condition of the hair, but also health in general. If the thought of a cap that is tight to the head does not please you, you can purchase outerwear with a free, but fairly reliable hood that will protect your head and hair.


In the fall, most women become dull hair. Natural and store-bought masks will help improve their condition. It is recommended to apply them at least twice a week. If hair in the fall began to fall out actively, it is recommended to add in addition masks and rosemary or ginger essential oils to the masks and shampoos to improve blood circulation in the head.

So, if you follow all these recommendations, your hair will delight you with its beauty and health not only in the fall, but also during the winter period.

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