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Round bangs are associated with fashion hairstyles of the 70s, and since today retro style is again relevant, more and more beautiful women decide to take this step. Although round bangs are a very popular element of haircuts, however, it cannot be called universal. Not everyone will face such hair decoration. Who is suitable for round bangs, with which haircuts it is better to combine it and some styling secrets later in the article.

What girls would suit such a decision

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  • Such an element of hairstyle, as a bang in a semicircle, will suit girls with high foreheads who want to visually balance their face.
  • You can choose it with girls with a triangular and, of course, an oval face shape.
  • Owners of a square face type should reject this solution, since smooth lines and density will only increase angularity.
  • Do not choose this option and chubby girls, as rounded corners only strengthen the shape of the circle of your face. If you have a round face and you really want to wear a semicircular bang, do not make it too massive and thick.
  • For girls with a triangular face, just the density of the rounded bangs will play into the hand, as it will distract attention from the pointed chin.
  • Rounded bangs are perfect for girls with naturally smooth hair, their shape will always look perfect.
  • For women with thin and volume-free hair, this option will not work, the bangs will lie on the forehead with single feathers.

The advantages of round bangs

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If you like round bangs, their benefits will help you make a choice in their favor:

  • The semi-circle bang is always in trend.
  • This element of the haircut makes your mistress younger by a couple of years.
  • Easy installation, especially for beauties with straight strands, will make this solution practical.
  • It is impossible not to note the practicality of round bangs in a sock, with such a haircut you will be comfortable, you will not have to correct it often or poke it so that it does not fall on your eyes. Therefore, this option is particularly popular with girls working in the office.
  • Round bangs will create a neat frame around your face, so she will focus on your features: eyes, nose, lips, consider this. Therefore, if you have a big nose, you better refrain from this step.

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What to wear and match

Round bangs go well with almost any hair length, from short to very long.

  • For example, for girls with short hair, you can choose a haircut Page.
  • The same haircut can be done on medium-length hair.
  • The rounded version of the bangs will beautifully complement the classic four of a kind, you can combine it with a cascade of any length, including long strands.
  • The most common combination is Cessun haircut and rounded fringe.

Styling secrets

Probably, as such, the secrets of laying semicircular bangs do not exist.

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  • Any girl who at least once in her life held a brushing in her hands and a hairdryer to cope with laying round bangs with her hands at home. You will not need step-by-step diagrams and instructions, just pull out the strands step by step so that they are even. Usually, self-styling does not take more than 5 minutes, it is easy to do it daily.
  • If you want the result to last longer, you can use a styling mousse, after applying it on wet hair. However, do not abuse the locking means. Remember that rounded bangs should look “alive” and natural, do not paint it so that it looks like plastic.
  • Avoid too much cheating, perhaps the first time you can not make a smooth round itself, but after a few attempts, you will achieve the desired result.
  • Try to make the strands not stand out “feathers”, this option may look old-fashioned. If you have thin hair, then, most likely, it is inevitable, but you should not separate the strands with the help of wax.
  • If you want to add even rounded bangs of texture, it is better to use unusual staining, this solution will be more appropriate and modern.

Video: technique to create a round bang

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