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Elegant, cute romantic girls and women have always attracted and will attract men. In their image there is something subtly alluring, zest, which will never leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex and will not allow him to pass by such a tender miracle. Thin camp, elegant image, romantic hairstyles, piercing and not deprived of the mind look - the main attributes of these beauties. Every girl dreams to look like that in the eyes of her man. But not everyone succeeds in giving his appearance the necessary charm. One of the important attributes of your attractiveness and the final touch of the created image is, of course, styling. Romantic hairstyles will give your look tenderness and completeness.

Some young ladies mistakenly believe that these styling can only be done on long hair. Hairstyle in a romantic style will suit every girl with different long hair. And today you will learn how to make a romantic hairstyle at home, without resorting to the services of a stylist.

Types of romantic hairstyles for long and medium length hair

Hairstyle romance has always been and will be the trump card of your appearance. Our instructions will tell you exactly how to create a romantic hairstyle at home. Romantic hairstyle for long hair looks just gorgeous. All variety and all existing variants of images are available to girls with long hair. By following our instructions step by step you will achieve that your styling for long hair will look perfect.


creating romantic curls

The easiest way to look spectacular is to curl your long hair with curlers or curlers. They have a different size, so with their help you can make both elegant ring-shaped strands that fall down to your waist along your back, as well as cute, thin curly knuckles - lambs. In this case, you can dissolve the curls, decorate with a clip with rhinestones or a suitable occasion with a hoop. To make a romantic hairstyle for long hair last longer - be sure to fix it with varnish.


With the help of a special curling iron - a corrugation, you can very quickly make horizontal waves along the entire length of your hair. The width of the waves can be different - from one to ten, or even up to fifteen centimeters. Jewelry is also selected depending on the image you need.

creating Wave styling

Romantic hairstyle for medium hair also uses the above techniques. But if you do not want to go with the loose head of hair, you can do the original styling with your own hands in stages following our further advice.

Greek hairstyle

Greek hairstyle will suit girls with both long and medium-length hair.

  1. Buy a Greek armband, now it can be purchased at any accessories store.
  2. Comb the hair and put on your purchased accessory.
  3. Then collect the hair and turn it under the bandage. Strands on the sides can be left to fall on your shoulders, after curling them in curls. Romantic hairstyle for medium hair is ready.

creating a Greek hairstyle with a bandage

Hair bow

A bow of hair looks very original and beautiful. At first glance, you might think that doing it is very difficult. But you will be surprised when you learn that you can easily and simply perform this hairstyle yourself.

Sequential execution scheme:

  • make on the crown an ordinary horse's tail;
  • stretch the tail through the gum, but leave its tip sticking around for about 10 cm. You have a bunch at the top;
  • carefully divide this bunch in half. You should have a real bow;
  • Now transfer the left tip through the center of the bow forward and secure it with stealth arms.

making a hair bow

So, the styling is ready. As you can see, it is very simple in execution. In the same way, you can make two bows on the sides, or one anywhere where you like and decorate it with any accessories.

Romantic hairstyles for short hair

Many believe that the romantic hairstyle for short hair does not exist. But this is far from the case; romantic hairstyles are there for everyone. No matter how long your curls may be, with their help you can always create a light image.


two young ladies of hollywood

  1. Wash your hair. Lightly blot it with a towel and apply mousse or scum over the entire length;
  2. After letting the strands dry out a little, take a towel and squeeze and unclench your strands;
  3. You will get the original pryadochki. Without combing, dry your hair with your head, so as not to disturb the structure of the created strands.

Your romantic hairstyle for short hair is ready. Like any other, it can be decorated with the help of various accessories: a flower hairpin, a hairpin with rhinestones, the same Greek dressing. All this will look very cute and original, without taking away a lot of time for cooking.

Wedding romantic hairstyles

Romantic wedding hairstyles are very diverse. But in order for the bride to look beautiful, it is necessary to take into account the features of her appearance, the shape of her eyes and the compatibility of the desired styling with her face type.

romantic bridal styling

  • For girls with a round face, long curly locks decorated with an elegant diadem are most suitable. At the same time, the tiara will visually lengthen the face, make it more sweet and tender.
  • For girls with a square face, it is better to do styling as a result of which the bulk of the hair is transferred to the right or left side. In this case, you fit oblique or asymmetric bangs of any thickness.
  • Cascade hairstyles with parted hair and curly locks on the sides, as well as voluminous, gathered at the crown curly strands, decorated with rhinestones and snow-white ribbons, will suit the faces of a rectangular face.
  • For girls with a triangular face type, any styling with curls curled inward at the level of the chin will do. At the same time it is necessary to avoid thick bangs. Any kind of weaving, braids, interweaving of hair and small braids will look just as beautiful.
  • Most lucky owners of oval-type faces. It seems that romantic hairstyles were created exclusively for them. They are perfect for absolutely any image you like. Curls, knots, braids, collected in a bun or freely flowing along the shoulders. Also, these girls can choose any kind of bangs or styling without it. Decorate their hair, they can also anything, even wildflowers, it does not hurt their appearance.

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